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Chapter 2843: Yu Family

Other Long Familys experts reacted a moment later after the initial shock.

All of them immediately knelt on their knees and cried out Long Jianfeis title when they learned that the person standing in front of them was the reputed Dragon Emperor Young Lord Long Jianfei.

The two guards, who had hurriedly followed after Huang Xiaolongs group, froze on the spot when they stumbled on the scene, and they were completely dumbfounded.


Dragon Emperor Young Lord!

Both of the guards attention was on Long Jianfei, and it changed from shock to excitement and delight as they quickly knelt on their knees.

Long Jianfei took a step forward and helped the old man Uncle Feng up from the ground, and then said to everyone, “Everyone, stand up!”

Only then did everyone rise from the ground.

“This is His Highness,” Long Jianfei introduced Huang Xiaolong to Uncle Feng and everyone present.

His Highness Uncle Feng and the others bewildered gazes fell on Huang Xiaolong.

A few of them knew Long Jianfeis past status and identity very well.

Long Jianfei was the Dragon Fish Creeds inner disciple and a senior deacon of the Mission Hall, as well as he was the Mission Hall Vice Hall Masters personal disciple in the past.

Yet, he willingly recognized this young man as His Highness…

Although the Long Familys experts were greatly surprised by Huang Xiaolongs identity, none of them dared to ask questions.

All of them quickly saluted Huang Xiaolong.

It was inconvenient for Long Jianfei to reveal too much about Huang Xiaolongs identity.

Hence he changed the subject, “Uncle Feng, where are my father and the others How did the Long Family end up like this Whats going on! Also, your body, how come…”

Long Jianfei asked several questions in a row.

Uncle Feng was the chief steward of the Long Familys main residence.

His actual name was Long Chenfeng, and he was also an older generation expert of the family.

At Long Jianfeis question, Long Chenfeng hesitated and grasped for words, “The Old Patriarch, he…”

Long Jianfeis face turned unsightly as he mustered the words with difficulty, “Uncle Feng, could it be that my father has…!”

Hearing that, Long Chenfeng quickly waved his hand and shook his head, “No, no, Old Patriarch isnt, but…”

“But what!” Long Jianfei urged anxiously.

“Its just that, the Old Patriarch and a few others, all of them were hit by an evil curse, causing them to fall unconscious!” Long Chenfeng replied in a hurry.

Long Jianfeis face darkened, “Where are my father and the others now Bring me to them quickly!”

Long Jianfei decided to ask about what had happened during these years later.

The most important thing right now was to see his fathers situation.

Long Chenfeng and a group of Long Familys experts led Huang Xiaolong, Long Jianfei, and Duan Feng to a building in the deepest part of the residence, and inside the building were more than a dozen ice coffins!

Yes, these ice coffins were built from the rare profound ice, and inside each ice coffin lay one person.

“Father, Elder Brother, Mother, Little Sister!” After seeing the faces under the ice coffin covers, Long Jianfei paled, and he rushed forward, calling them.

“Dragon Emperor Young Lord, dont touch!” As he saw that Long Jianfei was about to lean directly on the ice coffin the Old Patriarch was sleeping in, Long Chenfeng swiftly reminded, “The evil curse on the Old Patriarch would transmit to whoever touches them!”

Even a Primal Ancestor expert was no exception.

Huang Xiaolongs and Duan Fengs eyes narrowed as they observed the conditions of the people within the ice coffins.

Huang Xiaolong could see the people within the ice coffins were cursed with a very powerful curse, and the person who had cursed them was likely to be a Dao Venerable Realm expert!

The power of this curse was much more terrible than the Yin Borer Poison that Fei Yanzi had suffered from previously.

It could be said that this curse was a thousand times more terrifying!

Although the effects Yin Borer Kings Yin Borer Poison were damaging, at least, the Yin Borer King was merely a high-level Primal Ancestor at that time, compared with the strength of a Dao Venerable Realm, the Yin Borer King was simply mud under the feet!

“Who did this Who was it WHO!” Long Jianfei demanded as he stood before his fathers ice coffin.

Long Chenfeng hesitated briefly before answering, “Its the Yu Family!”

“Yu Family!” Long Jianfei stiffened.

Long Chenfeng nodded his head in affirmation, and elaborated, “Yes, its the Yu Family.

At the peak of our Long Family, the Yu Family already had the intention to annex our family.

However, Young Lord, you happened to be accepted into the Dragon Fish Creed, and became Lord Chen Xis personal disciple.

That nipped the Yu Familys intention in the bud, but after Young Lord went missing, especially after the Dragon Fish Creed announced your death, the Yu Family no longer held back!”

Long Jianfeis expression was extremely sullen as he spat through gritted teeth, “Yu Family!”

The Yu Family was none other than the most powerful family in the Monarch Yu Sacred Land.

There were four major families in the Monarch Yu Sacred Land and the Yu Family was the one with the oldest legacy, whereas the Long Family was the youngest amongst the four major families but was developing rapidly.

After Long Jianfei was taken as a personal disciple by Lord Chen Xi, the Dragon Fish Creeds Mission Hall Vice Hall Master, the Long Familys rise was unstoppable.

The Long Family had become a force only second to the longstanding Yu Family.

When Long Jianfei was accepted as Lord Chen Xis personal disciple, the Yu Familys old ancestor had come to congratulate in person, and even proposed a marriage between the Yu Family Patriarchs daughter, Yu Xin, to Long Jianfei.

Yu Xin was a daughter of heaven with more than outstanding cultivation talent.

Although she had not enrolled in the Dragon Fish Creed, she had become the inner disciple of another creed in the Dragon Fish Heavenly Cave.

At that time, Long Jianfei had harbored some feelings towards Yu Xin.

Hence, the marriage proposal was agreed upon.

However, with the wedding just around the corner, Long Jianfei had gone missing when he was out on a task.

He had encountered a space crack and ended up in Cangqiong Holy World.

“Where was my master when the Yu Family attacked the Long Family Did my master not support the Long Family” Long Jianfei asked heavily as he tried to suppress the roaring anger in his chest.

Long Cehnfeng shook his head, “After Young Lord went missing, it was said that Lord Chen Xi entered the Bright Lightning Abyss searching for something, there was no news of him after that!”

“What My master is missing!” Long Jianfeis mind went blank.

Both Huang Xiaolong and Duan Feng had not expected that either.

Long Chenfeng nodded, “Yes, it was exactly because of Lord Chen Xis absence that the Yu Family acted unscrupulously.

Later on, a genius that integrated with seven high-order Saint Fates appeared in the Yu Family, and that disciple was accepted into the Dragon Fish Creed.

The Enforcement Halls hall master accepted him as his personal disciple!”

Long Jianfeis heart sank when he heard that, and his expression worsened.

Huang Xiaolong frowned.

“That Yu Familys genius disciple is called Yu Zhou, and it is said that hes currently working for the Son of Creation Huang Shuai,” Long Chenfeng added awkwardly.

Huang Shuai!

Huang Xiaolong and Duan Feng exchanged a glance.

Long Jianfeis face turned green and white, and no one knew what he was thinking.

“One time, the Old Patriarch and the others went out and encountered a Dao Venerable expert.

This Dao Venerable attacked the Old Patriarch and the others without a word.” Long Chenfeng went on, “The Old Patriarch became like this after being hit by that Dao Venerables secret art, and that Dao Venerable was an expert from the Mystical Pavilion hired by the Yu Family.”

Huang Xiaolong, Duan Feng, and Long Jianfei were dumbfounded.

“You say that Dao Venerable is someone from the Mystical Pavilion” Huang Xiaolong spoke for the first time.

The Mystical Pavilion, the Divine Tuo Holy Worlds most powerful force!

It was also the number one force in the Huang Long World!

In that case, this matter was quite troublesome.

“It is so, Your Highness,” Long Chenfeng answered Huang Xiaolong respectfully, “It was the Mystical Pavilion.

As long as you can afford to pay, the Mystical Pavilion can help you accomplish any task.

Ever since that incident, the Yu Family began suppressing us in every aspect, many of our disciples ran away, and betrayed us, so…!”

Long Jianfei fell into heavy silence as he looked at his parents, elder brother, and younger sister inside the ice coffins with pain stabbing at his heart like a knife.

“Although the curse is very strong, I can give it a try,” Huang Xiaolong said suddenly.


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