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Chapter 294: Back to Explore Broken Tiger Rift

As Wang Hai and the city guards fled further away, Huang Xiaolong retrieved his gaze, looking at He Yunxiong, he really couldn’t figure out what about him He Yunxiong liked enough to receive him as a disciple.

He Yunxiong was one of top ten experts in the Bedlam Lands, as long as he said the words, the people who wanted to be his disciples could line a hundred miles long!

As though He Yunxiong saw through Huang Xiaolong’s doubts, he laughed lightly, “Brat, you must be puzzled about the reason I want to accept you as my disciple To be frank with you, I practice a kind of secret law that could roughly estimate a person’s talent, moreover, your character matches well with mine.”

Huang Xiaolong was nonplussed; that simple However, He Yunxiong’s secret law that could estimate a person’s talent astounded Huang Xiaolong, such techniques, admittedly, were a little terrifying.

Even if it was only a rough estimation.

He Yunxiong went on, “Brat, up to now, you haven’t cultivated over a hundred years, right Less than a hundred years and you can already defeat a peak late-Xiantian Eighth Order, this level of talent, amongst the geniuses I’ve come across, you can be considered one of the top three.”

A hundred years Huang Xiaolong smiled, if He Yunxiong knew he was only twenty-something, how would he react Most people in general, once they entered the Xiantian realm, would use some secret techniques or take certain elixirs that made them look younger than their real age.

Hence, it was difficult to guess a person’s actual age just by judging from appearances.

“How about it My words are accurate.” Seeing that Huang Xiaolong kept silent the entire time, He Yunxiong thought Huang Xiaolong acquiescence to his evaluation, smiling, he said, “Brat, for now, let’s make it a simple kowtow acceptance ceremony.

Once we return to Millennium City, I will send out the invitations for the official ceremony with top experts as witnesses, we’ll do the proper master-disciple ceremony at that time.”

When He Yunxiong assumed Huang Xiaolong would kowtow with joy, Huang Xiaolong shook his head instead, “Many thanks for Senior He’s assistance earlier, however, I have a Master.” In Huang Xiaolong’s mind, he only had one Masterㅡthe previous Asura’s Gate Sovereign, Ren Wokuang!

Though he acknowledged Shi Tianfu as Senior Brother in that trip to the Blessed Buddha Empire, those were unexpected circumstances and it was merely a title.

He Yunxiong looked stupefied for a moment, this brat actually refused him! Then he broke into a grin, he had been explaining without introducing himself to the little brat, this brat surely wasn’t aware of his identity.

“Little brat, I think you don’t know who I am, right” He Yunxiong smiled amiably, “I am He Yunxiong, Millennium City’s Castellan.” Fearing that Huang Xiaolong might still be lost, he added another sentence at the end, “One of Bedlam Lands’ top ten experts.”

Huang Xiaolong smiled helplessly at his words, “Senior He, I’m aware of this.”

It was He Yunxiong’s turn to be bewildered, frowning, he stared fixedly at Huang Xiaolong.

This little brat knew who he was, yet he still refused to worship him as Master

“Why” He Yunxiong’s voice was solemn.

Huang Xiaolong replied, “In my heart, I only one Master.”

He Yunxiong paused, “In Martial Spirit World, most of the Saint realm experts have more than one Master in their lifetime, I myself worshipped four different Masters.”

What He Yunxiong said was the general truth, in Martial Spirit World, the majority of Saint realm experts had more than one Master.

Despite that, Huang Xiaolong still shook his head and declined.

He Yunxiong looked at Huang Xiaolong, suddenly an intangible pressure burst forth from He Yunxiong’s body, enveloping Huang Xiaolong, causing the other four, Qin Yang, Lifei, Jie Dong, and Fan Encheng to pale visibly.

But, facing the pressure from He Yunxiong, Huang Xiaolong appeared calm, even as He Yunxiong gradually increased the pressure.

In the next moment, the solidified pressure from He Yunxiong retreated like the tide, vanishing.

He stared at Huang Xiaolong like a defeated rooster in a match as he smiled, saying “Little brat, since it’s like that, I shall not force you, if you ever change your mind, come look for me in Millennium City.

This is a Millennium Medallion.” Fishing out a small pendant-size medallion, he gave it to Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong received the grayish medallion inscribed with a double-headed celestial beast.

The same celestial beast on He Yunxiong’s robe.

Without another word, He Yunxiong’s hand reached out, tearing space, his body entered and disappeared from the spot in a flicker.

Keeping the Millennium Medallion into the Asura Ring, Huang Xiaolong returned to the small courtyard residence they bought with Qin Yang and the rest.

On another side, in the south section of the city, within an exquisitely decorated grand mansion, Zhao Chen was extremely sullen as he glowered at Chen Chen, who was kneeling before him.

“Garbage!” Zhao Chen kicked Chen Cheng, who was kneeling on the floor, without mercy.

A woeful scream came from Chen Cheng as he was sent tumbling to a corner of the yard.

Zhao Chen’s hands grasped at the chairs beside him, turning them into powder.

An intense sharp light glinted in Zhao Chen’s eyes, “This He Yunxiong, acting against me every time, one of these days I’m going to crush Millennium City and toy with his wives and concubines to their death!”

All the guards behind Zhao Chen lowered their heads, none dared to utter a sound.

Crush Millennium City Not even Sin City’s Castellan dared to speak of crushing Millennium City lightly.

Millennium City had existed for thousands of years, the forces within were deeply rooted, would it be so easily destroyed

Zhao Chen swirled around towards the silver-haired old man behind him, “Steward Feng, keep a tail on that Huang Xiaolong kid, once they leave the City of Myriad Gods, come report to me immediately.”

“Yes, Young Lord.” The silver-haired old man answered respectfully.

Zhao Chen nodded as a light gleamed in his eyes. ‘Little punk, as long as you come out from the City of Myriad Gods, I’ll let you know the consequences of defying my, Zhao Chen’s orders! Don’t assume just because there is He Yunxiong, that old fogey, shielding you that I won’t dare to kill you!’

As for Huang Xiaolong, he entered the Godly Mt.

Xumi upon arriving back to the courtyard.

Swallowing all three stalks of Life Soul Grass in the Xumi Temple hall, he concentrated on practicing the Ancient Puppetry Art and Soul Mandate.

Due to He Yunxiong’s intervention, Huang Xiaolong believed that Zhao Chen wouldn’t act against him in public, at least not while he was still inside the city.

Sitting cross-legged in the center of the Xumi Temple, Huang Xiaolong distinctively felt waves spreading out from his soul sea as his spiritual force gathered into a twister of energy, rotating like a violently howling storm, with strands of azure energy multiplying constantly.

Sensing this, Huang Xiaolong quickly ran the Ancient Puppetry Art and Soul Mandate to absorb this energy.

Ten days passed.

Under constant refinement, the energy inside all three stalks of Life Soul Grass was absorbed by Huang Xiaolong.

Finally, his soul sea returned to its prior calm, while in the space above his soul sea, the black and blue dragons hovered, dragons roars echoed endlessly, exuding dragon might in every direction.

At the same time Huang Xiaolong opened his eyes, the Eye of Hell of the center of his forehead opened as well and two beams of deep scarlet glow materialized like a thunderstorm.

After refining the three stalks of Life Soul Grass, Huang Xiaolong’s Ancient Puppetry Art finally broke through to the third level, greatly enhancing his spiritual force, and combined with his Eye of Hell, his spiritual attack was even more powerful than before.

Huang Xiaolong astutely felt that after this time’s practice, even his battle qi and internal force benefited.

‘It’s time to visit the Broken Tiger Rift again.’ Huang Xiaolong decided.

Huang Xiaolong had a strong feeling that the Broken Tiger Rift was the said Four Seas Mountain.

In the depth of that rift was where that Ancient God Tribe master’s dwelling was, he was as sure as he could be.

Despite his rapid increase in strength over these years, Huang Xiaolong still felt that he was too weak.

Disregarding experts like He Yunxiong, merely facing Yao Fei or Zhao Chen at his current level of strength, it would be a tough battle to fight.

Therefore, he had to break through to the Saint realm as soon as possible.


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