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Chapter 2776: Yi Xiaotang

While countless experts rushed to the location where Huang Xiaolong was rumored to be, two ladies were casually strolling down the street of a city under the Silver Sand Sacred Lands jurisdiction.

The young lady in the front was clad in soft, thin tulle.

Her facial features were soft like the moon in the sky.

She possessed beauty that could bring down a country, and she exuded inviolable holiness.

Although the latter lady was not as eye-catching in comparison, she was still a charming beauty.

“Xiaotang, lets go back.

You have sneaked out for a long time already and if your father learns of this, youll definitely be punished,” the lady persuaded earnestly.

A bright smile flashed over the young lady in front as she spoke, “If Aunt Qing doesnt tell, then who would know I sneaked out.

Its not easy for me to come out even once in a while.

So, Aunt Qing, let me play for a few more days.

Okay In the Blue Heaven Heavenly Cave, theres nothing to do but cultivate every day, comprehending grand dao day in and day out, and a swarm of flies buzzing around me.

Its so annoying!”

The lady called Aunt Qing wore a helpless expression on her face.

Then again, she understood that Xiaotang was merely stating the truth.

A daughter of heaven like Xiaotang not only had many admirers within the Blue Heaven Creed, but she also had suitors from the several nearby heavenly caves as well.

Aunt Qing changed the subject, “I heard that the Saint Devil Prince and his father are heading to the Blue Heaven Creed.

Moreover, Yan San is likely to accept the Saint Devil Prince as his disciple in the next few years.

At that time, your father definitely would go back to attend the Saint Devil Princes apprenticeship ceremony.”

At the mention of the Saint Devil Prince, the young lady named Xiaotang frowned slightly.

“Who wants to attend that Saint Devil Princes apprenticeship ceremony.

I am not interested in one.”

She still remembered the way that guy had stared at her the last time she had visited the Saint Devil Sacred Land with Yan San.

He had looked at her as if he had wanted to swallow her.

She had seen too much of this kind of gaze, and it totally disgusted her.

The Saint Devil Prince was also a fly in her eyes.

Aunt Qing was stunned, hearing that, and she asked a moment later, “You dont plan to attend the Saint Devil Princes apprenticeship ceremony” But she continued before Xiaotang answered, “Your father would be upset.

You can miss the apprenticeship ceremony of other hall masters, but Yan San is the Blue Heaven Creeds grand hall master after all.

Not to mention, Yan San can be considered as a half-master to you!”

As the leader of Blue Heaven Creed, Dao Venerable Qing Xiao rarely had the time to guide his daughters cultivation.

Hence, most of the time, it was Grand Hall Master Yan San, and Blue Heaven Creeds Eminent Elders who guided Yi Xiaotang.

It wasnt too much to say Yan San was half a master to Yi Xiaotang.

Yi Xiaotang was slightly irritated, “Alright, alright, I know.

Yan San and those people nag me when Im at Blue Heaven Creed.

When Im outside, Aunt Qing is the one who nags me.

I really dont know what Yan San thinks to accept that Saint Devil Prince as his close disciple!”

Aunt Qing smiled, watching Yi Xiaotang and said, “The Saint Devil Princes talent is quite good, otherwise, why would Yan San want to accept him as his close disciple The Saint Devil Prince cannot compare to you, but hes stronger than Ceng Lin and Yan Sans other personal disciples.

Honestly, I think you and him are a good match.

If youre choosing a dao companion, why dont you give the Saint Devil Prince a chance”

Yi Xiaotang became even more irritated.

“Aunt Qing, can you stop it already That Saint Devil Prince is a fly, I would rather die than choose him as my dao companion.

My future dao companion can only be more talented than me, and he absolutely cannot be weaker than me.”

Aunt Qing shook her head.

“Not only within the Blue Heaven Heavenly Caves, but even in the nearby several heavenly caves, there is no disciple more talented than the Saint Devil Prince.

Your demands are too high!” She paused before sighing regretfully, “Similar to you, I also had very high demands, and I missed my opportunity to be with some good people..”

Yi Xiaotang pursed her lips in silence.

“Okay! Okay! Since you dont like to listen, I wont say anymore.” Aunt Qing smiled to ease the tense atmosphere.

Only then a smile appeared on Yi Xiaotangs face.

“I know that Aunt Qing loves me the most.”

The two strolled along the street when the conversation of a group of people walking in their direction attracted their attention.

“Say, how do you guys think that Huang Xiaolong would end”

“How else could he end Once the Nine Revolutions Sacred Lands experts arrive, hes going to be a dead man.

He is going to die in the worst possible way!”

“But many people at the Saint Devil City witnessed Huang Xiaolong personally destroy Chen Hong and the others dao physiques.

If thats true, then probably, no one from Nine Revolutions Sacred Land would be able to deal with Huang Xiaolong!”

“How can you believe this kind of rumor Huang Xiaolongs merely a Ninth Heaven True Saint, so how could he possibly destroy Chen Hongs body Chen Hong was a Fourth Resurrection Primal Ancestor.

Moreover, other than Chen Hong, there were also the Nine Resurrection Primal Lands Cheng Feng and forty-plus Primal Ancestor experts present.

How could a Ninth Heaven True Saint destroy a Seventh Resurrection Primal Ancestors body Theres no way that couldve happened!”

The conversation of the group in front of them surprised Yi Xiaotang and Aunt Qing.

A Ninth Heaven True Saint destroyed a Fourth Resurrection Primal Ancestors physique Even destroyed a Seventh Resurrection Primal Ancestors physique There were witnesses

“This person called Huang Xiaolong actually destroyed a Seventh Resurrection Primal Ancestors physique while being only a Ninth Heaven True Saint” Yi Xiaotang muttered under her breath in amazement.

But Aunt Qing shook her head and smiled dotingly, “Xiaotang, dont tell me you really believe that kind of rumor Its absolutely impossible.

No genius in the entire Divine Tuo Holy World is capable of that at True Saint Realm, including those in the ranks of one dragon, two tigers, and three moons.

Being capable of destroying a Primal Ancestors physique at True Saint Realm would make one a heaven-shaking genius, and if such a freak really exists, it would shake the whole Divine Tuo Holy World.”

Yi Xiaotang nodded her head.

Aunt Qings words sounded reasonable after some thought.

If such a monstrous genius really existed, numerous heavenly caves in the Divine Tuo Holy World would have been alerted, and countless creeds experts would have fought to take this person as their disciple.

They wouldnt have left him alone to stay in the small Saint Devil Heavenly Cave.

“But according to those people, that Huang Xiaolong is nearby at an uninhabited land.

Since we dont have any plans, why dont we go take a look” Yi Xiaotang suggested.

“That… we better not.” Aunt Qing shook her head and disagreed, “Youre too precious, and if youre accidentally hurt by those people, how am I going to explain it to your father!”

“How could they possibly hurt me There is no Dao Venerable expert in the Saint Devil Heavenly Cave.

Aunt Qing, you know how strong I am,” Yi Xiaotang said as she shook Aunt Qings arm and pleaded, “Aunt Qing, lets go and just take one look.


Aunt Qing shook her head, refusing no matter what Yi Xiaotang said.

Although she believed Yi Xiaotang was strong enough to protect herself, who could dare to guarantee a hundred percent that no accident would happen

“As long as you agree, I will return to the Blue Heaven Creed with you!” Yi Xiaotang used her ultimate trump card.

Aunt Qing was surprised and asked smilingly, “Are you serious”

“You have my word!”

“If we go there, you must listen to me, you can only watch from afar.”

“Set, Ill watch from far, far away!”

In the end, Aunt Qing yielded with a wry smile.

A while later, both of them left the Silver Yarn Sacred Land in the direction Huang Xiaolong was said to be.

Their speed was faster than most, and they soon arrived at the said location.

The uninhabited land was already crowded with many Saint Devil Heavenly Caves experts.

“Is that person Huang Xiaolong” Yi Xiaotang looked around, and her gaze was fixed on Huang Xiaolong like everyone else.

Huang Xiaolong stood high in the air.

His hair and the edges of his robe fluttered in the wind.

He looked mysterious and exuded an unexplainable aura.

Aunt Qing looked at Huang Xiaolong.

Her dao souls senses spread out to check him out from head to toe, and she couldnt see what was so special about him.

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