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Chapter 2892: Stopping the Xuanyuan Arrow


After seeing how the four Dao Venerables from the Xuanyuan Creed were sent flying, everyone failed to contain the shock in their hearts.

One had to know that there were two of them there who were late-Third Esteem Dao Venerables! If they worked with the other Dao Venerable, their strength would be comparable to Bi Ye! Yet, they couldnt even take a single punch from Huang Xiaolong!

Initially, they felt that Bi Ye was enough to force Huang Xiaolong to his limit.

If anyone else were to join the battle, they were confident that they could take Huang Xiaolong down.

However, they realized that their assumption couldnt be more wrong! Even the three moons of the Divine Tuo Holy World failed to hide their disbelief at the situation.

On the Xuanyuan Chariot, Xuanyuan Potian turned to stare at the frightening sight, and his expression changed.

“Hurry up and activate the formation! Use everything we have to shoot the Xuanyuan Arrow!”

“Kill him! Kill that motherf*cker!”

Xuanyuan Potian screamed in panic.

When the experts of the Xuanyuan Creed heard what he said, they complied immediately.

They sent everything they had into the eye of the formation, and a pillar of light emerged as Huang Xiaolong soared towards Xuanyuan Potian.

A ray of blinding light shot up into the skies as grand dao runes appeared around it.

As the runes slowly formed the shadow of an arrow, blinding rays of golden light filled the skies.

When everyone saw the golden arrow in the skies again, it gave off the feeling that it could pierce a hole through the nine heavens.

A terrifying aura came from it, and everyone stared at the arrow with a horrified gaze.

“Xuanyuan Arrow! Its said to be able to tear through any creature under the heavens! The moment the Xuanyuan Arrow appears, its target will not live to see another day!”

“When the Xuanyuan Dao Venerable had used the Xuanyuan Arrow in the past, he had nearly shattered the small world of a late-Ninth Esteem Dao Venerable Realm demon!”

“Unbelievable! How can a small world of a late-Ninth Esteem Dao Venerable be affected by a single arrow”

The Dao Venerables present broke out into fervent discussions the moment the arrow appeared.


Under the shocked gazes of everyone present, the Xuanyuan Arrow tore through space and appeared right in front of Huang Xiaolong.

Narrowing his eyes, Huang Xiaolong used the cosmos energy produced by both small worlds and the grand dao energy from his three great dao souls.

With the assistance of the eleven high-order Saint Fates, he revealed, a frighteningly strong power surrounded his fist as he punched the arrow.

“Young Master Huang, be careful!”

“Dodge the arrow!”

“What are you doing!”

Feng Yue, Yin Yue, and Yu Yue screamed in unison when they saw that he was planning to go head-on against the Xuanyuan Arrow.

A ball of rage filled his heart when Xuanyuan Potian heard their cries.

A malevolent smile formed on his face when he thought about how Huang Xiaolong was stupid enough to fly straight towards his death.

He could already imagine the scene where Huang Xiaolongs grand dao physique was blown up into a rain of blood and flesh, and a wave of satisfaction washed over him.


As the punch collided with the arrow, the world seemed to freeze.

Stuck in midair, the arrow didnt seem to be on the losing end.

Tearing through the cosmos energy around Huang Xiaolongs fist and grand dao energy from his dao souls, it continued on towards its target.

Huang Xiaolong sucked in a cold breath when he realized that he had underestimated the Xuanyuan Arrow.

He had already used ninety percent of his power in his attack, and even Fifth Esteem Dao Venerables would be blown away by the strength contained in his fist.

However, he didnt seem to be able to stop the arrow!

Reacting instantly, Huang Xiaolongs other punch arrived at the tip of the arrow.

This time, he activated the Huang Long Bloodline, and the power of absolute frost and blaze.

He didnt leave out the power of nirvana he wielded, and his ability of extreme poison as well.


When the arrow slammed into his other fist, the sound of metal slamming against metal could be heard as Huang Xiaolong was sent flying through the skies.

As he shot through the skies like a missle, the power contained in his second fist slammed heavily into the arrow to shatter it.

The Xuanyuan Arrow that was hailed as a godly weapon by everyone started to crack as the runes that formed it started to dissipate.

“He… He… He… He managed to destroy the Xuanyuan Arrow!”


“Did he use the power of absolute frost and absolute blaze in his final strike!”

“There seems to be two other different types of energies… They seem even stronger than the power of absolute frost and blaze! Is it really possible that he can wield four different types of peak-level energies!”

“Theres no way! Its impossible for him to control more than a single type of energy, much less four! Whatever the case, hes too reckless! How can someone like him challenge the might of the Xuanyuan Arrow Im afraid his hand has already been blown to bits!”

The energy contained in the arrow had managed to send Huang Xiaolong flying into one of the distant mountain ranges, and he was covered in a rain of stone and dust.

Yin Yue, Feng Yue, and Yu Yue turned to stare at the debris with a look of worry on their faces.

Long Jianfei and the others were equally as worried.

“Haha! Little Doggy Huang, lets see if you manage to survive!” Xuanyuan Potian roared with laughter as he failed to contain the happiness he felt.

Even though the Xuanyuan Arrow was shattered, it had managed to damage Huang Xiaolong.

From the looks of it, Huang Xiaolongs right hand should have been crippled!

He might be able to reform his hand in the future, but it would definitely be weaker than it was at its peak! After all, a newly formed arm would have to go through endless tempering in order to reach the same level it once was! As such, Huang Xiaolongs strength would be greatly affected!

“Elder Tong, do you think Young Master Huang…” Feng Yue turned to ask the high-level Dao Venerable beside her in a state of worry.

By shaking her head, Elder Tong sighed, “The Xuanyuan Arrow can pierce through any object in the world.

Even a high-grade cosmos artifact cant stand against it.

No matter how strong his grand dao physique is, its useless!”

“Wouldnt this mean…”

“Young Master Huangs right arm is definitely crippled after taking on the Xuanyuan Arrow.

In fact, the right side of his body might be shattered right now!” Elder Tong stared at the Xuanyuan Chariot with a serious expression.

“The power contained in the Xuanyuan Arrow is something you cannot imagine!”

Feng Yues expression changed.

The faces of Yin Yue and Yu Yue werent much different.

Right before the three of them could fly over to inspect Huang Xiaolongs injuries, a massive blast shook the skies as a figure appeared in midair.

With a short burst of light surrounding him, Huang Xiaolong shook off the dirt and rocks that clung to him.

Everyone turned to stare at him as though they were looking at a monster.


“He… He seems completely fine!”

His right hand looked fine, and his body was still in its perfect condition.

The only difference was that there was a small stream of golden blood flowing down his right arm.

As they looked closely at the blood dripping from the skies, they noticed that the color was purer than any blood they had seen.

Moreover, it emitted a distinct shine.

“How is this possible!” Xuanyuan Potians body froze, and he widened his eyes in disbelief.

Bi Ye and the others stared at Huang Xiaolong with a face full of terror.

The Xuanyuan Arrow was something that could shatter high-grade cosmos artifacts! However, it failed to destroy Huang Xiaolongs arm! All it managed to do was to leave a small cut on him! Wouldnt that mean that his grand dao physique was stronger than high-grade cosmos artifacts!

“Quick! Run! Leave! Lets go!” Xuanyuan Potian screamed at the members of the Xuanyuan Creed behind him.

By the time they snapped back to attention, none of them were in the mood to think of Huang Xiaolongs strength.

They activated the formation in a hurry, and they didnt bother summoning another Xuanyuan Arrow.

Instead, they focused all their energy on running away.

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