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Chapter 2760: Spirit Devil Sacred Lands Invitation

After all, the Spirit Devil Alliance had already learned that the three sacred lands had submitted to Cangqiong Sacred Land, so Huang Xiaolong didnt mind letting them know that he had also included the Ice Blue Sacred Land.

Four out of the top ten sacred lands in this area, Tang Dragon Sacred Land, Freezing Desert Sacred Land, Chufan Sacred Land, and Ice Blue Sacred Land had submitted to Cangqiong Sacred Land!

Huang Xiaolong also issued a notice to the sacred lands that had joined the Cangqiong Alliance to make preparations for war.

As long as these sacred lands felt intimidated, then the Spirit Devil Alliance couldnt be truly unified.

He would get Spirit Devil Patriarch and Floating Petals Patriarch out of the way first, making the twenty-two sacred lands armies lose half of their morale.

This would make it easier for Huang Xiaolong to subjugate them.

As expected, when the news of Ice Blue Sacred Land joining the Cangqiong Sacred Lands camp spread, the confident Spirit Devil Alliance members were genuinely shocked.

Sometime later, Huang Xiaolong had his subordinates spread the word that Golden Snake Sacred Lands Vice Hall Master Yang Shangchen was a guest at Cangqiong Sacred Land.

When this news spread, the Spirit Devil Alliances members boiled over, and the twenty-two sacred lands patriarchs began to have different thoughts.

When all these things were done, Huang Xiaolong made his way to All-Heavens Sacred Land.

This time, Huang Xiaolong did not bring any three sacred lands experts, like Chen Qi, with him.

Instead, he ordered Chen Qi and the rest to return to Cangqiong Sacred Land to protect it and listen to Long Jianfeis arrangements in strengthening Cangqiong Sacred Lands grand formation.

Thus, when Huang Xiaolong set off to All-Heavens Sacred Land, there were only three people with him—Cangqiong Old Man, Fei Yanzi, and Yang Shangchen.

The four people traveled in a fuss-free manner.

This way, they avoided attracting the Spirit Devil Sacred Lands attention.

Huang Xiaolongs group of four covertly arrived at All-Heavens Sacred Land.

Upon arriving at All-Heavens Sacred Land, Huang Xiaolong had Zhu Xu and the submitted Primal Ancestors gather all of All-Heavens Sacred Lands Primal Ancestors, and then, heconvinced them to side with him.

With Zhu Xu and several other Primal Ancestors submitted in front of them, and with Yang Shangchens presence, subjugating the remaining All-Heavens Primal Ancestors was not at all difficult.

Huang Xiaolong went on to subjugate other Primal Ancestors of the sacred lands that had already joined the Cangqiong Alliance.

In a short three months, Huang Xiaolong had All-Heavens Sacred Land under his control.

With the addition of All-Heavens Sacred Lands experts, the Cangqiong Alliance currently had more than one hundred and ninety Primal Ancestors, and an even more startling number of True Saint Realm experts, surpassing twelve thousand people.

Even though this level of power didnt count for much in the entire Saint Devil Heavenly Cave, it was amazing enough in this area.

When the three sacred lands had gathered to attack Cangqiong Sacred Land, there were merely sixty-eight Primal Ancestors, and four thousand plus True Saint experts.

Wherever this army passed by, the various sacred lands watched with palpitations.

Now, Cangqiong Sacred Land had more than doubled the force of the three sacred lands.

Huang Xiaolong then returned to Cangqiong Sacred Land with his master, Cangqiong Old Man, Fei Yanzi, and Yang Shangchen.

Though the Spirit Devil Alliance seemed to be sharpening its swords for a battle, it had not made any real movements in the last three months, and there were no attacks on Cangqiong Sacred Land.

According to what Huang Xiaolong learned, the Spirit Devil Alliance wasnt united internally.

Even though some sacred lands patriarchs had agreed to attack Cangqiong Sacred Land, some disagreed.

They insisted on finding out Yang Shangchens connection with Cangqiong Sacred Land, or more accurately, the connection between Golden Snake Sacred Land and Cangqiong Sacred Land.

Three months later, when Huang Xiaolong, Cangqiong Old Man, Fei Yanzi, and Yang Shangchen reached Cangqiong Sacred Land, Cangqiong Old Man almost couldnt believe his eyes as he stared at the city before him.

“This, did we take the wrong turn”

Cangqiong Sacred Land that they knew had completely changed through Long Jianfei, Mo Zhi, and the experts from Tang Dragon, Freezing Desert, Chufan, and Ice Blue sacred lands efforts from working day and night.

Moreover, it had changed to the point that Cangqiong Old Man didnt dare to believe that this was the same Cangqiong Sacred Land.

Cangqiong Sacred Land before him had doubled in size.

The entire sacred lands spiritual energy had never been so rich and abundant.

The sands and pebbles on the ground shone like translucent crystals, and this was the proof that the sacred lands spiritual energy had reached a certain high degree that the soil had begun to transform.

The barren and desolate environment was now littered with various sizes of cities that were bustling with people.

More importantly, there was a super complex and grand formation that strengthened these lands and linked them together as one.

Some of the previously empty lands were now planted with spirited looking divine trees, and spiritual herbs and spiritual plants grew extensively on the mountain ranges.

Huang Xiaolong nodded his head in satisfaction at Cangqiong Sacred Lands new look.

Although the current Cangqiong Sacred Land was far from his ideal, achieving this result in short three months was a good beginning.

There was power in numbers.

Cangqiong Sacred Lands development would be even more amazing after he incorporated the Spirit Devil Alliances members into his construction team.

“Young Lord!”

Noticing that Huang Xiaolong had returned, Long Jianfei, Mo Zhi, Duan Feng, and the several sacred lands experts all welcomed him from afar.

Huang Xiaolong smiled at them in greeting.

He and Cangqiong Old Man asked questions about Cangqiong Sacred Lands progress as they walked onwards.

Long Jianfei, Mo Zhi, and others answered accordingly.

“Oh right, Young Lord, Alliance Chief, the Spirit Devil Sacred Land sent a communication talisman over just now,” Long Jinafei took out a communication symbol and respectfully handed it to Huang Xiaolong and Cangqiong Old Man after reporting the matter.

“Oh,” both Huang Xiaolong and Cangqiong Old Man were slightly surprised.

Both of them read the content at the same time.

A second later, a cold snicker escaped Huang Xiaolongs lips.

The message content was an invitation from the Spirit Devil Sacred Land to the Cangqiong Alliance Chief, inviting Cangqiong Old Man to be a guest at Hongxuan Sacred Land.

The message specifically mentioned that there was no hidden intention in this invitation except for peacefully discussing the coexistence of the Cangqiong Alliance and Spirit Devil Alliance in the future.

Spirit Devil Sacred Lands patriarch strongly expressed that the Spirit Devil Alliance had no desire to stand opposite the Cangqiong Alliance, and he very much hoped both alliances could coexist peacefully.

“Xiaolong, what do you think of this” After reading the content, Cangqiong Old Man asked Huang Xiaolong.

Although he was the Cangqiong Alliance Chief, Huang Xiaolong was the alliances pillar, and no doubt, Huang Xiaolong was also his confidence.

“Since they are willing to sit down and talk, willing to coexist peacefully with the Cangqiong Alliance, wouldnt it show that were not sincere if we dont go” said Huang Xiaolong.

“Going” Cangqiong Old Man hadnt expected that answer.

“Of course!” Huang Xiaolong nodded firmly.

Even a fool could see it was impossible for the Cangqiong Alliance and the Spirit Devil Alliance to coexist peacefully.

Thus, there had to be a plot brewing behind this invitation.

However, whether it was an underhanded scheming or bright tactics, Huang Xiaolong planned to take them on as they came.

He had fully gained control of All-Heavens Sacred Land, and he was planning to make a move on the Spirit Devil Sacred Land.

Honestly, Huang Xiaolong had not predicted the Spirit Devil Patriarch to choose the Hongxuan Sacred Land as the venue.

Hongxuan Sacred Land was a bit special.

A long time ago, Hongxuan Sacred Land was a hegemon in Saint Devil Heavenly Cave with more than one thousand Primal Ancestor Realm experts.

Later on, Hongxuan Sacred Lands patriarch had found an amazing treasure, and news of it had leaked out, bringing a catastrophe on the sacred land.

After the Hongxuan Sacred Land was razed to the ground, its territories and wealth were divided by the top ten sacred lands.

Now, Hongxuan Sacred Land was actually jointly managed by the top ten sacred lands.

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