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Chapter 2951: Sun Moon Creeds Pill Refining Technique

Traversing Wind Heavenly Cave.

Inside a certain creeds sacred land, Feng Yue stared at the Eye of Frost in her left palm that was emitting an icy glow and emitted a low sigh.

The old woman, Elder Tong, saw her low mood and hesitated before stepping forward, and she said, “Young Lady, almost a hundred years have passed.

Why dont we try asking another person to help His Highness Huang Xiaolongs identity is too noble, he has probably forgotten his appointment with you.”

Feng Yue shook her head in refusal, “Lets wait a while longer.”

She had naturally thought of finding another person to cooperate with her, but one required the power of absolute frost to use the Eye of Frost, and there were only a handful of people who had comprehended the power of absolute frost in the entire Divine Tuo Holy World.

Those old monsters were harder to invite and untrustworthy.

Although her association with Huang Xiaolong was limited, she trusted him.

This was a kind of feeling.

“Never had I imagined that His Highness Huang Xiaolong is actually the Son of Creation.” As she spoke of this, a complicated feeling flashed across Elder Tongs face.

Hearing that, Feng Yue showed a similar expression.

Yes ah, it probably never occurred to anyone.

She hadnt planned to attend the Creation Ceremony.

Hence she wasnt there at that time, and she had missed the battle between Huang Xiaolong and Huang Shuai.

When various experts spread details of the battle later, she was dumbfounded for a long time.

It blew everyones mind that Huang Xiaolong was the Son of Creation, and Huang Shuai was a fake!

After the battle of the Creation Ceremony, everyone turned to them, the three moons, who had the vow of becoming dao companions with someone who had eleven high-order Saint Fates as an excuse.

They clamored for all three of them to marry His Highness Huang Xiaolong.

They put it out in an extremely vulgar way, saying that one dragon would be tackling three moons.

When Huang Xiaolong had first revealed that he had eleven high-order Saint Fates, various top-tier creeds disciples had hated and targeted him out of jealousy, but when they learned Huang Xiaolong was the Son of Creation, everyone righteously wished the three moons to marry Huang Xiaolong together.

Every time she heard this kind of rumors, Feng Yue would feel extremely complicated, and she recalled the sight of Huang Xiaolong sending the leader of the ten swords, Yong Luosheng, flying with one punch in the Monarch Yu Sacred Land battle.

She also remembered how he had kicked off one of the two tigers, Xuanyuan Potian.

She also remembered the appointment she had made with Huang Xiaolong at the Dragon Emperor Manor to open the Frost Eye Races treasury.

It was at this time, Feng Yues communication symbol shook, pulling her wandering thoughts back to reality.

She took out her communication symbol, and with one look, joy beamed from her beautiful face, and her eyes sparkled.

“Young Lady, you..” Elder Tong was curious.

“Its His Highness.

His Highness sent a message,” Feng Yue explained excitedly.

His Highness Elder Tong seemed even more baffled, but reacted almost immediately.

Feng Yue was referring to Huang Xiaolong, but she acted confused and asked deliberately, “Young Lady, which His Highness are you talking about”

Feng Yue spotted Elder Tongs meaningful gaze and glared coquettishly at her.

“Elder Tong, even you are making fun of me.”

Elder Tong chuckled and protested, “I wouldnt dare to make fun of Young Lady, but I really dont know whichHis Highness Your Lady is talking about.”

Feng Yue was full of smiles.

“I dont believe you dont know who I am talking about, hmph.

Its His Highness Huang Xiaolong who sent a message.

He said that he would open the Frost Eye Races treasury with us, and he also asked when were free to go.”

“Then, how did Young Lady reply to His Highness Huang Xiaolong” Elder Tong asked smilingly.

“Oh right, I still havent replied to him.

So much time has passed.

His Highness Huang Xiaolong wont be impatient, right” Feng Yue quickly replied after saying so.

Upon watching Feng Yues excited and flustered expression, and her shining eyes, Elder Tong shook her head inwardly as she wasnt sure whether to be happy about this or not.

From the time Huang Xiaolong sent the message until now, it hadnt been a minute.

Then, how could he be anxious from waiting

However, she had watched the young lady grow up, and it was rare to see her nervous about a man.

Perhaps, this is a good thing, she thought inwardly.

A while later, Huang Xiaolong and Feng Yue set the time and place to meet up.

They decided to meet two months later at a sacred land in the Immortal Creed.

After finalizing the time and place with Huang Xiaolong, Feng Yue immediately had Elder Tong prepare many things as if afraid that she would leave behind something important.

“Young Lady, we have two months to prepare.

Why are you in such a hurry” Elder Tong found it funny.

But Feng Yue shook her head, “Elder Tong, you might not be aware, but the way to Immortal Creed is not very safe.

There are a lot of bandits and robbers.

If we encounter a problem on the way, it might delay us significantly.

So, we should set off as soon as possible and arrive at the Immortal Creed early, so His Highness wouldnt have to wait for us.”

Elder Tong was speechless.

He felt a strong impulse to give the young lady a knock on the head because even if there were bandits along the way, which bandits would dare to trouble them Would they be that tired of living

On another side, after determining the time and place with Feng Yue, Huang Xiaolong, who was at the Dragon Fish Creeds Mystical Pavillion, began to delve into pill refining.

After he had fully refined the Sun Moon Furnace, Huang Xiaolong had obtained some memories of the Sun Moon Creeds various pill refining techniques and various pills recipes.

Amongst them were several kinds of grand dao pills recipes, and there were also genesis pills recipes! There were three genesis pills recipes!

It was deserving of the Sun Moon Creeds reputation in the Divine Tuo Holy World in the dao of pills.

Top-tier creeds like the Dragon Fish Creed would only have a few grand dao pills recipes, and it was definitely not more than ten.

Yet, the Sun Moon Creed had several hundreds of recipes!

Needless to say, it was extremely difficult to find recipes for genesis level pills, even so, the Sun Moon Creed had three recipes.

After coming to the holy world, Huang Xiaolong had rarely refined pills anymore.

Though he had not practiced much, his foundation was still there.

Therefore, studying the Sun Moon Creeds refining techniques was not difficult for him.

As he delved deeper, it opened a new door for him.

The Sun Moon Creeds pill refining techniques brought Huang Xiaolong a new understanding and comprehension of the grand dao.

He saw everything in a new light, and gained a better understanding of himself.

At the same time, Huang Xiaolong discovered how childish his old techniques were, just like an infant learning how to walk.

The Sun Moon Creeds techniques encompassed studies into various array formations.

Thus, while studying the pill refining techniques, Huang Xiaolongs knowledge of array formations also expanded.

Unknowingly, a month passed.

Huang Xiaolong only came about when Zeng Lei reminded him, and only then did he set off to the Immortal Creed.

Huang Xiaolongs ride was a chariot pulled by two Sixth Esteem Dao Venerable Realm fierce beasts.

He had encountered and subjugated these two Sixth Esteem Dao Venerable Realm fierce beasts in the Golden Sun Forest, whereas the chariot was forged by Zeng Lei and the others while he was in seclusion refining the Broken Heavens Pills and Huang Longs blood essence.

All materials used were dao grade ores and irons.

Dao runes and dao formation inscribed on the chariots body were more profound than the ones on the Qilin Chariot.

The space inside the chariot was also bigger than the Qilin Chariots.

With the two fierce beasts pulling the chariot, Huang Xiaolong didnt need to bother with anything, and he continued to study the Sun Moon Creeds pill refining techniques inside the chariots space.

A month later, on the day he and Feng Yue had agreed to meet, Huang Xiaolong arrived at the agreed meeting place.

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