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Chapter 2949: Huang Xiaolong is the Son of Creation

Although Liu Xinxin was muttering under her breath, with Bi Cheng, and the others strength, how could her mutterings hide from them.

Bi Cheng and the others glared at Liu Xinxin with anger spewing from their eyes.

In an instant, the terrifying pressure nearly paralyzed Liu Xinxin.

“From today onwards, abolish Liu Xinxins Dragon Fish Creeds core disciple identity.” Dragon Fish Creed Patriarch Bi Cheng orderly icily, “Also, shes to be imprisoned for a million years without seeing daylight, and she is not allowed to see anyone or be given anything!”

Faces paled at the order.

“Master, save me!” Liu Xinxin knelt on her knees and begged Li Xue, crying miserably, “I dont dare anymore.”

Li Xue opened her mouth, but no words would come.

Liu Xinxin despaired.

Being imprisoned for a million years was not frightening, but what was frightening was that she wont see a single day of light, people, or receive anything! How lonely would that be, pushing ones sanity to the cusp of insanity

Xuanyuan Potian, Yang Jia, and the others ashened as if they had seen their own miserable ends.

As expected, before long, Xuanyuan Creed Patriarch announced the abolishment of Xuanyuna Potian.

The Xuanyuan Creeds young patriarch was going to be imprisoned for a million years!

Subsequently, the Blue Lotus Creed Patriarch also announced the abolishment of Yang Jias core disciple identity and imprisoned him for a million years!

One after another, announcements from various creeds were issued.

In short, those who had offended Huang Xiaolong didnt have any different ends than Liu Xinxin and Yang Jia.

Huang Xiaolong didnt know this because he wasnt paying attention.

After leaving the Dragon Fish Creed headquarters, he once again went to the Mystical Pavilions Dragon Fish Branch Pavilion.

He planned to enter the pill refining space one more time to refine another furnace of Broken Heavens Pill, and absorb the remaining God of Creation Huang Longs blood essence!

Now that his identity as the Son of Creation had been exposed, he needed to strive to improve his strength.

The stronger he was, the safer he would be.

If it wasnt for the Huang Long Armor, hed have been severely injured by that mysterious assassin.

Huang Xiaolongs heart palpitated after recalling the scene.

If he could advance to a high-level Dao Venerable Realm, even without the Huang Long Armors protection, powerful as that persons attack could be, that person wouldnt be able to kill him.

Of course, Huang Xiaolong traveled covertly to the Mystical Dragon Fish Branch Pavilion.

Other than Zeng Lei, Zhang Wen, and a few people, no one knew of Huang Xiaolongs arrival.

Upon entering the pill refining space, Huang Xiaolong took out the Sun Moon Furnace.

But before he entered the Sun Moon Furnaces inner space to cultivate, Huang Xiaolong decided to completely refine the Sun Moon Furnace.

Although this could delay it a lot, the effect of cultivating inside a fully refined furnace would be greater.

Several years later, Huang Xiaolong fully refined the Sun Moon Furnace and entered the inner world to cultivate.

First, he took out the twenty-eight pellets of Broken Heavens Pill.

Huang Xiaolong intended to refine all twenty-eight Broken Heavens Pills in one go and borrow this chance to step into Second Esteem Dao Venerable Realm.

Twenty-eight pellets Broken Heavens Pills were suspended above Huang Xiaolongs head, and Huang Xiaolong began circulating the Grandmist Parasitic Medium.

After refining more than thirty strands of Absolute Origin Qi, Huang Xiaolongs Grandmist Parasitic Medium had successfully entered the thirteenth stage.

Under the Grandmist Parasitic Mediums urgings, roiling medicinal energy from all twenty-eight Broken Heavens Pill rushed towards Huang Xiaolong, entering his body from his head.

These Broken Heavens Pills were genesis-level pills, and even though they were merely low-grade genesis pills, their efficacy was more potent than the Immemorial Dao Pill and the likes, as they couldnt compare to them.

Merely one pellet of Broken Heavens Pills medicinal energy was equivalent to several hundred thousand Immemorial Dao Pill.

This was the amazing fact about a genesis-level pill.

The energy inside one Broken Heavens Pill was that overwhelming, so one could imagine how startling the energy from twenty-eight Broken Heavens Pills would be.

Twenty-eight pills medicinal energy was akin to twenty-eight giant waterfalls rushing into Huang Xiaolongs body at the same time, galloping at high speed.

Even Huang Xiaolongs Dao Body of Heaven and Earth was trembling from the impact.

But Huang Xiaolong ignored these, and no matter how violently the medicinal energy galloped through his body, he persistently circulated the Grandmist Parasitc Medium.

The twenty-eight Broken Heavens Pills medicinal energy also flowed into his three small worlds, three dao souls, Huang Long Bloodline, and an inextinguishable dao heart, tempering every inch of his body.

Even his hair was tempered repeatedly by the Broken Heaven Pills medicinal energy.

This genesis pill was refined with one hundred and eight kinds of genesis spiritual herbs.

After the impurities were removed by Huang Xiaolong with his absolute blaze and nirvana flames, the medicinal efficacy was brought to the maximum.

Huang Xiaolong felt more comfortable each time he absorbed a strand of the medicinal energy.

Huang Xiaolong was entirely enveloped by the Broken Heavens Pills medicinal energy, as if he was soaked in an ocean of genesis qi.

His Huang Long Bloodline glowed a bright golden, a kind of glow that transcended this world.

Unknowingly, Huang Xiaolong seemed to have returned to the time of world creation.

Images of grand daos and the beginning of heaven and earths formation flashed in Huang Xiaolongs mind, and his three dao souls seemed to glimmer in resonance as they underwent a transformation.

Huang Xiaolongs late-First Esteem Dao Venerable Realm cultivation had been rising steadily, and soon it reached the peak late-First Esteem Dao Venerable.

While Huang Xiaolong was refining genesis pills, Zeng Lei, Zhang Wen, and the others waited outside the Sun Moon Furnace.

Like before, they channeled their small worlds power to Huang Xiaolong through the Sun Moon Furnace.

Although several years had passed in the outside world, what had happened two days before the Dragon Fish Creeds highly publicized Creation Ceremony had become increasingly exaggerated out of proportions as it was passed from people to people.

On this day, Yi Beixing, the patriarch of Blue Heaven Creed, a creed located on the remote boundary of Divine Tuo Holy World, as well as the creeds Old Ancestor Wang Jin, and Yu Gui, were welcoming very important guest.

Yi Beixing had come to know this important guest, who was a Seventh Esteem Dao Venerable, by chance.

Finally, as the three looked forward to this important guests arrival, a spirited middle-aged man arriving on a Horned Tiger was seen flying over from the horizon.

The three immediately straightened their backs and hurried forward to welcome him.

“Lord Yang Wei!” Yi Beixing and the other two greeted him respectfully.

The middle-aged man nodded with a smile as he alighted under the threes respectful invitation.

They then proceeded to the Blue Heaven Creed headquarters main hall.

The middle-aged man Yang Wei was seated in the center seat, while the three took the seats further down.

After a few rounds of wine and small talk, Yang Wei brought up the Dragon Fish Creeds Creation Ceremony.

When he mentioned that the Son of Creation was actually Huang Xiaolong, who possessed three dao souls, twelve high-order Saint Fates, and three worlds powers, and he had defeated the fake Son of Creation Huang Shuai, Yi Beixing, Wang Jin, and Yu Gui quivered with excitement.

“Lord Yang Wei, did you say the Son of Creations name is Huang Xiaolong” Yi Beixing asked doubtfully as he could hardly control his body from shaking.

Because the Blue Heaven Creed was located at the remote edge of Divine Tuo Holy World, and Yi Beixing rarely went out in recent years, he didnt know about the Creation Ceremony.

Though Yi Beixing, Wang Jin, and Yu Guis reactions seemed strange to Yang Wei, he nodded and confirmed, “Thats right, the real Son of Creation is called Huang Xiaolong.

Tsk, tsk, you dont know, I was there when His Highness Huang Xiaolong revealed his twelve high-order Saint Fates, and his three worlds power.

My legs weakened from fear!”

When Yang Wei raised his head, Yi Beixing, Wang Jin, and Yu Gui had fallen off their chairs to the floor, muttering to themselves, “Huang Xiaolong… is the Son of Creation!”

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