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Chapter 2910: 3 Way Split

Under their terrified gaze, Huang Xiaolong started to walk towards the members of the Qiao Family and Boundary Emperor Creed.

“Your Highness!” Long Jianfei and the others yelled in surprise.

With a single look, Huang Xiaolong sent the Dao Venerables holding down Long Jianfei and the others flying.

Their injuries werent shallow as they vomited mouthfuls of fresh blood while drawing pretty crescents through the skies.

Qiao Sheng and the others quickly took several steps back, afraid of being next.

Raising his hand yet again, Huang Xiaolong shattered the restrictions around Long Jianfei and the rest.

Warm light enveloped their bodies as they felt the strength returning to their bodies.

With excitement filling their hearts, Duan Feng and the rest rushed over to Huang Xiaolongs side.

When they arrived, Di Bai, who was sent flying preciously, finally crawled to his feet as he touched the hole in his body.

A look of terror appeared in his eyes when he looked at Huang Xiaolong.

Previously, he was suspicious about the rumors going around the Divine Tuo Holy World.

He had felt that it was impossible for the battle of the Monarch Yu Sacred Land to be true, as Huang Xiaolong was a mere Primal Ancestor! According to what he knew, it was impossible for Huang Xiaolong to send Bi Ye flying! No matter how many people had witnessed the scene, many chose to remain suspicious about the battle.

Di Bai was one of the largest skeptics, and he didnt believe that the battle had happened at all.

To him, everything was fake news, and all the reports on how Huang Xiaolong had defeated a Fourth Esteem Dao Venerable were lies.

Now that he was standing in front of the man himself, he realized that he was the delusional one! Huang Xiaolongs strength was even more frightening than the rumors made it out to be!

“Patriarch!” The experts of the Boundary Emperor ran over to Di Bai with frightened expressions stuck on their faces.

They quickly surrounded him, and the experts of the Qiao Family didnt dare to remain alone.

They huddled with the members of the Boundary Emperor Creed as though that would give them a sense of security.

After retrieving several drops of blue lotus nectar, he gave them to Duan Feng and the others under the envious gazes of Di Bai and the others.

“Patriarch Di Bai, Ancestor Qiao Sheng…” Huang Xiaolongs frosty gaze landed on them.

“Were you trying to kill me previously”

After seeing the look in his eyes, the hearts of the two Dao Venerables tensed up.

“No… No!” Qiao Sheng stammered and a thousand-watt smile formed on his face.

“Young Master Huang misunderstood! We did nothing of the sort!”

Di Bai wanted to chip in his explanation, but Huang Xiaolong interrupted him, “Are you sure Werent you planning to use your strongest strike to hit my body”

Their faces immediately flushed red.

If they said that it wasnt true, even a one-year-old wouldnt believe them!

“Qiao Sheng, do you want to know the reason behind my seclusion” Huang Xiaolong asked all of a sudden.

With question marks popping up in his mind, Qiao Sheng realized that he had thought of the exact same question previously.

He felt that there was a reason behind Huang Xiaolongs seclusion in the Mysterious Yin Immortal Cave, but he didnt think too much about it.

Now that Huang Xiaolong brought it up, a sinking feeling could be felt in his heart.

Regret overwhelmed him, and he thought about all the alternative endings that could have played out if he hadnt chosen to work with Di Bai.

If only he had chosen to retreat when Di Bai insisted on attacking the treasury…

“Thats right.

I was waiting for you,” Huang Xiaolong whispered.

“I was waiting for the members of your Qiao Family to arrive.

Its a pity only the three of you came…”

Qiao Shengs and the other Qiao Family members faces sank.

Huang Xiaolong was actually planning to move against them!

Anger welled up in their hearts, but they realized that things werent as they seemed.

Panic threatened to overwhelm them when they thought of the meaning behind his words.


At least nine Dao Venerables of the Boundary Emperor Creed had come.

The years that had passed werent wasted.”

The reactions of those from the Boundary Emperor Creed werent too different from those of the Qiao Family.

They had never thought that they would turn into someone elses target, especially with their statuses!

When they looked at the way Huang Xiaolong stared at them, a feeling of anxiousness filled their hearts.

“Young Master Huang, the Qiao Family discovered the immortal cave, and it should belong to them.

Dont you think its unfair for you to claim it all for yourself” Di Bai suppressed the fear in his heart and spoke.

“What are you trying to say” Huang Xiaolong responded with an indifferent expression.

Hesitating for a second, Di Bai continued, “We can choose to turn a blind eye to everything else, but we have to split the Tuoshen dao coins, grand dao pills, and grand dao herbs! Well split it three ways!”

Three-way split!

When Long Jianfei and the others wanted to curse at Di Bai for being so shameless, Huang Xiaolong raised his arm to stop them.

A cold chuckle left his lips.

He couldnt believe that they were stupid enough to think that they would be able to obtain a portion of the treasures when their lives were in danger.

Noticing the chill in Huang Xiaolongs gaze, Di Bai continued, “Huang Xiaolong, you might be strong, but my Boundary Emperor Creed can work with the Qiao Family! With all twelve of us present, you wont be able to fight us!”

Huang Xiaolongs previous strike was powerful, but according to Di Bais estimates, Huang Xiaolong was a mere Sixth Resurrection Primal Ancestor.

He felt that all twelve of them would be a match for Huang Xiaolong if they went all out!

“Even if we cant defeat you, well be able to make our escape.

You cant possibly trap all of us here!” Di Bai felt a sense of renewed vigor.

“As long as we leave and leak the news of the Mysterious Yin Immortal Cave, you wont be able to keep your hands on it! You wont even be able to keep a single dao coin here when the super creeds arrive!”

“If we split the treasures three ways, well all be winners!” Di Bai convinced himself with his acting and felt that there was no way Huang Xiaolong would reject his suggestion.

Huang Xiaolong couldnt contain his laughter as he looked at Di Bais confident expression.

“What are you laughing at” With his regained confidence, Di Bai couldnt understand why Huang Xiaolong was laughing at his suggestion.

“Im laughing at you, dumb*ss!” Huang Xiaolong snickered, and he moved before Di Bai could react.

As his figure blurred, he reappeared before Di Bai before the other party could scream.

By raising his arm in a panic to defend himself against Huang Xiaolong, he yelled in panic, “Attack! Everyone, take him down!”

A golden light emerged behind him and turned into phantoms of ancient emperors.

“Venerated Emperors Energy!”

Venerated emperors energy was a peak-level energy, and it was a power formed from absolute faith.

The eight Dao Venerables from the Boundary Emperor Creed didnt remain idle as they unleashed their strongest attacks on Huang Xiaolong.

Qiao Sheng hesitated for a second, but he eventually summoned his Ice Devouring Lightning Hammer.

He knew that there was no turning back now.

Twelve Dao Venerables unleashed their strongest attacks on a Primal Ancestor in the Mysterious Yin Immortal Cave, and a terrifying wave of energy swallowed Huang Xiaolong.

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