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Chapter 2841: Changes in the Long Family


Roughly two months later, Huang Xiaolong’s group finally entered the Misty Rain Heavenly Cave.

“We’ve finally arrived!” When they stood in the Dragon Fish Creed’s vast starry space, Long Jianfei sighed with complicated feelings.

It was his numerous thousand years of lingering dream to return to this place, and he was finally back at the Dragon Fish Creed on this day. 

He had despaired after landing in Cangqiong Holy World from encountering an unexpected space crack many years ago.

He hadn’t dared to dream of having the chance to return to the Dragon Fish Creed. 

“I wonder if Master is doing alright” Long Jianfei had yet to come out from his melancholic emotions.

Seeing the Dragon Fish Creed’s sceneries once again triggered a rush of old memories that were buried away.

Surrounded by the Dragon Fish Heavenly Cave’s profound grand dao laws and vigorous grand dao energy, Huang Xialong could feel his Huang Long Bloodline’s excitement.

Upon arriving at the Dragon Fish Heavenly Cave, the flow of his Huang Long Bloodline had increased slightly.

Was it because I am closer to the Huang Long Armor Huang Xiaolong guessed inwardly.

“Your Highness, where should we go now” Long Jianfei inquired Huang Xiaolong’s opinion.

“Go directly to the Dragon Fish Creed!” Huang Xiaolong said without thinking.

Nothing was more important than locating the Huang Long Armor as soon as possible. 

It was not only because there was a possibility that the Huang Long Armor contained the God of Creation Huang Long’s blood essence, but also because the Huang Long Armor could nurture his flesh and bones and further strengthen his Huang Long Bloodline once integrated into his body.

At the same time, his dao physique, dao souls, and Saint Fates would also benefit.

Naturally, with the Huang Long Armor, his defenses would rise to an even higher threshold. 

Therefore, Huang Xiaolong’s group rushed straight to the Dragon Fish Creed without stopping.

The Dragon Fish Creed was located on the extreme east of Dragon Fish Heavenly Cave, thus it would take a little over a month for Huang Xiaolong’s group to reach there.

However, when Huang Xiaolong’s group reached the Dragon Fish Creed more than a month later, they were stopped by Dragon Fish Creed’s disciples, and they were told that the entire Dragon Fish Creed was currently under full lockdown.

Only Dragon Fish Creed’s disciples were allowed entry and exit, but no outsiders were allowed.

 Huang Xiaolong couldn’t help frowning upon hearing that.

Long Jianfei and Duan Feng exchanged a doubtful glance as both were slightly baffled.

Under general circumstances, if there was no major event, it was impossible for a creed powerhouse to execute a full lockdown.

After some inquiring from the Dragon Fish Creed’s disciples, Long Jianfei learned that the full lockdown was because the Son of Creation Huang Shuai was in seclusion to break through to Dao Venerable Realm.

As a precaution, the Dragon Fish Creed had ordered a full lockdown, prohibiting outside disciples from entering the Dragon Fish Creed. 

In this situation, they could only wait for Huang Shuai to break through to Dao Venerable Realm and exit seclusion before the lockdown could be lifted, allowing them to enter the Dragon Fish Creed.

Both Long Jianfei and Duan Feng were at a loss. 

Is it actually for this reason

It had never occurred to them that Huang Shuai’s seclusion to break through to Dao Venerable Realm would cause the Dragon Fish Creed to take such a measure. 

It looked like the Dragon Fish Creed attached a great importance towards Huang Shuai’s breakthrough to Dao Venerable Realm.

Then again, it was not strange.

Huang Shuai was the Son of Creation everyone recognized.

Not to mention that the Dao Venerable Realm was an important cultivation realm.

Hence, in order to ensure Huang Shuai was not disturbed in any way, the entire Dragon Fish Creed was under lockdown.

Your Highness, what do you think Long Jianfei asked Huang Xiaolong with his eyes.

“We will leave here first, and then think of a way.” Huang Xiaolong replied solemnly.

Since the Dragon Fish Creed was on full lockdown, they couldn’t really break in by force.

Even a Dao Venerable wouldn’t dare to do that, unless he was tired of living. 

In the end, Hunag Xiaolong’s group could only leave for the time being.

“Your Highness, if my Dragon Fish Creed’s inner disciple identity is rectified, I should be able to bring you in,” Long Jianfei said, suddenly.

Huang Xiaolong’s foot halted midway.

“However, my ambiguous situation requires many layers of verification to be rectified, and going through each process takes time.

Roughly calculating, the shortest time would be a year,” said Long Jianfei.

It was a standard procedure for a Dragon Fish Creed’s disciple’s identity to be revoked if they had been missing for a number of years, the disciple’s identity could be rectified if he returned after various stages of verifications.

For an ordinary disciple it could take several years to recover his identity.

However, Long Jianfei used to be a deacon of the Mission Hall and his master was the Mission Hall’s vice hall master.

Hence the process would speed up significantly.

Even so, one year would be the shortest duration.

Once his identity was righted, and he was able to see his master, asking his master to help bring Huang Xiaolong into the Dragon Fish Creed wouldn't be a problem. 

As the vice hall master of Mission Hall, his master’s authority was quite high.

“One year.” Huang Xiaolong sighed in relief and said, “Then, let’s find a place nearby to settle down first.”

One year, he could wait this long.

If he had to wait for Huang Shuai to advance to Dao Venerable Realm, who knew how long he would have to wait.

Regardless of how amazing Huang Shuai’s talent was, in addition to the assistance provided by the Dragon Fish Creed’s Dao Venerables, optimistically speaking, it would take Huang Shuai several decades to advance. 

How troublesome would things become to wait several decades. 

“How about Your Highness goes to my Long Family” Long Jianfei suggested.

Huang Xiaolong nodded, “Alright.”

Long Jianfei had mentioned to Huang Xiaolong in the past that before he was accepted into the Dragon Fish Creed, he was a Long Family’s disciple of Monarch Yu Sacred Land, and his father was the Long Family’s patriarch. 

Coincidentally, Monarch Yu Sacred Land was closeby.

Hence, Huang Xiaolong and his group detoured to the Monarch Yu Sacred Land. 

About two weeks later, Huang Xiaolong’s group arrived at the Monarch Yu Sacred Land on the Qilin Chariot, descending on the Dragon Emperor Continent where the Long Family was situated.

The Long Family was one of four top clans on Dragon Emperor Continent in the past.

Especially after Long Jianfei had successfully joined the Dragon Fish Creed, the Long Family had become even more prominent, and there were more than a dozen continents under their governance.

The Dragon Emperor Continent was merely one of the continents under the Long Family.

But as Huang Xiaolong entered the Dragon Emperor Continent’s airspace, he was confused.

The Dragon Emperor Continent wasn’t as prosperous as he had imagined it would be.

Accordingly, the Long Family was one of four top powerhouses on Monarch Yu Sacred Land, and this Dragon Emperor Continent where the Long Family was headquartered should have been bustling and prosperous.

However, as far as they could see, the atmosphere felt heavy and the surroundings could be described as desolate!

Forget being prosperous, he could barely see the shadow of a human.

Long Jianfei’s heart sank with a gloomy feeling, and at the same time, a premonition arose in his heart.

In his memory, the Dragon Emperor Continent did not look like this at all. 

The Dragon Emperor Continent was extremely prosperous, and there were numerous cities and even more people.

But now, it was as if he had entered abandoned ruins, as the cities were lifeless and dilapidated with thick moss covering the city walls and streets!

The closer they got to the center region of Dragon Emperor Continent, the uglier the look on Long Jianfei’s face became.

Huang Xiaolong frowned.

Although he wasn’t sure what had happened there, one thing was certain that in the period Long Jianfei was missing, a major event had happened to the Long Family, or the Dragon Emperor Continent wouldn’t have fallen into this state. 

On second thought, long Jianfei had left the Divine Tuo Holy World for many a ten thousand years, and it wasn’t surprising that something had happened to the Long Family.

Many things could happen to a sacred land, or a powerful creed in that amount of time.

Everyone silently sped up after seeing Long Jianfei’s increasingly urgent expression. 

Before long, the Long Family’s headquarters, Dragon City, was within sight. 

Compared to the cities they had seen on the way here, there were at least signs of life here.

They could see people entering and leaving through the city gates, which slightly eased Long Jianfei’s worries.


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