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Chapter 2762: Bringing A True Saint Over to Play

Huang Xiaolong had Xuanhuang Water in his hands.

More accurately, the Sky Opening Islands spirit Skylet had Xuanhuang Water.

However, several other innate treasures were not so easy to find.

Huang Xiaolong asked Yang Shangchen about the several innate treasures he needed, and Yang Shangchen told him that they might find some at the Hongxuan Sacred Lands black market, but he did not guarantee it.

Even if these items could be found at the black market, the price would definitely be sky-high.

Then again, Huang Xiaolong could still afford them at his current status and wealth.

Thus, Huang Xiaolong planned to visit the Hongxuan Sacred Lands black market to see if he could chance on the several innate treasures he needed.

Huang Xiaolong had already thought it through.

He was going to combine and reforge Tang Dragon Knife, Freezing Desert Mountain, and Cangqiong Blade into the shape of his Asura Blades from the lower worlds.

A pair of blades.

Perhaps it was because the Asura Blades were his very first weapons after being rebirthed in this world, and Huang Xiaolong had a soft spot for twin blades.

Of course, Huang Xiaolong would make some small changes to the blades designs.

For example, the bodies of the blades would resemble the body of a dragon, and he would make the Asura Blades icy blue instead of the original inky black.

That was the appearance of the blue dragon.

“Xiaolong, the Spirit Devil Patriarch just sent a message to say that the venue is set at the Hongxuan Sacred Lands Ice Lion Continents Ice Lion City,” Cangqiong Old Man said as he approached Huang Xiaolong from behind.

Huang Xiaolong put away Tang Dragon Knife and Freezing Desert Mountain.

He received the communication symbol from Cangqiong Old Mans hand, and after reading the content, he stated, “It looks like the force backing the Spirit Devil Patriarch is the Ice Lion Sacred Land!”

The Hongxuan Sacred Land was divided and managed by the Saint Devil Heavenly Caves top ten sacred lands.

The top ten sacred lands had turned the Hongxuan Sacred Land into ten supercontinents, and each sacred land managed one continent.

Likewise, the Ice Lion Continent was managed by the Ice Lion Sacred Land.

When the Spirit Devil Patriarch had invited Cangqiong Old Man to come to the Hongxuan Sacred Land for peace talks, he had not mentioned the specific venue.

Huang Xiaolong and Cangqiong Old Man had guessed that whichever continent the Spirit Devil Patriarch had set up as the venue, Spirit Devil Sacred Land had a deep connection with that sacred land.

It was because, once their peace talks failed, Spirit Devil Sacred Land would have the upper hand when it was time to fight.

Judging from the venue choice, the Spirit Devil Patriarch had managed to climb up to Ice Lion Sacred Land.

“Ice Lion Sacred Land,” Huang Xiaolong chanted under his breath then sneered.

If the Ice Lion Sacred Land was really the backing behind the Spirit Devil Sacred Land, he didnt mind swallowing up the Ice Lion Sacred Land as well.

Among Saint Devil Heavenly Caves top ten sacred lands, Golden Snake Sacred Land ranked ninth, whereas Ice Lion Sacred Land ranked eighth.

As long as it wasnt the Saint Devil Heavenly Caves giant, the Saint Devil Sacred Land, Huang Xiaolong had nothing to fear.

The journey to the Hongxuan Sacred Land was smooth.

Roughly twenty days later, the group arrived at Hongxuan Sacred Land.

The Cangqiong Dao Palace stopped in the air above the Hongxuan Sacred Land, and the five people inside it, stepped out.

“This Hongxuan Sacred Lands spiritual energy is really rich, ah!” Cangqiong Old Man sighed in envy as he stepped out from the Cangqiong Dao Palace.

The location they were at now was merely on the edge of the Hongxuan Sacred Lands territory.

Even so, the spiritual energy here was richer than the spiritual energy at the core of Cangqiong City.

One could imagine how rich and abundant the spiritual energy at the main continents of Hongxuan Sacred Land would be.

For example, the Ice Lion City.

The density of spiritual energy there must be amazing.

Huang Xiaolong smiled as he said to Cangqiong Old Man, “A few hundred years later, our Cangqiong Sacred Lands spiritual energy would be richer than Hongxuan Sacred Land.”

Cangqiong Sacred Land would supersede Hongxuan Sacred Land in several hundred years, and Huang Xiaolong was confident he could accomplish this result.

Duan Feng spoke, “Honestly, there are many sacred lands better than Hongxuan Sacred Land in our Divination Creed.”

Huang Xiaolong nodded as he didnt doubt this.

“The Divination Creed!” Yang Shangchens eyes were wide as fists when he heard Duan Fengs words, “Youre from the Divination Creed”

He stared at Duan Feng with an astounded face.

Although there were more than a few creed powerhouses in the Divine Tuo Holy World, and the Divination Creed was one of the most powerful creeds.

In fact, it was powerful enough to deter the entire Divine Tuo Holy World.

Many experts in Saint Devil Heavenly Cave knew of the Divination Creed.

Duan Feng took a glance at Yang Shangchen.

He wasnt surprised to see Yang Shangchens astonished expression, and he went on, “Thats right! I am an inner disciple of the Divination Creed, but when I was out for a mission, I came across a space crack.

I havent been back for many years.”

“A Divination Creeds inner disciple!” Yang Shangchen received another bout of shock.

He was surprised that this average-looking mid-Seventh Resurrection Primal Ancestor Duan Feng was actually a Divination Creeds inner disciple.

If his identity was revealed, probably the Saint Devil Heavenly Caves top ten sacred lands patriarchs would hasten over to seek an audience!

Even though the Saint Devil Heavenly Caves top ten sacred lands were full of deterrence, these top ten sacred lands were no bigger than sesame seeds in front of a hegemon like the Divination Creed.

A Divination Creeds inner disciple was considered absolutely noble in Saint Devil Heavenly Cave.

Huang Xiaolong glanced at Yang Shangchen, and then looked away as his voice sounded, “Duan Feng is not the only one, Long Jianfei is an inner disciple of the Dragon Fish Creed, and Long Jianfeis master is a Dragon Fish Creeds vice hall master, a Dao Venerable expert.”

A vice hall master of Dragon Fish Creed! Dao Venerable expert!

Yang Shangchen was so shocked that he was speechless.

He stood stiff with his eyes wide and mouth agape.

The Dragon Fish Creeds vice hall master, ah.

This kind of character was a big shot wherever he went in the entire Divine Tuo Holy World!

The Fifth Resurrection Primal Ancestor Long Jianfei, who is extremely respectful towards Huang Xiaolong all the time, the Cangqiong Sacred Lands all-rounder steward, is actually a Dragon Fish Creeds vice hall masters disciple

A sudden shiver ran down Yang Shangchens back.

No wonder Long Jianfei claimed that they would be able to learn what is going on with the Son of Creation Huang Shuai after meeting his master.

“Come on, we have an appointment at the Ice Lion City!” Huang Xiaolong said.

He and Cangqiong Old Man whistled across the sky at high speed.

Yang Shangchens senses returned, and he quickly followed after them with Duan Feng and Chen Qi.

Along the way, Yang Shangchen was caught in a complicated mood.

While Huang Xiaolongs group was heading towards the Ice Lion City, within the Ice Lion City, the Spirit Devil Patriarch and the Floating Petals Patriarch were sitting in the hall of Ice Lion Sacred Lands Vice Hall Master Zhang Pei.

In truth, the Spirit Devil Patriarch had no connection with the Ice Lion Sacred Land, but he and Zhang Pei have some personal association.

Coincidentally, Zhang Pei was in charge of the Ice Lion Contient.

“After you have swallowed Cangqiong Sacred Land, I want sixty percent of the treasures inside their treasury!” Zhang Pei stated as he looked at the Spirit Devil Patriarch.

Although the Spirit Devil Patriarch and Zhang Pei had some personal associations, it was merely a shallow friendship.

Even though Zhang Pei had agreed to let the Spirit Devil Patriarch to deal with Cangqiong Sacred Lands group in the Ice Lion City, he wanted sixty percent of Cangqiong Sacred Lands treasury as remuneration.

Sixty percent!

He has merely provided the venue, and if necessary, he will activate the Ice Lion Citys offensive formation for a short while…

Hearing Zhang Peis request, the Spirit Devil Patriarch and the Floating Petals Patriarch exchanged a glance.

“Naturally.” the Spirit Devil Patriarch smiled and nodded.

“Brother Zhang Peis request is reasonable and just, but Yang Shangchen…”

“Ive already investigated this and Yang Shangchens connection with the Cangqiong Sacred Land is not deep.

All I need to do is speak with him and tell him not to interfere in the matters between you and Cangqiong Sacred Land.

I am sure Yang Shangchen would give me this face,” Zhang Pei said.

Both the Spirit Devil Patriarch and the Floating Petals Patriarch relaxed after hearing that.

At this moment, a Spirit Devil Sacred Lands hall master walked into the hall and reported that the Cangqiong Sacred Lands group had arrived at Hongxuan Sacred Land.

The group was currently on their way to Ice Lion City.

However, when they heard that there were only five people in the Cangqiong Sacred Lands group, the Spirit Devil Patriarch and the others were slightly surprised.

“Only five of them came” the Spirit Devil Patriarch questioned in surprise.

“Yes, Patriarch.

Other than Cangqiong Old Man, there are Yang Shangchen, Chen Qi, Duan Feng, and Cangqiong Old Mans disciple.

It seems that his name is Huang Xiaolong,” the Spirit Devil Sacred Lands hall master reported.

Everyone looked around in bewildered silence.

“Huang Xiaolong Hes still a True Saint, right” The Spirit Devil Patriarch was genuinely baffled.

Why is Cangqiong Old Man dragging along a True Saint Realm disciple here

The Floating Petals Patriarch sneered coldly, “It looks like the Cangqiong Sacred Lands group thought they are coming here to play Only five people came, and one of them is a mere True Saint.”

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