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Chapter 2971: Besieged at the Blue Lotus Pond

“This, this news, can it be fake!” The Nine-headed Tree Demon blurted out.

This was his first thought when he heard the news.

He couldnt believe that Huang Xiaolong was capable of defeating the Heart Devourer Twin Devils!!

Poison Bodach glanced at him, and his obsidian black eyes resembled two abyss of darkness, “The news has spread, and many experts were on scene and they witnessed everything with their own eyes how the Heart Devourer Twin Devils were defeated.

On top of that, my sons and your disciples bodies were destroyed by Huang Xiaolong, and their dao souls are still in Huang Xiaolongs hands!”

Sword Venerable, Nine-headed Tree Demon, Stonemen Races patriarch, Darkness Demon Creed Patriarch, Devouring Sun Creed Patriarch, and others listened with unsightly expressions on their faces.

Although Huang Xiaolong had defeated Huang Shuai and had shown battle strength comparable to a Seventh Esteem Dao Venerable at the time of the Creation Ceremony, none of them were concerned by that, and they didnt think there was anything to worry about.

They could easily capture or torture Huang Xiaolong half to death with a wave of a palm!

It never occurred to any of them that Huang Xiaolong would grow and reach this stage so fast!

Even the Heart Devourer Twin Devils with the Eternal Devil Heart were no match against Huang Xiaolong!

In that sense, didnt that mean that Huang Xiaolongs current combat power could compare with any one of them there

Sword Venerables eyes flickered as if there were sword lights in his eyes.

“At the time of the Creation Ceremony, Huang Xiaolongs cultivation was merely at the late of First Esteem Dao Venerable Realm.

Merely three hundred years have passed.

How did he take such a big leap and advance to peak early Fifth Esteem Dao Venerable Realm”

He advanced from late-First Esteem Dao Venerable to peak early Fifth Esteem Dao Venerable in a short three hundred years!

This was unheard of! Furthermore, Huang Xiaolongs battle strength was comparable to any one of them now!

Which one of them wasnt an existence that had been cultivating for several billion of years Which of them hadnt gone through various experiences, and life and death ordeals to obtain resources for their cultivation to reach where they were today What about Huang Xiaolong!

The Stonemen Race Patriarch Shi Dan spoke solemnly, “Huang Xiaolong must have gotten resources for his big leap in cultivation.

I think its likely to be related to the Tree of Beginning!”

Poison Bodach, Sword Venerable, Nine-headed Tree Demon, and the others eyes lit up.

“Patriarch Shi Dan is saying that Huang Xiaolong was able to raise his cultivation so fast because of the Tree of Beginning and Fruit of Beginning” The Inferno Race Patriarch Yan Tianyang responded, his brows wrinkled slightly as he went on, “Although the Tree of Beginning and Fruit of Beginning have amazing effects, it wont be to this extent, right”

There was a strong doubt in his voice.

As he had said, he highly doubted that Huang Xiaolongs big leap in cultivation was related to the Tree of Beginning and Fruit of Beginning, and there wasnt anything in this world that possessed that kind of heaven-defying effect.

But Poison Bodach disagreed, “Patriarch Shi Dans guess might not be unreasonable.

Perhaps, the Tree of Beginning and Fruit of Beginning have other amazing effects that we dont know about.

Legend has it that one could gain the Beginning Dao Physique if cultivating under the Tree of Beginning for a prolonged period.

Moreover, it could improve ones bloodline to the highest extent!”

“As unbelievable as this sounds, but it is a fact that Huang Xiaolong has broken through to peak early Fifth Esteem Dao Venerable Realm, and many experts attested to this.

During the time Huang Xiaolong disappeared after obtaining the Tree of Beginning, he most likely entered seclusion to refine the Fruits of Beginning!”

Others exchanged glances amongst themselves, hearing this.

If the source was really the Tree of Beginning and Fruit of Beginning, then…!

A burning desire roused in the Sword Venerables, Nine-headed Tree Demons, and others chests.

They had to get the Tree of Beginning no matter what!

“Have we found where Huang Xiaolong is now” Sword Venerable asked.

“It is said that he entered the Blue Lotus Pond after leaving Mystical Pavilions Dragon Fish Branch!” One of the creeds patriarch replied.

Poison Bodach let out a cold sneer, “It looks like that brat wants to look for blue lotuses.

Huang Xiaolong ah Huang Xiaolong.

Since you went inside the Blue Lotus Pond, theres no need to come out!” With that said, he rose from his seat and disappeared with the sounds of whistling winds in the next second.

“Go, to the Blue Lotus Pond!”

The blood feud with Huang Xiaolong had been formed.

Naturally, they couldnt let Huang Xiaolong leave again this time.

They would not give Huang Xiaolong more time to grow stronger!

Huang Xiaolong was only a peak early Fifth Esteem Dao Venerable, and he already possessed battle strength that made them nervous.

If Huang Xiaolong entered Ninth Esteem Dao Venerable Realm, the ones losing their lives would be them!

Sword Venerable, the Nine-headed Tree Demon, Stonemen Race Patriarch, and the rest also rushed to Blue Lotus Pond.

“That old man Bi Cheng, and those people are probably rushing to the Blue Lotus Pond as well.

With them on Huang Xiaolongs side, it wont be easy for us to capture Huang Xiaolong!” On the way, the Sword Venerable said to Poison Bodach.

Although the alliance on their side was slightly stronger than Bi Chengs ten creeds alliance, it was only slightly stronger.

“You forgot.

All who participated in the Cangqiong Sacred Lands slaughter are going to face extermination.” Poison Bodach snickered, “Send a message to those creeds and genesis races that took part, and if they continue to sit back and watch the tigers battle by refusing to join our alliance, then they can wait for Huang Xiaolong to destroy them.

Remind them that besieging Huang Xiaolong this time at the Blue Lotus Pond is their only chance, and also their last chance!”

The Nine-headed Tree Demon chuckled, “Brother Poison Bodachs idea is wonderful! Those creeds and genesis races that participated will certainly agree to join our alliance this time.

There are about forty-plus forces that took part.

Old Monster Flame and Black Shadow Devil were also there.

After counting them all, the Dragon Fish Creeds ten creed alliance is nothing but fart! Lets see how they are going to protect Huang Xiaolong!”

But Sword Venerable was frowning, “But if all of them take action this time How are we going to split the Fruit of Beginning”

Poison Bodach scoffed, “The priority is getting them on our side and capturing Huang Xiaolong.”

Half a day later, there was news circulating around.

“Have you heard, a large number of experts from the Poison Valley, Supreme Sword Palace, World Tree, Stonemen Race, Inferno Race, Darkness Demon Creed, and Devouring Sun Creed are rushing to the Blue Lotus Creed to besiege Huang Xiaolong! The Blue Lotus Pond would be Huang Xiaolongs burial place!”

“Not only that, all the forces who were involved in the Cangqiong Sacred Lands destruction have sent their experts to the Blue Lotus Pond, andeven Old Monster Flame and Black Shadow Devil are here.

Theres no way Huang Xiaolong can escape this time! The Blue Lotus Pond is basically a dead end for Huang Xiaolong.

Its easy to enter, but difficult to come out.

Why the heck did he choose to enter the Blue Lotus Pond! Is he dreaming he could find a blue lotus Even if he did find a blue lotus, would he still be alive to refine it!”

“Huang Xiaolongs cultivation went to peak early Fifth Esteem Dao Venerable Realm from late-First Esteem Dao Venerable Realm in a short three hundred years relying on the Tree of Beginning and Fruit of Beginning!”

Consecutive shocking news circulated within a day.

Experts from numerous creeds, genesis races, and sacred lands all rushed to the Blue Lotus Pond as if their lives depended on it, including some hidden old monsters that did not participate in the Cangqiong Sacred Lands slaughter.

Who wont be tempted by the tree of Beginning and Fruit of Beginning with such heaven-defying effects

While Poison Bodach and the rest were hurrying to the Blue Lotus Pond, Huang Xiaolong was flying deep into the Blue Lotus Ponds inner region.

Although there were multiple dangerous restrictions within the Blue Lotus Ponds space, it was no different than walking on flat land at his current strength.

Huang Xiaolongs dao souls were actively scanning the surroundings, disregarding the water pressure coming at him from all directions.

At the same time, Huang Xiaolong spurred the power of his Huang Long Bloodline to the limit.

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