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Chapter 2798: Kill Yourself

As grand dao energy poured down from the Limitless Sun Dao Soul, the Saint Devil Princes strength rose to new heights.

The injuries he had sustained just a moment ago healed completely.

In that instant, it was as though a mega sun was born in the Immemorial Immortal Cave.

Everyone could feel the power Xu Jian exuded.

“Thats the Limitless Sun Grand Dao Energy! Saint Devil Aura… Its the Saint Devil Prince! Whos he fighting against Hahaha, which dumb*ss pissed him off”

“Ever since the Saint Devil Prince was accepted as Yan Sans disciple, he has managed to refine his physical body using Yan Sans cosmos energy! His strength is something we can no longer imagine! Even First Esteem Dao Venerables wouldnt dare to challenge him! I wonder who managed to anger the Saint Devil Prince…”

The experts who were flying about the Immemorial Immortal Cave couldnt help themselves as they flew towards the direction of the battle.

They really wanted to know who in the world had offended the Saint Devil Prince to the point where he had to go all out!

Yang Jia and the other Primal Ancestors who were fanning the flames from the side also managed to feel the terrifying waves of energy coming from Xu Jian.

As they looked at each other, a look of shock could be seen on their faces.

It was especially so when they felt the Limitless Sun Grand Dao energy in the air.

“Brother Yang Jia, do you think hes fighting with Huang Xiaolong right now” one of them wondered aloud.

“Right now, the number of people in the Immemorial Immortal Cave, who can force him to go all out, can probably be counted on one hand.

Do you think the Immemorial Qilins forced his hand”

Yang Jia nodded slowly.

“That should be the case.

It seems like he located the brat!” A look of joy soon appeared on his face, “Our plan worked! Lets head over right now so we can join in the battle after the two sides suffer serious injuries!”

Soaring into the air, the six of them rushed over with excited looks on their faces.

At that instant, Xu Jian, who had summoned his Limitless Sun Dao Soul, was like a god in the mortal world.

He glared at Huang Xiaolong with a malicious smile on his face.

“Brat, make your move.

Its your honor to die to my Limitless Sun Dao Soul and six high-order Saint Fates.”

While glancing at the dao soul and saint fates Xu Jian was so proud of, Huang Xiaolong muttered, “Isnt it just the Limitless Sun Dao Soul Six high-order Saint Fates He cant be considered trash, but isnt he a little too normal to be flexing on us”

Yi Xiaotang and the others stared at Huang Xiaolong with their jaws agape when they heard what he said.

Cant be considered trash!

“Heh, isnt he an arrogant b*stard” Yi Xiaotang sneered, “Does he think that hes the strongest being in the Divine Tuo Holy World Is he a favored child of the gods! Who does he think he is Someone with nine high-grade Saint Fates”

Most of the young masters of some super-creeds had eight high-order Saint Fates, and they were considered the cream of the crop.

They were only outshined by the six super-geniuses of the Divine Tuo Holy World! Of the six super-geniuses, all of them had nine high-grade Saint Fates!

In Yi Xiaotangs eyes, only geniuses at their level had the ability to call Xu Jians talentordinary.

Aunt Qing shook her head slightly and frowned when she heard what Huang Xiaolong said.

“Cant be considered trash!” The Saint Devil Prince roared with laughter.

“Little Doggy Huang, do you have seven high-order Saint Fates! Hahaha! Are you more talented than the young masters of the various creeds! If you show me seven, or even eight high-order Saint Fates, this young master will commit suicide before your very eyes!”

When Zhu Yu heard what Xu Jian said, he wanted to speak up to stop his young master from saying something he would regret, but he swallowed his words eventually.

Even for superpowers like the Blue Heaven Creed, their inner disciples were only able to gather two high-order Saint Fates when ascending! If anyone could obtain four or more, they would be considered core disciples of the faction!

As for members with five high-order Saint Fates, they had long been accepted by hall masters as direct disciples.

The only person present who could be considered more talented than Xu Jian should be Yi Xiaotang.

As such, Zhu Yu felt that there was no need to warn his young master.

He refused to believe that Huang Xiaolong would possess seven high-order Saint Fates, much less more.

Huang Xiaolongs face had a placid expression as he slowly summoned his Saint Fates.

As light filled the space around him, strands of high-order Saint Fates flew out one after another.

In the blink of an eye, six high-order Saint Fates appeared before everyone.

The moment they appeared, the space around him trembled under the horrifying pressure.

Everyone stared at Huang Xiaolong in disbelief.

“How… How… How can someone like you possess six high-order Saint Fates! This is impossible!” Xu Jian found it hard to believe, and he continued to yell, “How can a disciple of a weak little sacred land possess six high-order Saint Fates!”

As someone with six high-grade Saint Fates, he was hailed as the number one genius in the Saint Devil Heavenly Cave.

That was also the reason he was accepted into the Blue Heaven Creed as a direct disciple of Yan San, the grand hall master! Hence he wondered, how could someone like Huang Xiaolong be as talented as him!

Moreover, the Saint Fates around Huang Xiaolong seemed to be of a higher quality than his!

Yi Xiaotang and Qing Yi soon discovered the difference.

“How can a little brat like him possess greater talent than the Saint Devil Prince!” Qing Yis expression turned a little complicated.


Who cares about that His dao holy souls might not even rank in the top twenties! There are a ton of geniuses in the Divine Tuo Holy World with plenty of Saint Fates but garbage holy souls!”

Even though ones Saint Fates corresponded to the level of their holy souls, there were exceptions.

Some geniuses of the various creeds ran into the same problem where they failed to live up to their fullest potential due to the lack of a strong holy soul.

While they were thinking of how they could continue to convince themselves that Huang Xiaolong was nothing more than trash, another high-order Saint Fate appeared.

“Seven…” Yi Xiaotangs eyes widened in shock.

“How can this be! HOW!!!” The Saint Devil Prince roared in anger.

The talent Huang Xiaolong showed was more than enough to challenge some of the super geniuses in the various creeds.

After summoning his seventh high-order Saint Fate, Huang Xiaolong stared at Xu Jian and a cold sneer left his lips.

“You can kill yourself now.”

Previously, the Saint Devil Prince had declared that he would commit suicide if Huang Xiaolong was in possession of seven high-order Saint Fates.

Now that he had revealed his talent, it was time for Xu Jian to deliver on his promise.

Of course, there was no way Xu Jian would accept his fate obediently.

His eyes turned red as he glared at Huang Xiaolong.

“What Is the Saint Devil Prince going to go back on his word” Huang Xiaolong snorted coldly.

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