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Chapter 2811: Blue Heaven Creed!

Those who were frantically searching for Huang Xiaolong seemed to have forgotten about him all of a sudden as they changed their target to the Blue Heaven Creed.

Xu Dong, the person who was hell-bent on capturing Huang Xiaolong, no longer bothered about the kid as he sped towards the Silver Dragon River with a group of experts.

The only thing that caused Huang Xiaolong to feel a slight sense of suspicion was the so-calledSet of Creation.

This was the first time he had heard of anything like it.

When he asked the Primal Ancestors of the Divine Tuo Holy World, Fu Daosheng was the first to respond.

“Young Master, the Set of Creation was left behind by Lord Creation himself.

Its said that the God of Creation himself crafted the armor personally during the formation of the world.

The pieces of the Set of Creation are the only artifacts that surpass peak-level cosmos artifacts.”

“A total of four items make up the Set of Creation, and they are the Huang Long Twin Blades, Huang Long Armor, Huang Long Cape, and the Huang Long Heart!”

“Every single one of them possesses terrifying strength, and no matter which one of the four one manages to obtain, they would be unbeatable in the entire Divine Tuo Holy World!” Zhou Hongs heart pounded when he thought of the power contained by the artifacts.

“If anyone from the Dragon Race obtains the artifact, no one under the heavens would be able to challenge them!”

Huang Xiaolong sucked in a cold breath.

There is only a single armor set that surpasses the level of cosmos artifacts!

Is that what my father has left behind

“The Huang Long Twin Blades possesses the ability to cut through anything, and the offensive power behind it is something no one has ever seen before! The Huang Long Armor is said to be indestructible, and the Huang Long Cape allows the user to travel with speed unsurpassed by any Dao Venerables! The Huang Long Heart is beneficial for cultivation, and anyone who obtains it will be able to cultivate at speed too shocking to fathom!” Long Jianfei explained.

As a disciple of the Dragon Fish Creed, he was more familiar with the Set of Creation than anyone present.

However, Huang Xiaolong hadnt asked about it before, and he hadnt spoken of it.

After all, the Set of Creation was something that only existed in the rumors.

No one had ever seen it for themselves.

“Maps that pointed out the location of pieces in the armor set have appeared many times in the past.

However, none of them are real,” Fu Daosheng explained.

“No one knows if the appearance of the armor is true, but I feel that the information might be fake.

Duan Feng shook his head and explained, “That might not be true.

The Set of Creation might have been left behind by Lord Creation for Young Master.

The map of the Huang Long Armor appeared the moment Young Master entered the Primal Ancestor Realm.

Isnt this too much of a coincidence The probability of the map containing the exact coordinates of the armor is pretty high!”

“Thats what I think too…” Long Jianfei sighed.

Huang Xiaolong frowned.

Regardless, he had to take a trip over to the Blue Heaven Creed to take a look for himself.

Moreover, Duan Fengs deduction seemed to make sense.

Since the Set of Creation was left behind by his father, there could be a reason for it to appear now.

Perhaps, only those with the Huang Long Bloodline would be able to obtain the armor set!

As such, he had to personally take a trip down to verify his guesses!

“Blue Heaven Creed, Silver Dragon River,” he muttered to himself.

“Did Xu Dong leave the search to head over to the river” Huang Xiaolong asked all of a sudden.

Fu Daosheng was stunned for a second, but he chuckled softly in response.


Xu Dong brought his son, Xu Jian, toward the Silver Dragon River.”

Zhou Hong couldnt help but follow up in glee, “Xu Jian was beaten to the brink of death when he fought with Young Master in the Immemorial Immortal Cave.

Luckily for him, he was saved by Yi Xiaotang.

The only reason he can still move about is because Yan San brought out several rare grand dao pills in order to nurse him back to health.

That little brat benefited from all the pills as he managed to grow a little stronger with them…”

“Heh.” Another half-step Dao Venerable, Lin Hong, snorted, “Xu Jian even proclaimed that he would torture our Young Master for eternity.

With his excuse-laden lies, he even said that the only reason our young master managed to defeat him was because he had the assistance of the Immemorial Grand Formation.

He also said that our Young Master is nothing but an ant outside the immortal cave.”

Huang Xiaolong wasnt angered in the slightest when he heard what Lin Hong said.

Instead, he chuckled in amusement.

“Is that really what Xu Jian said”

Fu Daosheng nodded.

“He might have sent out a lot of runners in order to send out the news, but its definitely his idea.

Hes afraid that everyone would label him a loser who lost to a True Saint.”

Huang Xiaolong burst into laughter.

As the widely proclaimed number one genius in the Saint Devil Heavenly Cave, Xu Jian was humiliated by the defeat! He had already turned into a laughing stock in the outside world, and it made sense for him to defend his reputation.

“Xiaolong, are you planning to head over to the Blue Heaven Creed now” Cangqiong Old Man asked.

“Thats right!”

“Im tagging along!” Fei Yanzi interrupted before Huang Xiaolong could continue.

Widening his eyes in surprise, Huang Xiaolong stared at her with a dumbfounded expression.

“I havent seen what a creed looks like! I only wish to take a look at their layout and structures!” Noticing the weird looks all around her, Fei Yanzis face turned red, and she tried to explain herself.

Roaring with laughter, Huang Xiaolong declared, “All of us shall head over together!”

He had already refined the Immemorial Sword, and he could control the Immemorial Immortal Cave.

With the immortal cave, he wasnt afraid that they would be in danger.

“Xiaolong, if we really head over with you, wont we inconvenience you” Cangqiong Old Man sighed.

“Why dont we stay here”

Huang Xiaolong knew what his master was concerned about, but he shook his head while laughing.

“There is no need for that! We can just stroll about the Blue Heaven Creed as we like! If anything happens, you can return to the Immemorial Immortal Cave!”

After hearing how confident Huang Xiaolong was, Cangqiong Old Man no longer insisted.

Before long, the Immemorial Immortal Cave was flying towards the Blue Heaven Creed.

Tearing through the chaotic streams and spatial cracks in the chaotic void, the Immemorial Immortal Cave disappeared from its original position.

Even though the cave was not a Dao Venerable Artifact, their speed was comparable to any peak-grade Primal Ancestor Dao Artifact when the Immemorial Grand Formation was activated.

Since they werent too far away from the Blue Heaven Creed to begin with, they arrived in several short days.

Huang Xiaolong tore apart the spatial wall around the Blue Heaven Heavenly Cave as they entered the home ground of the creed.

The laws of the world surrounding the Blue Heaven Heavenly Cave were indeed several times better than the Saint Devil Heavenly Cave.

Sucking in a long breath, Huang Xiaolong felt that it didnt come as a surprise as the Blue Heaven Creed was located in the Blue Heaven Heavenly Cave! With the presence of Dao Venerables, there was no way the laws of the world would be lacking.

Without hesitation, Huang Xiaolong directed the Immemorial Immortal Cave towards the Blue Heaven Creed.

Other than the creed, there were nearly a million sacred lands located in the Blue Heaven Heavenly Cave.

All of them surrounded the Blue Heaven Creed that was located in the center of the region.

The Silver Dragon River was the largest lake in the Blue Heaven Heavenly Cave, and it was more appropriately described as a sea.

With the size of several dozen sacred lands, the Silver Dragon River was a massive presence.

Since it was located at the periphery of the Blue Heaven Heavenly, Huang Xiaolong would need a month if he drove the Immemorial Immortal Cave at full speed.

Along the way, he cultivated with the rest of the Immemorial Grand Dao Pills, and he didnt waste a second.

One month later, Huang Xiaolong completed the refinement of all the grand dao pills as the immortal cave arrived in the space above the Silver Dragon River.

Hovering in the space above the formation eye, Huang Xiaolong successfully entered the mid-Second Resurrection Primal Ancestor Realm!

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