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Chapter 2972: Black Shadow Devil

When Huang Xiaolong pushed the power of his Huang Long Bloodline to the limit, the aura of Huang Long Bloodline spread from his body.

The last time he was here, his Huang Long Bloodline could only envelop a small area around him, but now, it could envelop more than a ten thousand miles radius!

At that time, Huang Xiaolong was merely an early Fifth Resurrection Primal Ancestor! Now, Huang Xiaolong was a peak early Fifth Esteem Dao Venerable.

He was many, many, many times stronger than before!

As for how many times stronger he had become, even Huang Xiaolong himself did not know.

But at this time, inside the Blue Lotus Ponds space, he felt nary any pressure at all.

The first time he had come here, he had needed to circulate his small worlds cosmos energy to resist the water energy in the surroundings to keep himself from being squished to death.

Whereas now, he could walk freely without having to employ his cosmos energy or grand dao energy to resist any pressure!

This was mainly due to his Dao Body of Heaven and Earth which was close to entering major completion! His body could disregard the water-attributed pressure within the Blue Lotus Pond.

Therefore, he wouldnt need to exhaust any cosmos energy or grand dao energy inside the Blue Lotus Pond, and he could stay here as long as he wanted!

Under the coverage of Huang Xiaolongs Huang Long Bloodline aura, drops of blue lotus nectar flew towards Huang Xiaolong from various directions, like moths to fire.

These blue lotus nectar drops hovered around Huang Xiaolong, glistening in charming halos.

Huang Xiaolong took out the jade bottle he had prepared and collected these drops of blue lotus nectar into the jade bottle.

This didnt take much of his time, and soon he was on his way again, venturing further in.

A couple of days later.

The amount of blue lotus nectar in Huang Xiaolongs jade bottle had exceeded two thousand drops! Huang Xiaolong had gotten this result after staying inside the Blue Lotus Pond for two to three months the last time, but now, it had only been a couple of days.

On the fourth day.

As Huang Xiaolong continued to fly further in, suddenly, something golden and shiny, as big as his fist, glistened as it flew towards Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong took a careful look, and he was shocked.

This is…! Blue lotus nectar!

Such a big drop of blue lotus nectar This was unheard of, yet Huang Xiaolong was certainit was indeed blue lotus nectar, and it was only several hundred times bigger than the ones he had normally collected.

Moreover, the amount and quality of energy of this fist-sized blue lotus nectar were many times higher!

There is this form of blue lotus nectar Super-sized version

He had not discovered this when he was there the last time.

Despite his bafflement, Huang Xiaolong familiarly caught the fist-sized blue lotus nectar and put it into the jade bottle.

A few more days went by.

Huang Xiaolongs little jade bottle had accumulated close to five thousand drops of blue lotus nectar!

If the world outside knew about this, it would draw even more experts to the Blue Lotus Pond.

Unfortunately, Huang Xiaolong had only come across three of those fist-sized blue lotus nectars, and the rest were all commonly seen ones.

Other than close to five thousand drops of blue lotus nectar, Huang Xiaolong also obtained more than a few stalks of blue lotuses.

When he had left the last time, he had taken away eighteen stalks of blue lotuses.

This time around, in less than ten days, he had already picked almost forty stalks of blue lotuses.

More importantly, two of them were seven-seeded blue lotuses!

It was a pity that he had not come across any eight-seeded or more.

But Huang Xiaolong wasnt dismayed, since there were eight-seeded, nine-seeded, and ten-seeded blue lotuses in there, and he was bound to find them sooner or later.

Others couldnt, but he had the Huang Long Bloodline.

Huang Xiaolong continued to go further in.

On the surface, the Blue Lotus Pond wasnt very big, but once one stepped across the water-attributed barrier, there were numerous restrictions and folded spaces.

Hence, it took Huang Xiaolong some effort and time to reach the deepest part.

While Huang Xiaolong strove with persistence for his eight-seeded, nine-seeded, and ten-seeded blue lotuses, group after group of experts arrived at the Blue Lotus Pond consecutively.

The usually lively Blue Lotus Pond was exceptionally crowded.

As time passed, the outer area of Blue Lotus Pond became even more packed with the arrival of various creeds and genesis races experts.

It was people everywhere one looked.

Poison Bodach, Sword Venerable, Nine-headed Tree Demon, Stonemen Race Patriarch, and the rest also arrived at the Blue Lotus Pond.

Seeing Poison Bodach, Sword Venerable, Nine-headed Tree Demon, and other big shots arriving, the noisy crowd quieted down considerably.

The air seemed to solidify with their arrivals, and the crowd of experts separated to the sides, opening a wide berth for them.

Poison Bodach was a walking poison bomb, and all things withered and died wherever he went.

Who would dare to come close to him in that case

One time, because a top creeds disciple had offended Poison Bodach, the entire creed was reduced to a dead land not long after that.

Until now, poisonous qi still dominated that area, and even Dao Venerable Realm experts didnt dare venture inside easily.

Not long after Poison Bodachs group arrived, the crowd stirred as a sea of burning flames appeared on the horizon, moving towards them at rapid speed.

Riding on the waves of flames was an old man who was entirely crimson, from the robe on him to his eyebrows, and hair, as if he was made of blazing flames.

The old mans build was slightly smaller than the average man, but the suppressive aura coming from his body was not weaker than Poison Bodach, Sword Venerable, or the Nine-headed Tree Demon.

“Old Monster Flame!” The Nine-headed Tree Demons eyes narrowed.

Old Monster Flames reputation rose after them, but it was undeniable that his strength was comparable to theirs because not only Old Monster Flame was a peak late-Ninth Esteem Dao Venerable like them, but Old Monster Flame had also cultivated the power of absolute blaze!

In the blink of an eye, Old Monster Flame arrived in front of them on roiling sea waves of flames.

Poison Bodach looked at him, smiling whilst not smiling.

“It is our honor that Brother Old Monster Flame is willing to come!”

Old Monster Flame raised his eyelids slightly, and fiery light shone from his eyes as he spoke, “Poison Bodach, Ill tell you in advance that after Huang Xiaolong is captured, his Huang Long Armor belongs to me!”

Poison Bodach, Sword Venerable, Nine-headed Tree Demon, and the others were stunned by his declaration.

“What a big tone youve got, Old Monster Flame.

Dont think that because youve got absolute blaze power, well be afraid of you.” Sword Venerable sneered.

Old Monster Flame responded with a scoff of his own, and suddenly, the burning sea under his feet condensed and shrunk until it was a pillow of bright crimson cloud.

This crimson cloud emitted glaring rays of light that probably could incinerate the dao soul of the person looking at it.

Seeing this, Poison Bodach, Sword Venerable, Nine-headed Tree Demon, and the others were astounded.

Then Poison Bodachs exclamation thundered, “Peak major completion!”

Peak major completion absolute blaze power!

With a peak late-Ninth Esteem Dao Venerable with peak major completion absolute blaze power, even Poison Bodach, Sword Venerable, and the Nine-headed Tree Demon felt immense pressure facing such an opponent.

Poison Bodachs own absolute poison power had only reached major completion!

Although both were absolute powers, there was a huge gap between major completion and peak major completion.

Not to mention, fire was poisons bane.

“Old Monster Flames talent is truly outstanding, he has cultivated the power of absolute power to peak major completion!”

An unexpected high-pitched voice sounded.

When heads turned to look, there was a black shadow in the distance!

Thats right, it was a black human-shaped shadow, only a shadow.

No one saw the actual person but the shadow was enshrouded by vigorous devil flames.

“Black Shadow Devil!” someone shrieked.

The Black Shadow Devils reputation was no less resounding as Poison Bodach, or Old Monster Flame.

No one had ever seen his true face, only a black shadow!

Upon seeing the black human-shaped shadow, even the confident Old Monster Flame turned solemn, as he knew this person had cultivated the power of absolute space! In the entire Divine Tuo Holy World, this was the only person with the power of absolute space!

Amongst the thirteen kinds of absolute powers, the power of absolute space ranked second!

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