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Chapter 2956: Bloodline Transfer

With that said, Ancestor Xuans palm grabbed Elder Tong across space and pulled her out of the group.

“Elder Tong!” Feng Yue shouted angrily, “Stop it!”

Her adrenalin gushed, and she was ready to leap out and save Elder Tong, but she was easily pinned in place by Bing Juns palm.

“Young Lady Feng Yue, I advise you not to make reckless moves,” Bing Jun said, full of smiles, “Shell only be more miserable if you move unnecessarily!” He clearly meant Elder Tong.

Feng Yue fell into a dilemma, and in the end, she stood still.

Other Traversing Wind Creeds experts also stopped struggling, except for glaring at the other side fiercely, there was nothing they could do.

Two icy blue beams suddenly shot out from Ancestor Xuans pupils, slamming straight into Elder Tongs eyes.

Elder Tong screamed miserably, and blood gushed out of her eyes.

“Elder Tong!”

Feng Yue and the others cried out anxiously and tried to rush forward.

Feng Yues group had just moved, and they were sent flying with a palm from Ancestor Xuan.

Maybe it was due to Bing Juns face, Feng Yues injuries were the lightest amongst them, while the others vomited blood.

A Dao Venerables dao physique was indestructible, but the several Traversing Wind Creeds Dao Venerables chests caved in from that palm strike just now.

Feng Yues face paled.

The snowy-browed old mans strength was far above her estimate.

Bing Jun was paying attention to Feng Yues expression.

He smiled and spoke as if they were old friends conversing, “Young Lady Feng Yue, I dont mind telling you, Ancestor Xuan is a peak late-Ninth Esteem Dao Venerable expert, and he is even a bit stronger than your master.

So, I kindly advise you not to make any futile efforts!”

Peak late-Ninth Esteem Dao Venerable!

That crushed the small ray of hope that Feng Yue and the Traversing Wind Creeds experts were holding on to.

At the same time, Feng Yue was worried about Huang Xiaolong.

A while later, Ancestor Xuan retrieved the two beams of light and threw Elder Feng back to Feng Yues side.

Blood continued to gush out from Elder Tongs eye sockets.

Feng Yue was heartbroken and incensed.

Elder Tong had watched her grow up and protected her.

To Feng Yue, Elder Tong was her dearest elder.

At this time, she heard the old man report to Bing Jun, “The person who came in with this Traversing Wind Creeds group is Huang Xiaolong!”

Bing Jun and other Frost Eye Races experts in his group were astonished, “Huang Xiaolong!”

“Ancestor Xuan, you mean the Son of Creation, Huang Xiaolong!” Bing Jun asked in shock.

Although the Frost Eye Race had lived in seclusion for many years, they had heard about what had happened at the Creation Ceremony.

Ancestor Xuan nodded in affirmation, “Thats right, its that Son of Creation Huang Xiaolong! His snowy brows wrinkled subconsciously.

It would have been better if it was someone else, but Huang Xiaolongs identity was too sensitive.

The Son of Creation!

Just thinking of this identity made his heart feel heavy despite being a peak late-Ninth Esteem Dao Venerable expert.

If word were to leak out that they had attacked the Son of Creation, dont mention returning to previous glory, the Frost Eye Race would be facing the catastrophe of genocide, and they would be truly exterminated, instead of being dealt with a severe blow like the last time.

After hearing Ancestor Xuans confirmation that it was the Son of Creation Huang Xiaolong, none of the Frost Eye Races experts said a word.

A light flickered across Bing Juns eyes as he asked, “Do they know where Huang Xiaolong is”

“No,” Ancestor Xuan shook his head, “Huang Xiaolong separated from them shortly after entering this space, and he went off in a different direction from them.

But he and Feng Yue made a promise to regroup at the entrance in three years, and go out together.”

“Oh,” Bing Juns eyes shone with joy.

“Bing Jun, dont tell me you plan to…” Noticing the change in Bing Juns eyes, Ancestor Xuan was baffled for a second.

“You want to capture Huang Xiaolong as well”

Bing Jun laughed loudly, “Ancestor Xuan, if we capture Huang Xiaolong, we can use the bloodline transfer method of our race to transfer his Huang Long Bloodline into my body.

What would happen then”

Everyone was frightened by his daring idea.

This idea was insane.

Then again, the Frost Eye Race indeed had a secret method of transferring ones bloodline to another, and it was a powerful method too.

Ancestor Xuan was a little tempted, but also hesitant, “Although the secret method of their race had records of successfully transferring others bloodline, the chances werent high.

There was only a thirty percent chance.

Moreover, Huang Xiaolongs bloodline was the Huang Long Bloodline, and the bloodline transfer difficulty was higher than others.

At most, there is only a ten percent chance of success.”

The Frost Eye Races bloodline transfer method was heaven defying, but it was also limited by the level of the bloodline itself.

The higher the bloodline, the harder it was to transfer it.

Generally, peak level bloodlines had a thirty percent chance of success, and Huang Xiaolongs Huang Long Bloodline, was only ten percent, at most.

Bing Jun merely laughed, “Though there is only ten percent chance, what if, what if I succeeded If I succeed, regaining our past glory wont be difficult and going higher wont be difficult.

We could even rule the world.

Then, the Holy Dragon Race and Heavenly Phoenix Race wont even stand a chance against us.

They would have to prostrate under our Frost Eye Races feet!”

The more Bing Jun talked, the more excited he became as if he could already see the scene where he stood on top, and others protrasted before him.

“Also, Huang Xiaolong has the Huang Long Armor on him, hasnt he” Bing Jun went on excitedly, “Even if we fail to transfer the Huang Long Bloodline, as long as the Huang Long Armor falls in our hands, we can defeat all our enemies!”

“But, Young Patriarch Bing Jun, if word of this spreads, we…” One of the Frost Eye Races experts still couldnt let go.

Bing Jun sneered, “Other than them here, no one else knows Huang Xiaolong is going to be in our hands!”

Feng Yue paled, as those words clearly meant kill to silence them!

Even if they wont be able to destroy their dao souls, there were many ways to imprison their dao souls, and they would never see the light of day again.

Ancestor Xuan was still hesitant to agree to the plan.

Bing Jun continued to convince him, “Ancestor Xuan, didnt you always tell us that people who achieve great things will not entangle themselves with trifling matters This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for us, and if we miss this, well regret it! Moreover, dealing with Huang Xiaolong is easy for you, so nothing can go wrong!”

“Alright!” A decisive light gleamed in Ancestor Xuans eyes as he agreed finally, nodding his head.

Still, it wont be easy to find Huang Xiaolong in this vast space, so the best method was to wait for Huang Xiaolong to appear at the three-year appointed time at the entrance to leave with Feng Yue.

With Feng Yues group under control, Bing Jun looked at the ice-colored holy staff suspended in the hall!

This holy staff was the Frost Eye Races guardian artifact.

Just like the Holy Dragon Races Holy Dragon Blade, and the Heavenly Phoenix Races Phoenix Zither, it was one of the Divine Tuo Holy Worlds ten famous cosmos artifacts!

Ten great cosmos artifacts were only second to creation level artifacts!

In a flicker, he arrived in front of the holy staff and reached out slowly.


In the blink of an eye, two years went by.

Under the ice-lightning waterfall, lightning dragons swam around Huang Xiaolong.

The ice-lightning waterfall had weakened significantly compared to the time Huang Xiaolong had first stepped in.

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