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Chapter 2905: Plan!

Seventh Resurrection Primal Ancestor Realm!

As soon as Huang Xiaolong entered the high-level Primal Ancestor Realm, his second world would be able to produce cosmos energy rivaling the first! When that happened, he wouldnt have to be afraid of Zeng Lei, the Dragon Fish branch master of the Mystical Pavilion!

Even if Zeng Lei was a late-Seventh Esteem Dao Venerable, Huang Xiaolong wouldnt be at a disadvantage when they fought!

Huang Xiaolong might not be able to defeat Zeng Lei, but neither would Zeng Lei be able to do anything to Huang Xiaolong!

Of course, there were five years till his promise.

In five years, Huang Xiaolong was confident of refining everything in the treasury to reach the high-level Primal Ancestor Realm! After all, his Huang Long Bloodline pushed his cultivation speed to a new extreme.

The only thing he had to do was to enter seclusion.

Before he could do that, there was one other thing he had to take care of.

He had promised Yin Yue and Feng Yue to take care of their business.

He had to neutralize the poison plaguing Yin Yues mother, and he had to open the Frost Eye Races treasury with Feng Yue.

Thinking about it for a second, he decided to let the two ladies know of his current predicament.

Sending a transmission symbol over, he told them that he would carry out his promises in ten years.

Of course, he only spoke of how he needed to enter seclusion.

He didnt tell them about the Mysterious Yin Treasury, and the multitude of treasures he had obtained.

Using the excuse of finding a high-grade grand dao pill, he successfully convinced them.

When they heard that he had managed to obtain a high-grade grand dao pill, they were stunned speechless.

Even in the Divine Tuo Holy World, grand dao pills werent exactly cabbages growing at the side of the street.

Even in massive auctions, low-grade grand dao pills were the best item up for grabs.

There were hardly any high-grade grand dao pills for sale.

Their replies came quickly.

Firstly, they congratulated him for obtaining hishigh-grade grand dao pill, and they subsequently promised him that time wasnt an issue.

Of course, they gave him their regards and hoped that he would become stronger after his seclusion.

They even said that he could take twenty years if ten werent enough.

Yin Yues mother was confident of suppressing the poison in her for more than a hundred years, and the matter of opening the treasury was even easier to deal with.

With the key in her hands, Feng Yue wasnt in a rush at all.

After he received their replies, Huang Xiaolong decided to enter seclusion right there in the immortal cave.

When the four Dao Venerables of the Qiao Family heard that he was planning to enter seclusion, they were slightly taken aback.

“Your Highness, the ancestor of the Qiao Family will definitely head over to check up on us if we fail to return! Its too dangerous for you to enter seclusion here!” The Third Esteem Dao Venerable, Qiao Jin, tried to dissuade Huang Xiaolong, and the others quickly chipped in to help him.

“Thats right! Your Highness, the experts of the Qiao Family might launch a crusade into the marshes!” Qiao Canghai, a Second Esteem Dao Venerable, piped up from the side.

Huang Xiaolong chuckled in amusement, “Thats the plan.

It will be for the best if all of them rush here at once!”

If they came to the immortal cave to search for him, he could save a lot of time! There wouldnt be a need to head over to the Qiao Familys headquarters!

His original intention was to subdue the Qiao Family anyway, and that included their old ancestor!

With thirteen Dao Venerables in the Qiao Family, it was a pretty strong power in the Divine Tuo Holy World.

With four of them under his command, there were nine more to go!

The four of them were stunned when they realized what Huang Xiaolongs plan was.

“Your Highness, are you planning to…” Qiao Jin stammered.

Even though he didnt state it outright, the four of them werent fools.

They knew that Huang Xiaolongs goal was the entire Qiao Family! However, his idea seemed a little too far-fetched for them to understand.

The Qiao Family was one of the superfamilies in the Scarlet Blood Heavenly Cave.

Their inheritance stretched back by god knew how many years, and their foundations were extremely stable.

Even the Scarlet Blood Creed wouldnt dare to think of controlling the entire family!

As such, the four of them were shocked when the possibility flashed through their minds.

“Thats right.” Huang Xiaolong nodded.

“When the experts of your Qiao Family arrive, Ill take them all under my command.”

The four of them saw the apprehension in each others eyes, but they realized that it was really possible for Huang Xiaolong to achieve something like that.

After all, he was strong enough to fight all the Dao Venerables head on.

Not to mention the fact that he was Huang Xiaolong, the Son of Creation!

After deciding to enter seclusion in the immortal cave, Huang Xiaolong knew that he had to take some precautions.

He personally activated the grand formation around the immortal cave and increased the strength of the defensive restrictions all around.

Since the Mysterious Yin Old Man had already laid down countless restrictions in the past, Huang Xiaolongs job wasnt too hard.

With his reinforcement, the Qiao Familys old ancestor would take more than ten years to shatter the restrictions even if he brought other Dao Venerables with him.

With the time they took to shatter the restrictions, Huang Xiaolong was confident he would be able to enter the high-level Primal Ancestor Realm.

When that happens, taking care of them would be a breeze.

Thinking about how he would have to cross the tribulation to enter the Seventh Resurrection Primal Ancestor Realm, Huang Xiaolong laid down another spatial misdirection formation.

With it, the tribulation wouldnt alarm the Nine Palace Sacred Land and alert the Boundary Emperor Creed of his presence.

Even if he did, they wouldnt be able to discover that Huang Xiaolong was the cause of the disturbance.

After telling the Immemorial Qilins and the others about his decision to enter seclusion, he brought them into the immortal cave before sealing it off from the outside world.

When he was finally done, he entered seclusion.

He brought over all the grand dao spiritual veins and chose the highest-graded ones to refine.

Half a year later, in the main hall of the Qiao Family…

“Is there still no report from Qiao Jin and the others” Qiao Sheng, the old ancestor of the family, frowned at the members of the Qiao Family standing before him.

“Yes…” someone replied respectfully.

“There isnt any news from the disciples who went with them either.”

The person who spoke was called Qiao Jiajia, and their position in the Qiao Family was high.

As a Third Esteem Dao Venerable, Qiao Jiajias strength was comparable to Qiao Jin!

A weird light flashed in Qiao Shengs eyes.

“It seems like something happened to them… Did the members of the Boundary Emperor Creed discover the cave”

“Thats not likely.

The scouts I sent out said that the experts of the Boundary Emperor Creed didnt enter the Nine Palace Sacred Land!”

“There hasnt been news of a Dao Venerable appearing there!”

Qiao Sheng fell deep into his thoughts.

“Why dont I head over personally” Qiao Jiajia hesitated for a moment before suggesting.

Qiao Sheng shook his head and decided against it.

“If the four of them ran into trouble, you wont be able to do anything by heading there alone.

Perhaps, all of them are trapped in a formation inside the immortal cave.

Im planning to head over personally to assess the situation.”

Qiao Jiajia and the others were shocked.

“Ancestor, are you really planning to head over” A Second Esteem Dao Venerable asked.

“Its too dangerous!”

“Its fine.

I have the grand dao artifact of the Qiao Family, and even if Di Ji came over personally, he wouldnt be able to stop me!” Di Ji might be a Fifth Esteem Dao Venerable, but Qiao Sheng was confident he wouldnt lose in a battle with the assistance of the Qiao Familys dao artifact.

After considering various issues, Qiao Sheng decided to bring two other Second Esteem Dao Venerables over with him.

On the day itself, three Dao Venerables left the Qiao Family for the marshes.

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