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Chapter 2925: Creation Ceremony!

The patriarchs of the Divination Creed, Moon Wolf Creed, and the others were all shocked.

Anything that could cause the world to react so violently had to be something terrifying.

When they stared at each other with solemn expressions, another disturbance came from the depths of the Divine Tuo Holy World.

With the world trembling violently, the grand dao that filled the lands started to boil.

That was right.

It boiled like water.

A wave of terror flashed through their eyes.

If they were alarmed before, they could no longer keep calm now.

All of a sudden, Huang Shuai, who was sitting among them, opened his mouth to vomit out a mouthful of golden blood.

It was clear that the changes to the grand dao forced his state of cultivation to a standstill.

Unable to properly absorb the cosmos energy coming from the ten of them, he suffered from a slight backlash.

“Oh no!”

“His Highness is in danger!”

Snapping back to reality, the ten of them quickly dispersed their cosmos energy as they focused on stabilizing Huang Shuais condition.

With the ten of them combining their powers, they managed to stop Huang Shuais injuries from getting worse.

The ten of them sighed.

However, the look on their faces was one of despair.

None of them had thought that the grand dao laws in the Divine Tuo Holy World would react so violently all of a sudden, stopping Huang Shuai from breaking through.

Since he was interrupted, stepping into the Second Esteem Dao Venerable Realm would no longer come as easily as before.

Moreover, the fluctuations in the grand dao seemed to be getting stronger and stronger.

None of them dared to pour cosmos energy into Huang Shuais body, in fear of injuring him any further.

It didnt take long for Huang Shuai to come to his senses.

His expression was as ugly as could be.

He hadnt expected his breakthrough to be interrupted at the last second, and he remained at the peak of the late-First Esteem Dao Venerable Realm.

“Patriarchs… What do you think of this” A golden light flashed through Huang Shuais eyes as he turned to stare at the ten Dao Venerables around him.

It seemed as though he could see through everything in the world, but no matter how hard he tried, he failed to find the cause of the disturbance.

All ten of them stared at each other silently.

Eventually, Bi Cheng, the Dragon Fish Dao Venerable, spoke.

“We can only wait to see what treasure is born from the world…”

“Your Highness, please rest assured that we will use everything in our power to discover what affected your cultivation.” Wu Kun, the Divination Dao Venerable, assured him.

Nodding his head slowly, Huang Shuai replied, “Ill have to trouble you guys…”

“Your Highness, this is our duty.

There is no trouble at all.” Bi Cheng and the others bowed respectfully.

In the sealed space within the Golden Sun Forest, Huang Xiaolong was covered in a rain of lightning and fire.

Terrifying beams of light bathed his body in an attempt to swallow him whole.

The lightning that slammed into him was even more terrifying than the purple lightning that had appeared during his past breakthroughs, and the fire was something the black lotus flames couldnt think of matching up to.

The weird light that enveloped him was dozens of times stronger than the light of nirvana.

If the ten patriarchs around Huang Shuai could see the scene happening in the sealed space, they would be too shocked for words.

The lightning was something that only existed in the legends.

It had only appeared during the formation of the Huang Long World, and it was dubbed the White Incineration Lightning.

It was strong enough to incinerate everything in its path, and nothing stood in its way!

The fire came from the origin, and it was named the Origin Flame!

The light that surrounded Huang Xiaolong was named the Light of Creation, and it appeared when the myriad of creatures in the Huang Long World were created in the past!

A frighteningly strong ball of three energies filled the space Huang Xiaolong was in.


As white dragons formed from the White Incineration Lightning, they slammed down towards Huang Xiaolong.

The Origin Flame and Light of Creation appeared in tandem as they crashed towards the man.

When they found their target, the Divine Tuo Holy World trembled under the impact.

The grand dao laws contained in the Divine Tuo Holy World shook once again, and a horrifying pressure descended.

The faces of everyone in the main hall of the Dragon Fish headquarters creed sank.

Bi Cheng and the others were experts who stood at the peak of the Divine Tuo Holy World, and the power they wielded was nothing to scoff at.

However, they felt weaker than an ant in the face of the crushing pressure that came from the source of the Huang Long World.

Traces of grand dao flashed through the eyes of everyone present, as they tried to locate the source of the disturbance.

Despite their strength, they were unable to peer at the monstrous origin of the fluctuations that was Huang Xiaolong himself.

Their senses told them that the disturbance came from somewhere within the Dragon Fish Heavenly Cave, but at the same time, it seemed to originate from the entire Divine Tuo Holy World.

As the trembling became stronger, the grand dao laws started to pulse with greater intensity.

Silver Shadow Dao Venerable and the others stared into the space above them with a look of fear in their eyes.

“Master… Do you think its possible for the monsters in the Outer World to create such a mess” Yin Yue muttered softly.

The demons in the Outer World had barely retreated, and no one could blame her for thinking that they were responsible for the changes.

In fact, there were tons of experts in the Divine Tuo Holy World who thought that way.

Zeng Lin shook her head and sighed softly.

“This has nothing to do with the demons.

The Divine Tuo Holy World seems to be nurturing something, causing the changes.”

“How could that be!” Yin Yue and the experts of the Silver Shadow creed yelled in terror.

“Im afraid that the heavens are about to change…” Zeng Lin stared at the skies above with a complicated expression on her face.


Yin Yue and the others had no idea what she meant, but Yin Yue quickly followed up with her question, “Master, do you mean that something in the Divine Tuo Holy World is about to change”

“With the transformation taking place, something big is bound to happen.

There are countless experts who are starting to feel the change.

The entire Divine Tuo Holy World is affected, but none of us can be sure what actually happened.”

The scene that played out in the Silver Shadow creed played out everywhere else, as Dao Venerables felt the transformation around them.

Even Ninth Esteem Dao Venerables, who hid themselves from the world, emerged to look for the reason.

The fluctuations lasted for four whole years, and at the end of the fourth year, everything went back to normal.

The trembling stopped, and the grand dao laws that were wreaking havoc went back to normal.

There were only several peak-level experts who could feel the difference in the world around them.

Despite that, they couldnt describe the change in mere words.

After everything went back tonormal, half a year passed before the Dragon Fish Creed sent out an announcement to the Divine Tuo Holy World.

“The Dragon Fish Dao Venerable, Red Fox Dao Venerable, Divination Dao Venerable… All ten super creeds will hold the Creation Ceremony in ten years! They invite all the powers in the Divine Tuo Holy World over as guests!”

The news caused the Divine Tuo Holy World to tremble once again.

Countless genesis races started to move, and so did the other creeds.

In the Boundary Emperor Creed, Long Jianfei and the rest were burning with worry.

All of them tried to contact Huang Xiaolong, but no one received a reply.

Year after year passed, and only two years remained till the start of the Creation Ceremony.

“Is there still no news from His Highness” Di Bai asked Long Jianfei and the rest.

He was extremely worried as Huang Shuai would become the young patriarch of the ten strongest creeds the moment the ceremony ended.

When that happened, the various factions would show their support for him, and it would be too late for Huang Xiaolong to do anything at that point.

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