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Chapter 2970: The Heart Devourer Twin Devils Were Defeated!

When absolute frost power was infinitely close to perfection, it exploded out from Huang Xiaolongs fist.

Icy blue rays lit up the sky.

The sinister darkness and blood-thirsty environment that seemed to have swallowed up the Levitating Sacred Land saw light again.

The icy blue light was extremely radiant blue, and it contained coldness that reached the extreme.

It was so captivating and astounding.

Zizzi-la! A piercing, sharp noise thundered.

The icy rays of blue light shot forward and penetrated through the two enormous devil claws.

The two enormous devils claws were instantly frozen into ice, turning icy blue, and fixed to the air, while continuing forward.

Every strand of devil qi and bloodthirsty aura it passed were all frozen in the air.


The absolute power of frost hit the Heart Devourer Twin Devils and then Eternal Devil Hearts blood world boundary, shattering the world boundarys barrier, and it hit the Eternal Devil Heart despite its vigorous devil qi and roiling murderous aura that continuously spewed out from the Eternal Devil Heart.

This was the terror of peak major completion absolute frost power!

Even a late-Ninth Esteem Dao Venerable had no courage to face the Heart Devourer Twin Devils full force attack that was enhanced by the Eternal Devil Heart, yet Huang Xiaolongs absolute frost power successfully froze and sealed the Eternal Devil Hearts energy entirely!


The moment the Heart Devourer Twin Devils were blasted off their feet, the Eternal Devil Heart was also blasted away by Huang Xiaolongs absolute frost power! And with them, there were the pieces of shattered blood world boundary.

From the Eternal Devil Heart came ten thousand different hair-raising shrieks, as if there were ten thousand experts inextinguishable dao hearts screaming in pain.

The Heart Devourer Twin Devils crashed to the ground, and their bodies got half-buried in the land.

At the same time, the Eternal Devil Heart turned into a streak of blood light and escaped into the vast starry sky.

Huang Xiaolong watched the Eternal Devil Heart flee without any intention of chasing after it.

In his attack just now, he had already marked the Eternal Devil Heart with a trace of his aura, and he had ample time in the future to locate the Eternal Devil Heart, and devour it!

To others, the Eternal Devil Heart was a nefarious existence, but to Huang Xiaolong who possessed absolute powers and Huang Long Bloodline, the Eternal Devil Heart was a rare supplement that was as potent as the Fruit of Beginning.

Huang Xiaolongs palms reached out and grabbed the Heart Devourer Twin Devils from across the air.

The surface of their bodies was covered with layers of absolute frost power, yet Huang Xiaolong could sense that both of them were still struggling and it was only a matter of time before they broke out from the ice.

Huang Xiaolong sneered.

Without the Eternal Devil Heart, the Heart Devourer Twin Devils still dream of escaping

Huang Xiaolong struck his palms against their chests all of a sudden, and the terrifying power of nirvana passed through the layer of absolute frost and hit the Heart Devourer Twin Devils.

Muffled screams came from under the ice.

Amongst the legendary thirteen kinds of absolute powers, the power of nirvana ranked above the power of absolute frost, therefore, even though Huang Xiaolong has merely reached major completion with his power of nirvana, its lethality was not worse than the power of absolute frost.

Huang Xiaolong struck the Heart Devourer Twin Devils several times with the power of nirvana, then completely sealed their cultivation before throwing them into the dragon pearl.

From the time Huang Xiaolong defeated the Heart Devourer Twin Devils and the Eternal Devil Heart made a run for it until Huang Xiaolong sealed the Twin Devils, only a dozen breaths had passed.

Everything happened too fast, and the result was too mind-blowing that it broke many experts fragile spirits, shaking their souls to the core.

Huang Xiaolong turned around and walked towards Yan Bubis group.

Seeing Huang Xiaolong return, Yan Bubi, Liu Ran, Qiu Ruopeng, and the rest were jolted out from their shock, and the consequences of coming to their senses were uncontrollable trembling as if they were being bitten by super big fleas.

“Your Highness Huang Xiaolong, we were wrong!” Liu Ran suddenly fell to his knees to everyones astonishment.

Seeing Liu Ran fall to his knees, Yan Bubi, Qiu Ruopeng, and the others immediately caught on and emulated Liu Ran, falling to their knees and admitting their mistakes.

In a single step, Huang Xiaolong was already back in the Dragon Fish City, standing in front of them.

He shook his head without any emotion, “No, youre not wrong, the fault is mine!”

His palms struck down before Liu Ran, Qiu Ruopeng, and the others baffled and bewildered eyes, squashing their bodies to the ground, leaving splatters of flesh and blood.

Huang Xiaolong familiarly threw these peoples dao souls into the dragon pearl, as well as the hiding dao souls of those he had destroyed earlier.

All around was eerily quiet as Huang Xiaolong did all these.

Huang Xiaolong narrowed his eyes and saw the many experts who coveted the Tree of Beginning, watching in hiding.

When these experts felt Huang Xiaolongs gaze, it was as if Huang Xiaolong had seen through them.

“Who else wants the Tree of Beginning, step out!” Huang Xiaolong spoke in a tepid tone that was neither loud nor soft, yet everyones hearts tightened nervously and no one dared to take a step forward or back.

Huang Xiaolong must be joking, even the mid-Ninth Esteem Dao Venerable Heart Devourer Twin Devils backed by the Eternal Devil Heart were no match against Huang Xiaolong, much less them

Even those late-Ninth Esteem Dao Venerables watching in hiding dared not show their faces at this moment.

In truth, nine out of ten of them were so nervous that they dared not move a finger, praying incessantly in their hearts for Huang Xiaolong not to target them.

“I know many amongst you were involved with Cangqiong Sacred Lands incident, whoever of you that has attacked Cangqiong Holy Land, or killed a Cangqiong Holy Lands disciple, step out now,” Huang Xiaolong went on icily, “If you step out now, I will only kill you, otherwise, I will destroy the creed youre in and your families!”

Everyone held their breaths.

Those who had participated in the destruction of Cangqiong Sacred Land were shaking, a few of them even fainted from extreme nervousness and fear.

Seconds passed, and finally, a middle-aged man clad in the robe of a creed patriarch walked out and knelt before Huang Xiaolong, “I am Crimson Frost Creeds patriarch, please forgive me, Your Highness, I was confused for a moment, and taken in by Poison Bodach, and Sword Veenerables temptation.

Your Highness, please have mercy!”

Just as the middle-aged man finished, Huang Xiaolong burst his body with a swift palm strike, then threw his dao soul into the dragon pearl.

“Who else” Huang Xiaolongs icy gaze swept over the crowd…

This time, no one walked out for a long time.

Huang Xiaolong ran out of patience, “Very good, I will have people check everyone that participated, and I will personally come knocking at your doors!”

Fleeting panic left some experts hiding amongst the crowds drained of blood.

In a flicker, Huang Xiaolong disappeared from the street.

He headed to the Blue Lotus Creeds Blue Lotus Pond.

When he chose the Dragon Fish Heavenly Cave as the location of his seclusion, he had planned to enter the Blue Lotus Pond again.

The last time, there was only a single stalk of seven-seeded blue lotus among the eighteen stalks he had found!

His goal this time was finding eight-seeded and nine-seeded blue lotuses!

But his ultimate goal was the supreme ten-seeded blue lotus!

While Huang Xiaolong made his way to the Blue Lotus Pond, his feat in the Dragon Fish City, having destroyed Yan Bubi, Liu Ran, Qiu Ruopeng, and thirty-plus others, including the Heart Devourer Twin Devils, sent the world reeling in terror!

When Poison Bodach, Sword Venerable, the Nine-headed Tree Demon, and others got the news, they were just as shocked as everyone else.

“Even the Heart Devourer Twin Devils were defeated!”

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