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Chapter 2822: Too Scared To Poke His Head Out

The moment he entered the Third Resurrection Primal Ancestor Realm, the four Dao Venerables of the Blue Heaven Creed wouldnt be able to do a thing to him even if they worked together!

Moreover, since his father had hidden a drop of blood essence in the key to the Huang Long Armor, wouldnt that mean that there would be much more waiting for him after he obtained it

As a part of the Set of Creation, the Huang Long Armor would most probably contain his fathers blood essence!

A bold thought flashed through his mind.

There might be more than a single drop…

Huang Xiaolong couldnt contain his excitement when he thought about it.

He managed to calm himself down after several moments, and he quickly transitioned to refining the drop of blood essence.

In order to prevent any mishaps from happening, he laid down a myriad of formations around the uninhabited region.

In fact, he went to the regions surrounding the island and laid down formations there too.

By retrieving the Cangqiong Dao Palace, he started to refine the blood essence with the help of the holy formation inside it.

As for all the dao souls he had suppressed in Cangqiong Dao Palace previously, he planned to devour them all after refining the blood essence from his father!

His plan was to collect more dao souls before refining all of them at the same time.

After his massacre in the Immemorial Immortal Cave, he had managed to add nearly two thousand dao souls into the Cangqiong Dao Palace!

There were more than three thousand dao souls trapped in Cangqiong Dao Palace!

More than three thousand of them!

That was more than sufficient for Huang Xiaolong to increase his strength to the next level!

After activating the Huang Long Bloodline in his body, a ball of golden light emerged from the dragon scale.

It was something he had never seen before, and he was immediately captured by its beauty.

If there was any perfect-looking object in the world, Huang Xiaolong felt like the ball of golden light was it.

The drop of Huang Long blood essence hovered before him, and there were no words Huang Xiaolong could use to describe its beauty.

It resembled blood, but at the same time, it didnt.

It seemed to be a liquid, but the way it hovered made it look like something solid-like.

Instead of describing it as a drop of blood, it was more appropriate to say that it was the creation from the most perfect form of energy.

Even the energies of the absolute frost and flame couldnt come close.

The moment the drop of blood appeared, his Huang Long Bloodline started rushing through his veins.

It was like it had met its long-lost kin!

The phantom of a golden dragon behind Huang Xiaolong appeared, and it emitted a blinding golden light.

Huang Xiaolong didnt need to do a thing as the drop of blood drifted over and entered his body without the slightest bit of resistance.

Waves after waves of energy pulsed from the drop of blood.

The quality of the energy originating from the drop of blood was something Huang Xiaolong had never seen before.

Moreover, the amount of energy contained in the drop of blood was something he couldnt fathom.

Cosmos energy poured into his body, and it wasnt any ordinary cosmos energy that came from the small world of a Dao Venerable.

It was the cosmos energy that originated from the greatest of holy worlds, and the origin laws that were contained within were of a higher level than grand dao laws.

Despite the shockingly large amount of energy, Huang Xiaolong didnt feel any sense of discomfort when it filled his body.

Instead, he felt like he was floating on clouds.

Ever since he had entered the Primal Ancestor Realm, his body had undergone the baptism from the Light of Nirvana twice.

The power contained in him had already broken through the limits of common sense, and his defenses were terrifying to the extreme.

However, with the tempering of the cosmos energy from the drop of blood, Huang Xiaolong felt the strength of his grand dao physique increasing yet again!

It seemed to turn stronger every few seconds, and it was evolving at a frightening pace!

Feeling the grand dao laws in his body reaching a whole new level, Huang Xiaolong felt that the connection between himself and the Divine Tuo Holy World had strengthened.

Moreover, the three small worlds in him experienced a remarkable transformation.

The first world he created started to expand indefinitely.

The cosmos energy produced by the world gushed out from the worlds origin as intricate origin laws filled the mini world.

The second and third worlds started to solidify, and they started to mature to become like the first!

As the energy required by the second and third worlds was much more than the first, the speed at which they grew slowed down.

Huang Xiaolong had estimated that he needed to enter the high-level Primal Ancestor Realm, or even the Dao Venerable Realm before the two worlds would start producing cosmos energy, but with the appearance of Huang Longs blood essence, that was no longer the case! The worlds would mature much quicker, and they would be able to produce cosmos energy much sooner!

When Huang Xiaolong was refining his fathers blood essence, the entire Silver Dragon River, no… The entire Blue Heaven Creed quaked.

“What! Huang Xiaolong shattered the Saint Devil Princes grand dao physique! How can this be possible Isnt he just a Second Resurrection Primal Ancestor How can he do something like that with no outside assistance”

“The rumors might not be true…”

“Its true that the Saint Devil Princes grand dao physique was shattered! The disciples of the Blue Heaven Creed were the ones who started to spread the news! Of course, we cannot be sure that Huang Xiaolong was the one who did it! There might be several experts who saw Huang Xiaolong personally moving against Xu Jian, but they might be deluded! According to them, Huang Xiaolong used the power of absolute frost and flame to annihilate Xu Jians grand dao physique!”

“Is that even possible!”

“The Blue Heaven Creed has increased the bounty on Huang Xiaolongs head by three times!”

“Lord Yan San is furious, and he personally made a move against Talisman Dao Sacred Land, Zhou Hong Sacred Land, Chen Hu Sacred Land, and Lin Hong Sacred Land! He killed those he had to kill and imprisoned the rest! From what Lord Yan San says, he will kill a hundred disciples of the various sacred lands every day if Huang Xiaolong and Fu Daosheng refuse to appear!”

A hundred a day!

That would mean several tens of thousands of lives in a year!

Several hundred thousand lives in ten years!

“Thats not all.

Every single power that came into contact with Cangqiong Sacred Land was exterminated by Xu Dong.

After his sons grand dao physique was shattered, he went on a killing spree!”

Very quickly, one year passed.

“It has been a year and Huang Xiaolong hasnt shown himself! Hahaha, it seems like hes afraid of showing his face!”

“No sh*t! Unless hes an id*ot, why would he appear before the Blue Heaven Creed”

“If he really doesnt appear, the disciples of the various sacred lands wont be able to escape!”

Two years later…

In one of the uninhabited sacred lands around the Blue Heaven Creed, terrifying tribulation clouds with the resurrection purple gold lightning, black lotus flames, and Light of Nirvana gathered.

Yet another year passed…

In the depths of the uninhabited sacred land, a figure tore through the skies.

His aura swept across the lands as rays of light alternating a myriad of colors pierced through the heavens.

With the aid of Huang Longs blood essence and more than three thousand dao souls, Huang Xiaolong had managed to shatter the barrier of the Third Resurrection Primal Ancestor Realm.

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