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Chapter 2774: Learned to Tell Jokes

No one dared to reply under Qian Haishans wrath, but a cold shiver ran down their spines, recalling the horrifying scenes they had witnessed a while ago.

“Its, its that kid.

He destroyed the Nine Revolutions Sacred Land Chen Hongs body, and all the experts bodies, all of them!”

“What kid!” Qian Haishan frowned with displeasure and demanded.

“Its the kid that bought the Purple Lightning Water and True Flow Dao Pills in the auction.

He destroyed Chen Hongs physique in one strike! Nine Revolutions Sacred Lands Eminent Elder Cheng Feng and other forty-plus Primal Ancestors all had their bodies destroyed, all of them destroyed!”

That persons voice choked with fear written all over his face, as if those horrible scenes were being replayed before him.

“What! That kid! That kids merely a Ninth Heaven True Saint, isnt he!” Qian Haishan was shocked.

The Sea Mountain Sacred Lands experts accompanying Qian Haishan looked just as shocked.

“Yes, thats him!” that person confirmed in a quivering voice.

Qian Haishan and experts of Sea Mountain Sacred Lands experts exchanged doubtful glances as they couldnt believe what they heard.

“That, how is that possible There must be something fishy going on.

All of you must have been pulled into an illusion!” A Ninth Resurrection Primal Ancestor from the Sea Mountain Sacred Land shook his head and refuted, “There must have been a high-level expert who could have laid out an illusionary array in advance.

What you saw might not be real!”

Qian Haishan and the others nodded their heads in agreement, and all of them believed it to be the case.

“Wheres that kid now Which direction did he go” A light flickered in Qian Haishans eyes.

In the auction, Huang Xiaolong had dared to compete against him, not once but twice.

First it was for the four innate materials, and later on for the True Flow Dao Pills!

As one of the top ten experts of Saint Devil Heavenly Cave, he had never suffered such loss.

“They went that way!” The expert, who was questioned, hesitated and pointed in the direction Huang Xiaolongs group had left.

Qian Haishan and the present Sea Mountain Sacred Lands experts tore up space and chased after Huang Xiaolongs group immediately.

At the same time, the Saint Devil Citys Mayor Mansion was a picture of liveliness.

Experts from various sacred lands arrived in batches, having their knowledge of formations being tested with the aim of becoming the Saint Devil Princes subordinate.

The Saint Devil Prince clad in white brocade robe sat dignifiedly on the main seat.

At one point, he asked the old man beside him, “Have you found out what happened just now”

The short battle between Huang Xiaolong and Chen Hongs group right outside the Saint Devil City had powerful energy fluctuations and everyone at the mansion had felt them.

The old man beside him was the Saint Devil Citys steward, Zhu Yi.

Hearing the Saint Devil Princes question, Steward Zhu Yi hesitated slightly before replying respectfully, “Replying to Your Highness Saint Devil Prince.

According to the report from people below, the movements just now were caused because the Nine Revolutions Sacred Lands experts were fighting with others in front of the city gates.”

“Oh, what about now” the Saint Devil Prince asked.

“How come it stopped so fast”

“According to the report from below, the Nine Revolutions Sacred Lands Chen Hong and forty-plus Primal Ancestor all had their physical bodies destroyed by a Ninth Heaven True Saint youngster, and he also imprisoned their dao souls.

That youngster and his group fled after that.”

Old steward Zhu Yi replied truthfully, but there was a strange expression on his face.

Honestly, when he had heard the report from people below about this ridiculous incident, he had slapped the reporter on the spot, and then told the person to scram and investigate again.

The Saint Devil Prince was stunned for a second after hearing Steward Zhu Yis summary.

He then chuckled loudly and pointed playfully at the old man as he said, “Zhu Yi, as long as I remember, you have always been a serious person, just like a wood for several million years.

Since when did you learn how to tell jokes!”

Old steward Zhu Yi mustered a smile in embarrassment.

“Ive made Your Highness laugh, but this old servant has already sent people to continue investigating the matter.”

The Saint Devil Prince waved his hand, chuckling softly, “There is no harm in it.

Since they were fighting outside the city gates, let them be.

There is no need to bother about it.

How many Primal Ancestors have come to assess the ancient grand formations

“There are already one thousand three hundred plus people.

However, only sixteen of them meet Your Highness requirements!” Old steward Zhu Yi respectfully reported.

Although the Saint Devil Prince had issued public recruitment looking for a group of Primal Ancestors knowledgeable in ancient grand formations, the assessment and passing criteria were strict and high.

Only sixteen from one thousand and three hundred plus people had passed so far!

The Saint Devil Prince frowned, clearly dissatisfied with the result.

There was a large gap from the eighty-one people he wanted

“Your Highness, did we set the criteria too high” the old steward asked.

The Saint Devil Prince shook his head, “The assessment criteria cannot be lowered, continue to recruit according to the set criteria until we get eighty-one people.”

He wanted to recruit these eighty-one people for a great use.

Therefore, the criteria couldnt be lowered.

“Oh right, Your Highness, a while ago, a message said that the Crimson Knife Commerce auctioned off a map belonging to the Dao Venerable Leiyu, but it is an incomplete map!” Old steward Zhu Yi remembered something and quickly reported to the Saint Devil Prince.

The Saint Devil Prince was surprised at first, and then he smiled as he shook his head, “This kind of incomplete treasure map has very little use.

One wont be able to find the treasure base on it.

Otherwise, the Crimson Knife Commerce wouldnt have taken it out to auction.

Sometime later, my father and I will make a trip to the Blue Heaven Creed.

You have to keep a close eye on the citys affairs during that time, especially the recruitment of eighty-one Primal Ancestors knowledgeable in ancient grand formation.

No mistake is allowed.”

The rumor outside claimed that he was going to be accepted as a Blue Heaven Creeds big shots closed disciple.

Although this rumor was not entirely false, it wasnt one of the Blue Heaven Creeds vice hall masters, but the Blue Heaven Creeds grand hall master, Lord Yan San!

Yan San, the Blue Heaven Creeds grand hall master, supervised the various halls within the Blue Heaven Creed, and he was also one of the Blue Heaven Creeds supreme Dao Venerables!

This time, he and his father were going to Blue Heaven Creed because Lord Yan Shan had told them to, and the purpose was to discuss the apprenticeship ceremonys preparations, and other miscellaneous matters.

“Congratulations, Your Highness!” The old steward smiled happily.

“When Your Highness becomes Lord Yan Sans closed disciple, who in the entire Saint Devil Heavenly Cave would dare to defy Your Highness Also, only Miss Yi Xiaotang is worthy of Your Highness!”

As he heard Zhu Yi mention Yi Xiaotang, the Saint Devil Prince nodded, smilingly.

Yi Xiaotang was the Blue Heaven Creed Chiefs daughter, a daughter of heaven.

Some days back, she and Lord Yan San had visited the Saint Devil Sacred Land, and he was amazed by her beauty at first sight, and he had vowed to have her become his dao companion!


Nine Revolutions Sacred Land.

“What! You, what did you say! Honger had his physique destroyed by a True Saint brat!”

In the main hall, the Nine Revolutions Sacred Lands patriarch, Chen Sen, couldnt believe Mo Fei, the grand hall master of his sacred land.

Mo Fei braced himself and nodded, “Yes, this was reported by a disciple stationed at Hongxuan Sacred Land.

On top of that, the forty-plus Primal Ancestors by the young lords side, including Eminent Elder Cheng Feng, all had their physiques destroyed by someone called Huang Xiaolong.

At the moment, the young lord and everyones dao souls are in Huang Xiaolongs hand!”

Chen Sens face was full of shock and disbelief.

“Are you certain that the news from Hongxuan Sacred Land is true” Chen Sen asked.

“That, this subordinate has verified it several times, and the other side is certain.” Mo Fei paused briefly as this matter was too unbelievable in his opinion.

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