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Chapter 2881: Yong Luoshengs Strength

In one of the courtyards in the Blue Lotus Creed, Yin Yue sat quietly above a calm lake as her silvery hair cascaded down her shoulders.

She didnt move a single muscle as she sat on the surface of the lake.

“He might not be here in the Dragon Fish Heavenly Cave…” A trace of sadness flashed in her eyes when she thought of the possibility.

All of a sudden, Li Nan, rushed towards her in a hurry and yelled with a face full of excitement.

“Young Lady, he has appeared! He has finally appeared!”

Yin Yue stared at her in a daze, and she couldnt react instantly.

However, her expression soon thawed, and a look of disbelief replaced it.

“What… What was that! He has appeared!”

The female disciple, Li Nan, nodded her head and giggled happily.

“Yeah! Hes here! Like what you expected, he didnt leave the Dragon Fish Heavenly Cave! Moreover, hes here in the Blue Lotus Creed!”

“Young Lady, it seems like you really understand him! You managed to guess everything he did!”

Pouting slightly, Yin Yue growled in her cute voice, “Nonsense! I have no idea what youre talking about!” However, the look of joy on her face couldnt be hidden as she continued her round of questioning, “Where is he right now”

In the years that had passed, she had traveled across the lands in order to look for him.

Today, she had finally received news on his whereabouts.

“Someone said that they saw the Qilin Chariot rolling about! According to them, hes moving towards Monarc Yu Sacred Land!”

“Monarch Yu Sacred Land…” Yin Yue was slightly taken aback.

She had gone there in the past, but she didnt expect for the youngster to head over there as if he owned the place.

Her expression changed all of a sudden as she thought of something.

“Wait a minute! Didnt you say that Yong Luosheng of the Ten Swords Creed went over to Monarch Yu Sacred Land!”

Li Nan blanched when she realized what her young lady was worried about.

She hastily added, “Yeah! After we left, Young Master Yong Luosheng headed over there immediately! He should be staying around the Long Family in the Dragon Emperor Continent!”

“Lets go! Were heading over to Monarch Yu Sacred Land now!” Yin Yue leaped to her feet and before Li Nan could say anything about it, she snapped, “Hurry up!”

As soon as she spoke, her figure swayed, and she rushed into the skies.

Too scared to mess around, Li Nan followed behind her instantly.

“Young Lady, that man managed to destroy Chen Dingtian and eight half-step Dao Venerables from the Ten Sword Creed and the Dragon Fish Creed… He might not be weaker than Yong Luosheng! Even if they run into each other, he might be able to hold his own for quite some time!” Li Nan reassured her.

“Theres no need for you to worry too much about him!”

“Moreover, he will definitely be able to escape if he runs into Yong Luosheng!”

Yin Yue shook her head and sighed, “You have no idea how strong Yong Luosheng really is!”

Li Nan was stunned.

Yong Luoshengs true strength Isnt he just a mid-First Esteem Dao Venerable No matter how strong he might be, the youngster could deal with so many half step Dao Venerables at once! So, he is probably comparable to Yong Luosheng!

Even if he cant defeat Yong Luosheng, he would definitely be able to escape!

“The rumors spreading outside about Yong Luosheng having eight high-order Saint Fates is fake!” Yin Yue finally explained to Li Nan.

“Fake!” Li Nan gasped in shock.

“Young Lady, do you mean that…”

“Thats right.

Yong Luosheng has nine high-order Saint Fates!”

“What! Nine!” Li Nan didnt know how to react.

She might have already guessed when Yin Yue spoke of the matter previously, but she was still shocked.

Nine high-order Saint Fates!

She knew exactly what that meant!

“Moreover, Yong Luosheng has two dao souls!” Yin Yue continued, “He has the Dragon Emperor Dao Soul and Myriad Creation Dao Soul!”

“Dragon Emperor Dao Soul and Myriad Creation Dao Soul! How can he have two dao souls!” Since as long as anyone could remember, Yong Luosheng was said to only possess the Myriad Creation Dao Soul! Who would have thought that he would also possess the eighth-ranked Dragon Emperor Dao Soul”

Yin Yue continued, “Thats not all… His bloodline isnt that of the Heavenly Dragon.

He has the Yang Dragon Bloodline!”

“!” Li Nans eyes widened in shock.

The Heavenly Dragon Bloodline and the Yang Dragon Bloodline were both peak-ranked bloodlines, but there were differences between these peak-level bloodlines.

The Yang Dragon Bloodline was evidently stronger from Li Nans reaction, and it wasnt a simple level or two stronger.

At that instant, Li Nan finally knew why Yong Luosheng could become the leader of the ten swords in the Ten Sword Creed.

She also knew how he had managed to inherit the strongest of the ten swords, the Dragon Sword.

Yin Yues expression was somber when she continued to speak, “Yong Luosheng might display shocking combat prowess, but thats not all he has.

As such, that man is no match for him! If he runs into Yong Luosheng, he will never be able to escape!”

“He might have eleven high-order Saint Fates, but the difference in cultivation realm is too large! Hes a Fifth Resurrection Primal Ancestor, but Yong Luosheng is a First Esteem Dao Venerable! The difference between them can be said to be wider than the heavens and earth! If he reaches the Ninth Resurrection Primal Ancestor Realm, then he might be able to hold his own against Luo Yongsheng.

However…” Yin Yue shook her head silently.

She didnt need to continue for Li Nan to understand what she meant.

“Young Lady, we should head there now!” Li Nan couldnt help but panic after hearing all that.

She knew that her young lady had been looking for that young man, and she wouldnt be doing so for nothing.

Nodding her head, Yin Yue sighed, “Lets hope that were not too late…”

As Yin Yue started making her way over, there was another scene playing out in one of the creeds in the Dragon Fish Heavenly Cave.

Several dozen Dao Venerables were following closely around a chariot.

“Young Lady, if that person doesnt possess eleven high-order Saint Fates, wouldnt you have made a wasted trip down there” one of the elders around the chariot asked.

However, he was met with silence.

Sighing in his heart, he realized that there was nothing he could do to change her mind.

“Hurry up!” A voice rang from inside the chariot.

At the same time, various experts from the Dragon Fish Heavenly Cave, who received the news, rushed towards Monarch Yu Sacred Land.

For example, the personal disciple of the Blue Lotus Dao Venerable, Yang Jia, the personal disciple of the old ancestor of the Tempest Lightning Creed, Xu Xiaofeng, and the disciples of the Dragon Fish Creed.

“Ive heard that Yu Yue, Feng Yue, Yin Yue are rushing over right now!”

“No sh*t! Even the Lightning Tiger Prince is heading over!”

“How is that possible!”

“The rumors are definitely true! The rumors are going around that the young man has eleven high-order Saint Fates! His talent is said to be higher than His Highness Huang Shuai! After the Lightning Tiger Prince and the others heard it, they were extremely displeased.

They are probably rushing over to end the threat once and for all!”

Discussions flew about the lands.

The Lightning Tiger Prince was part of the strongest geniuses in the Divine Tuo Holy World, and he was a mid-First Esteem Dao Venerable!

When they heard how the Lightning Tiger Prince of the Xuanyuan Creed was heading over, numerous experts started to revel in Huang Xiaolongs misfortune.

In the past, the three moons of the Divine Tuo Holy World, Yu Yue, Feng Yue, and Yin Yue had promised to take anyone with eleven high-order Saint Fates and above as their partner! Now that someone like that had appeared, no one knew how many were waiting to kill him!

All of them were more than happy to see how the Lightning Tiger Prince dealt with him!

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