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Chapter 2800: Serious Injuries

Not a single person remained in one piece after Huang Xiaolong was done with them.

There were even some who were diced up into mincemeat by the Immemorial Sword.

Golden rain filled the skies as Huang Xiaolongs massacre began.

“Disillusionment Strike!” one of the patriarchs yelled as his sword pierced towards Huang Xiaolong.

However, he didnt even make it close to the man before the Immemorial Sword emerged from his back and shattered all the organs in his body.

“Lay down the Heavenly Emperor Blade Formation! Well kill him with the Heavenly Emperor Blade Formation!” one of the Eminent Elders of their factions yelled.

However, that was as far as he got to laying down the formation as Huang XIaolongs sword pierced through the space between his eyebrows.

With the Immemorial Sword in hand, no one could stop Huang Xiaolongs rampage.

As one Ninth Resurrection Primal Ancestor fell after another, Huang Xiaolong waved his arm to seal all their dao souls with the Immemorial Grand Formation.

With another wave of his arm, he threw all of them into the Cangqiong Dao Palace.



Huang Xiaolongs gaze was cold as the Immemorial Sword in his hand was a scythe that reaped the lives of his opponents.

Cold light flashed from the blade as he harvested the souls of the enemy.

Yi Xiaotang and Aunt Qing watched from far away as fear gripped their hearts.

They had never felt so afraid in their lives.

“How… How can he be so strong!” Yi Xiaotangs voice trembled as she thought about the time Huang Xiaolong had ended Chen Sen and the members of Nine Revolutions Sacred Land.

The scene before her was several times more terrifying than that, and her heart palpitated in fear.

“Could he really be supported by a formations master!”

Aunt Qing shook her head.

“The formations master has nothing to do with this.

Hes using the Immemorial Grand Formation here to boost his strength.”

“But hes just a Ninth Heaven True Saint! So what if he has eight high-order Saint Fates Even if he has the assistance of the Immemorial Grand Formation, he cant possibly be so strong!” Yi Xiaotang grumbled.

The Immemorial Sword in Huang Xiaolongs hand was slicing through everyone in his path like a hot knife through butter.

Even half-step Dao Venerables wouldnt be able to do what he was doing!

In the distance, the experts who hadnt joined in the battle gasped in shock as intense fear filled their minds.

“Your Highness, could the formations master that stands behind Cangqiong Sacred Land be here supporting him!” Zhu Yus voice trembled.

Xu Jian sent Zhu Yu flying with a single slap and raged, “Enough! One more time and Ill kill you on the spot!”

Everyone jumped in fright when Xu Jian sent Zhu Yu flying with a single slap.

Those who were planning to advise the Saint Devil Prince stopped in their tracks and no longer dared to utter a word.

As he glared at Huang Xiaolong, the Saint Devil Sword in his hand started to move once again.

With his figure blurring, he reappeared several tens of meters above Huang Xiaolongs head.

“You f*cker! I refuse to believe I cant kill a puny little True Saint!” A sinister smile formed on his face as he slashed downwards.

“Saint Devil Decapitation!”

Holy devil light filled the space around him as the sword came slashing downwards.

Sword light swirled about and it twisted the space around it.

It flickered about in the skies above Huang Xiaolong, seemingly trying to attack him when he least expected it.

The Saint Devil Decapitation was one of the strongest offensive abilities of the Saint Devil Sacred Land.

It could fuse with the space around it, and the speed at which it traveled was unexpectedly quick! The Saint Devil Prince had managed to injure several First Esteem Dao Venerables in battle with the assistance of this special move!

A Primal Ancestor like himself not only had managed to defend himself against First Esteem Dao Venerables, but he had also managed to counter-attack using the Saint Devil Decapitation! One could imagine how strong the attack really was.

With his eyes turning completely red, Xu Jian refused to believe that he couldnt kill a True Saint with his strongest attack.

Of course, Huang Xiaolong had been paying attention to the Saint Devil Prince the whole time.

In fact, he was only waiting for the other party to make a move.

If the Saint Devil Prince took the chance to run away, Huang Xiaolong wouldnt be able to do anything about it.

After all, he was surrounded by more than a thousand Primal Ancestors!

With a single thought, a thousand Holy Devils appeared behind Huang Xiaolong.

Light condensed in their hands as a thousand Immemorial Swords seemed to form in their grasp.

A thousand Immemorial Swords chopped at Xu Jian.

Using the immemorial grand dao energy in the Immemorial Immortal Cave, Huang Xiaolong managed to condense a thousand Immemorial Swords that replicated the power of the real thing.

Even though they might be a little weaker than the real thing, the combination of a thousand of them with the thousand Holy Devils brought Huang Xiaolongs combat abilities to the next level.

A pillar of light tore through the space as Huang Xiaolong unleashed the Cangqiong Strike!

A thousand Cangqiong Strikes shattered the very fabric of space they were in as the Saint Devil Decapitation was swallowed in an instant.

Unable to stop Huang Xiaolongs attack for even a single millisecond, the pillar of light landed on Xu Jian before he could even react.

Like a solitary leaf in a hurricane, Xu Jian was sent through the skies at an unfathomable speed as the armor he had changed into shattered into dust.

He might have used his incomparably tough armor to withstand the brunt of the blow, but horrifying scars appeared on his body.

His grand dao physique felt the pain of being torn into a thousand pieces.

The scene caused Yi Xiaotang and the others, who were watching at the sidelines, no small amount of shock.

The Saint Devil Prince had the Saint Devil Bloodline, and his body was extremely tough! Even so, he was seriously injured by Huang Xiaolong!

Everyone could see that the Saint Devil Princes body was close to breaking down.

He could only be saved if a Dao Venerable personally made a move to save him with cosmos energy and precious grand dao herbs.

Otherwise, his Saint Devil Physique would cease to exist in the world!

“Your Highness!” The experts of the Saint Devil Sacred Land rushed over to assist him.

A sneer formed on Huang Xiaolongs lips at that very instant.

As his figure blurred, he appeared above the Saint Devil Prince and chopped downwards.

Since the Saint Devil Prince was hell-bent on killing him before, Huang Xiaolong wouldnt be considered a man if he didnt return the favor.

It was too bad his Immemorial Sword was blocked by a golden ray of light before he could finish the job.

A strand of golden silk slowly revealed itself, and it was none other than Yi Xiaotangs weapon! As the daughter of the Blue Heaven Dao Venerable, she couldnt allow the disciple of the grand hall master to die before her eyes!

The golden silk in her hands was a Dao Venerable Cosmos Artifact, but it wasnt made by the Blue Heaven Dao Venerable.

It was something she had managed to obtain when adventuring out in a random forbidden region.

“Aunt Qing, were leaving!” Grabbing the Saint Devil Prince and Aunt Qing with the golden silk, Yi Xiaotang turned into a ray of golden light as she left the battlefield.

A chilly light flashed across Huang Xiaolongs eyes as he raised the Immemorial Sword to slash towards the space before him.

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