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Chapter 2833: Is This Your Real Talent

The power that was coming from the depths of the creed was like a giant tire that crushed everything in its way! For a moment, everything under the heavens seemed to lose its power.

Yu Sheng, Fang Jing, and everyone else present were overwhelmed with shock.

The strength of the dao origin was much stronger than what they had ever imagined.

If the strength Huang Xiaolong displayed earlier had caused them to feel smaller than an ant, then the power of the dao origin made them feel like a speck of dust in the grand world!

Indeed, in front of the dao origin, even Dao Venerables like Yi Beihang and Wang Jin felt insignificant.

“The Blue Heaven dao origin is too frightening!” Fang Jings pretty face turned into shock, “Not to mention a First Esteem Dao Venerable, even a Third Esteem Dao Venerable wouldnt be able to withstand the pressure!”

Yu Sheng then added, “With the four Dao Venerables and the dao origin, Huang Xiaolong will have to leave his life behind today!”

“He will die without a complete corpse!”

“Nothing will be left!”

That was because he believed that no matter how strong Huang Xiaolong was, he wouldnt be able to withstand the combined might of the four of them who had the assistance of the dao origin!

“Im afraid Huang Xiaolong is still hiding some secrets.” Fang Jing frowned, “He doesnt seem worried at all!”

Yu Sheng shook his head, “Even if he has some secrets on him, he wont be able to withstand their attacks.

After all, no one can go against the dao origin.

Huang Xiaolong was too arrogant.

They gave him a way out earlier, and he chose to barge through the gates of hell.

Hehe, its too late even if he wishes to apologize and leave now.”

The power of the dao origin has already filled the Blue Heaven Creed.

Traces of dao law lined the skies, and they blocked off the outside world.

Huang Xiaolong couldnt escape even if he wanted to.

Fang Jing looked at Huang Xiaolong with a complicated expression.

She had to admit that his talent was monstrous, but he had to leave his life behind.

If he could have endured his rage and chosen to retreat, he would have been able to return when he was strong enough! After becoming a Dao Venerable, the Blue Heaven Creed would have bowed before him no matter how cocky he was!

What a pity! What a pity!

The four of them continued to call upon the dao origin.

The power of the dao origin was like an endless ocean, and it managed to surprise Huang Xiaolong.

However, his shock soon turned to joy.

Even though the strength of the dao origin was stronger than he had expected, if he managed to refine half of it, he would be able to enter the Fourth Resurrection Primal Ancestor Realm!

The drop of Huang Long Blood Essence might have been strong, but he only had a single drop! The dao origin was different! It was something that the creed had accumulated for countless years, and even a tenth of it would possess endless might!

Finally, the four of them managed to fully awaken the dao origin.

“Huang Xiaolong, go to hell!” Yan San laughed in a sinister tone and glared at him.

Now that the four of them had completely merged with the power of the dao origin, Huang Xiaolong needed to suppress the dao origin if he wanted to defeat them!

However, would he actually be able to suppress the Blue Heaven Dao Origin

It was absolutely impossible according to Yan San and the others!

“Not necessarily!” Huang Xiaolongs face was extremely calm.

“Why are you still trying to keep up that act of yours Youre about to die!” Yan San sneered.

“You might have some tricks up your sleeve, and you can show them off now! Otherwise, youll die with regrets!”

Huang Xiaolong stared at the dao runes above him and smiled.


Ill show you my true strength today!”

He had expected them to activate the dao origin long before he had started his attack.

According to his plan, he would use the dao origin to sharpen and improve his grand dao laws! He could use the chance to temper his dao souls and saint fates!

He might have received the baptism from the Light of Nirvana three times in the past, but he needed the power of the dao origin to sharpen his attributes.

The only reasonable choice was the dao origin of the Blue Heaven Creed!

As soon as he was done speaking, the dao soul in his body emerged.

The fourth-ranked Great Immemorial Dao Soul appeared in front of their eyes.

Immemorial grand dao energy filled the lands.

“Its… Its the Great Immemorial Dao Soul at the grand completion stage!” As soon as Huang Xiaolongs dao soul appeared, Yu Sheng gasped in shock.

Yi Xiaotang and Fang Jing were equally as shocked.

The three other Dao Venerables couldnt believe their eyes.

There were countless geniuses throughout the history of the Divine Tuo Holy World, but even then, the number of geniuses with dao souls ranking in the top five could probably be counted on one hand!

The Xuanhuang Supreme Dragon Dao Soul and Nefarious Origin Dao Soul appeared at the same time.


“Xuanhuang Supreme Dragon Dao Soul and Nefarious Origin Dao Soul!”

“Three great grand dao souls!”

Yu Sheng, Fang Jing, Yi Beihang, Yan San, and everyone else were overwhelmed with shock.

Twelve high-order Saint Fates made their appearance.

“Twelve, twelve high-order Saint Fates!” Yu Shengs leg softened as he fell to the ground.

Those standing around felt terror creeping into their hearts.

In the creeds of the Divine Tuo Holy World, one would be a genius among geniuses if they possessed eight high-level saint fates.

Those with nine were geniuses of their generation, and only six individuals were talented enough to possess ten high-order Saint Fates! There had never been a case of someone with eleven high-order Saint Fates!

Now, Huang Xiaolong actually revealed the fact that he had twelve high-order Saint Fates!

They shone brightly above him, and those from the Blue Heaven Creed felt a sharp pain in their eyes.

They couldnt believe what they were seeing.

“Three grand dao souls, and twelve high-order Saint Fates!!” Yi Xiaotang muttered.

She was completely dumbfounded.

“This should be his true talent…”

No one moved.

Even those who wanted to slay Huang Xiaolong previously stood frozen to their spot.

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