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Chapter 2849: Disrespectful Towards the Dragon Fish Creed

Huang Xiaolong, Long Jianfei, and Duan Feng went straight to the Dragon Fish Creeds branch after entering the Blue Rainbow City.

TheDragon Fish Creed branch was located in the southside of Blue Rainbow City.

By the time Huang Xiaolongs group of three arrived, the place was already packed with disciples wanting to register for the outer disciple recruitment.

“I am surprised that the outer disciple recruitment for merely the Dragon Fish Creeds branch has attracted such a big crowd to register,” Huang Xiaolong commented, shaking his head.

The square that could accommodate several hundred thousand people was packed to the point that even a fly could not fly through to get in.

“Although it is merely as a branchs outer disciple, once successful, ones status would rise significantly.

Therefore, it is only normal for these disciples to flock here.” Duan Feng said smilingly, “With Your Highness talent, there is no need to mention a Dragon Fish Creed branchs outer disciple, but becoming the Dragon Fish Creeds young lord is granted.”

The Dragon Fish Creeds current young lord was called Lin Zhuoyi, and he merely had nine high-order Saint Fates.

However, they had heard a rumor claiming that after the Son of Creation Huang Shuai were to break through to Dao Venerable Realm, the Dragon Fish Creed would make him their young lord, but whether the rumor was true or not remained to be verified.

However, just as Duan Fengs words were out, a ridiculing sneer came from the side, “What a big tone Where did this ignorant and naive kid come from He can easily become the Dragon Fish Creeds young lord! What a laughable joke!”

Huang Xiaolong, Duan Feng, and Long Jianfei all turned their heads simultaneously, and saw a young man looking at them with an expression full of mockery.

Behind the young man was a group of experts consisting mostly of Primal Ancestors.

Clearly, the young man had a high status.

“Its the Tai Familys Young Lord Tai Cheng!”

“Tai Familys Young Lord Tai Cheng is here!”

Noticing the disturbance at Huang Xiaolongs side, the crowd stirred when some people spotted Tai Cheng.

The crowd stared at this young man with worship and feverish admiration.

In an instant, the young man became the center of attention.

The eyes of female disciples in the crowd burned brightly, fixed on the young man.

Long Jianfeis face was sullen to the extreme.

This young man is that sl*t Yu Xins youngest son

This young man was Tai Cheng.

He was one of the Tai Familys five great geniuses and also Yu Xins youngest son, the woman who was once betrothed to Long Jianfei.

Tai Cheng did not pay any attention to Long Jianfei, so he did not notice his sullen face.

He smiled mockingly at Huang Xiaolong and Duan Feng.

“Brat, youre also here to register for the Dragon Fish Creed branchs outer disciple recruitment, right!”

He gave Huang Xiaolong a disdainful look from head to toe before continuing, “Ive seen too many ignorant people like you.

Even though they are not very talented, they still look at the sky from the bottom of a well, casually claiming that you can easily rise to the position of Dragon Fish Creeds young lord.

I will tell you that youre not even qualified to become my Tai Familys slave!”

Long Jianfeis face turned sullen and icy, “Punk, youre that sl*t Yu Xins youngest son If you dare to disrespect His Highness with one more word, I will pinch you to death!”

When the Yu Family made a move on my father, Yu Xin, that sl*t must have known about it.

Instead of stopping her father, she had allowed the Long Family to be suppressed and bullied, and she had also released the word that Long Jianfei was not qualified to be her companion.

Therefore, Long Jianfei was burning with fury when he learned of Tai Chengs identity.

Tai Cheng was stunned because he could have never imagined a slave would dare to scold his mother and call her a….

“You lowly slave, do you want to die How dare you scold our mistress!”

One of the guards standing behind Tai Cheng shouted angrily, and a blade appeared in his hand, ready to split Long Jianfei into two.

However, Tai Chengs arm reached out and stopped the guards action.

They were at the Blue Rainbow Sacred Land, and on top of that, they were on the square right in front of the Dragon Fish Creeds branch.

If they fought there, and displeased the Dragon Fish Creed, that was a crime equivalent to total family annihilation.

Even their Tai Family could not afford the price.

After Tai Cheng blocked his guards action, he shot a cold glare at Huang Xiaolong, Long Jianfei, and Duan Feng, “You three better not step out of the Blue Rainbow City in your lifetime.

I will guarantee you that once the three of you take a step out of the city, youll die worse than a stray mongrel!”

“Lets go!”

Tai Cheng then led his group away, heading to the front hall for registration.

Both Long Jianfei and Duan Feng were enraged.

“Your Highness,” Long Jianfei turned to Huang Xiaolong with an inquiring look in his eyes, asking whether Huang Xiaolong wanted Tai Cheng to be killed on the spot.

“Lets go inside and register your identity first,” Huang Xiaolong decided.

Long Jianfei and Duan Feng complied with Huang Xiaolongs decision respectfully.

The three of them walked towards the front hall without further delay.

“Who is this young man A slave by his side actually dares to scold the Tai Familys mistress in public! Is he tired of living”

“They probably come from some remote sacred lands and have no idea how powerful the Tai Family is, but one thing is for sure that once the three of them step out from the Blue Rainbow City, theyre going to die a tragic death!”

Pitying gazes fell on Huang Xiaolong, Long Jianfei, and Duan Feng from all around as the spectators whispered with their companions.

Other than Dragon Fish Creeds disciples, who else would dare to offend the noble Tai Family in the Blue Rainbow Sacred Land

Huang Xiaolong ignored these whispers and gazes as he entered the front hall with Long Jianfei and Duan Feng.

When Huang Xiaolong, Long Jianfei, and Duan Feng entered the front hall, they saw Tai Cheng talking to a Dragon Fish Creeds outer disciple close to the registration counter.

Judging from their demeanors, they seemed to be very close.

After noticing Huang Xiaolong, Long Jianfei, and Duan Feng entering the front hall, Tai Cheng harrumphed loudly.

“Brother Tai Cheng, whats wrong Have these three offended you” The Dragon Fish Creeds outer disciple asked with interest when he saw Tai Chengs reaction.

“Did someone in the Blue Rainbow Sacred Land have the guts to offend you”

Tai Cheng looked in Huang Xiaolongs direction with a gloomy expression and said to the Dragon Fish Creeds outer disciple, “Brother Zhou Xing, you might not be aware that these three people spoke disrespectful words about the Dragon Fish Creed right outside on the square just now.

Hence, I lightly chided them.

But instead of realizing their faults, they actually retorted and scolded my family!”

“Oh, they disrespected the Dragon Fish Creed” The Dragon Fish Creeds outer disciple Zhou Xings face turned unsightly upon hearing that, and he looked at Huang Xiaolongs group with hostility.

He asked Tai Cheng, “How were they disrespectful towards the Dragon Fish Creed”

Tai Cheng elaborated, “That brats subordinate was flattering him outside, saying that this brat could easily become the Dragon Fish Creeds young lord.

If this isnt disrespecting the Dragon Fish Creed, then what is What do they take the Dragon Fish Creed as Do they think that ignorant people like them from some remote sacred land can rise to the position of Dragon Fish Creeds young lord”

Zhou Xing frowned as he was clearly displeased.

“Did they really say that”

“Not a word of a lie!” Tai Cheng added, “All my subordinates heard it, and quite a few sacred lands experts also heard it.

If Brother Zhou Xing does not believe me, you can go and ask them and listen to what they say.”

Zhou Xing nodded and agreed, “If that is really the case, then theyve really committed the crime of disrespect!” With that said, he strode towards Huang Xiaolongs group of three.

Tai Cheng sneered inwardly and followed up.

Zhou Xing arrived in front of Huang Xiaolong, and condescendingly questioned, “Which sacred land do you belong to Ive heard from the Tai Familys Young Lord Tai Cheng that you disrespected the Dragon Fish Creed while waiting outside”

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