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Chapter 2778: A Brilliant Illusion Array

Yi Xiaotangs delicate brows wrinkled as she watched the Nine Revolutions Sacred Lands Fourth Resurrection Primal Ancestor attack Huang Xiaolong, “Nine Revolutions Sacred Land is so shameless.

A mighty Fourth Resurrection Primal Ancestor actually attacked a Ninth Heaven True Saint!”

Aunt Qing didnt expect her to say that.

She laughed softly and teased, “Young Lady, amongst these Nine Revolutions Sacred Lands experts, that Fourth Resurrection Primal Ancestor is the weakest of them, or would it look better if one of the others is attacking Others are stronger than him.

I know that youre standing up against injustice, and cannot tolerate the strong bullying the weak, but you cannot interfere in this no matter what!”

“Once you make a move, your identity will be exposed, and your father will know that you sneaked out.

You wont be able to escape from your fathers punishment!”

Aunt Qings warning made Yi Xiaotang sulk unhappily.

In all honesty, she wasnt afraid of anything except for her fathers punishment.

Everytime, her father would punish her to sit in front of the Blue Heaven Dao Mirror to comprehend grand dao laws.

Whats there to see inside the Blue Heaven Dao Mirror

It was flat and empty, and her fathers punishment spanned for a decade every time!

Moreover, every time she saw the Blue Heaven Dao Mirror, she felt like vomiting.

Although one would get used to things after vomiting too many times, she still couldnt give birth to any good feelings towards the Blue Heaven Dao Mirror even after so many years.

She watched the golden palm with swirling grand dao law slamming down on Huang Xiaolong, and she shook her head as if she had foreseen the bloody ending.

Perhaps it was Huang Xiaolongs resolute attitude, refusing to kneel nor give Chen Sen an explanation, that Yi Xiaotang felt Huang Xiaolong was similar to her.

Thus, she felt a little pity towards him.

Just as the golden palm was about to strike Huang Xiaolongs head, he suddenly raised his left hand and pressed up as if he was lifting an eggshell that had fallen from above.

Huang Xiaolongs slightly raised palm didnt seem to exert any force, but the golden palm sprung back the way it came, heading straight at the Fourth Resurrection Primal Ancestor.

Not just that, but its speed, force, and brightness had increased as it returned to its owner!

The Nine Revolutions Sacred Lands Fourth Resurrection Primal Ancestors face paled, and he fumbled in a panic, as his palms struck out consecutively.


After the thunderous collision, the Nine Revolutions Sacred Lands Fourth Resurrection Primal Ancestor was knocked back into the air, vomiting mouthfuls of blood.


Chen Sen, Mo Fei, and the rest of Nine Revolutions Sacred Lands experts, and all spectating experts exclaimed in shock.

Yi Xiaotangs eyes widened in astonishment, and Aunt Qing, beside her, looked like she had just seen a ghost.

All eyes were on the knocked-out Fourth Resurrection Primal Ancestor.

No one spoke or moved for a moment.

One of the sacred lands young lords froze in the middle of chewing a spiritual fruit that he was enjoying while spectating the show.

The fruit pulp fell from his mouth to the ground, but he didnt even realize it.

Instead, he kept staring ahead of him as if he had lost his soul.

“This is an illusion! Must be an illusion! This must be the effect of a sophisticated illusion array!” someone suddenly shouted.

Many people recognized this person, and his name was Bao Qisheng.

He was a famous array formation expert from the Saint Devil Heavenly Cave.

There was a rumor that this person had once destroyed a Fourth Resurrection Primal Ancestors body while still a Third Resurrection Primal Ancestor by merely relying on array formation!

“I already said its an array, an illusion array!” another Primal Ancestor expert reacted and shouted.

“Those people at Saint Devil City, what they saw must also be an illusion!”

“Thats right, this Huang Xiaolong must have hired an expert to arrange a lethal illusion formation in this place.

Otherwise, how could a True Saint like him have the guts to wait for the Nine Revolutions Sacred Lands experts here alone!”

Another expert in the crowd shouted, “Some powerful illusion formations could subvert yin and yang, creating a chaotic space, causing everything we see to be unbelievably real!”

More and more experts clamored.

Some even claimed that they had arrived there early, and they had seen Huang Xiaolong running about in the area back and forth many times, so it was Huang Xiaolong arranging a formation!

“This Huang Xiaolong relies on illusion arrays, not his strength! Truly despicable! Shameless!”

Some people were indignant that Huang Xiaolong had used underhanded tricks, so they threw slurs at him.

Yi Xiaotang and Aunt Qing listened to these Saint Devil Heavenly Caves experts clamors and were dumbfounded.

Illusion Illusion array

“Aunt Qing, can you see what kind of illusion array this is” Yi Xiaotang asked Aunt Qing.

Aunt Qing observed Huang Xiaolong and the space around him, but she shook her head after a while and said, “Cant tell.”

“Cant tell Or there arent any formations” Yi Xiaotangs brows furrowed.

“Cant tell if there is a formation or not.” Aunt Qing shook her head.

“You know, even though my strength is not bad, my understanding of formations is limited.

Not to mention, formations rely on ones talent, and my talent in formation is only average, so I cant tell if there are any illusion arrays around Huang Xiaolong!”

“But, there must be a formation.

Otherwise, how could a Ninth Heaven True Saint withstand a Fourth Resurrection Primal Ancestors attack” She continued, “There should be a brilliant illusion array around Huang Xiaolong, an array that has reached the highest realm!” By the end of her sentence, she sounded more certain.

She was determined that there was a sophisticated illusion array around Huang Xiaolong, as there was no other way to explain how a Ninth Heaven True Saint had withstood a Fourth Resurrection Primal Ancestors attack!

There was no other explanation for this!

Upon hearing that, Yi Xiaotang quickly observed Huang Xiaolongs surroundings with astonishment, “The person who arranged this illusion array is surely an incredible formation expert!”

Aunt Qing nodded.

“Thats for certain! Its said Huang Xiaolong captured several people at Cangqiong Sacred Land.

What are their names again Tang Long, and Han Mo, yes.

Perhaps he relied on array formation back then as well!”

On the way there, they had heard many people mention that Huang Xiaolong had captured Tang Long, Han Mo, and Chu Yifan, and he annexed the three sacred lands.

Upon listening to the loud clamors around him, Chen Sen turned his attention back to Huang Xiaolong, and his expression was icy to the extreme.

“Illusion array! Little punk, I underestimated you!” He then signaled the several Primal Ancestors close to Mo Fei.

Mo Fei and the others understood that Chen Sen wanted them to find that person who had arranged the illusion array for Huang Xiaolong.

Generally, this kind of illusion array required its initiator to stay close by to maintain its activation.

In Chen Sens opinion, the person who had arranged the illusion array had to be hiding in the vicinity.

Mo Fei and the several Nine Revolutions Sacred Lands experts sped off in various directions, searching for the person.

They returned a while later.

“Any findings” Chen Sen asked immediately.

Mo Fei and the others shook their heads.

Huang Xiaolong did not make another move after repelling the Nine Revolutions Sacred Lands Fourth Resurrections Primal Ancestor.

After listening to the surrounding clamors of illusion arrays and whatnot, he shook his head.

This misunderstanding…

After seeing that Mo Fei and the others had failed to dig the person out, Chen Sens face sank.

He glared at Huang Xiaolong.

“Punk, dont think we can do nothing to you if we cant find that person who laid out the illusion array.

If you know whats good for you, you should roll out from the illusion array this instant, and beg on your knees before releasing my sons and everyone elses dao souls!”

“Or else” Huang Xiaolong mocked, “Or else, should I die with a myriad of bugs eating my heart, maggots eroding my bones, and evil spirits ripping my soul”

Chen Sen was taken aback, and his expression became uglier than ever.

“Patriarch, let me deal with him.

I dont believe this Huang Xiaolong can block my attack relying on a mere illusion array!” An Eighth Resurrection Primal Ancestor said to Chen Sen as he stepped out.

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