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Chapter 2989: Heavenly Phoenix Race

Holy bills formed mountains upon mountains in the spatial ring Huang Xiaolong passed over, and there were so much of it that it couldnt be counted!

No matter how high the statuses of those around the Soaring Dragon Terrace, none of them had ever seen so much money in their lives.

Even the disciple of the Coiled Dragon Race couldnt believe his eyes.

“This… This…” The disciples of the Golden Light Dragon Country and Black Mountain Dragon Country didnt know how to react to the sudden change in the situation.

That was a hundred billion holy bills they were talking about!

Even the half-step Dao Venerable hadnt seen so much money in his life!

Core disciples of the various dao convergences wouldnt be able to take out that amount, much less the patriarchs of random sacred lands!

There wasnt even a need to talk about the various small countries like the Golden Light Dragon Country and the others.

Even if they sold their entire kingdom and the underwear of their citizens, they wouldnt be able to gather a billion holy bills.

There was no need to mention ten billion, or even a hundred billion!

A hundred billion holy bills… that was an astronomical amount for any of the factions present!

“Can I enter now” Huang Xiaolong stared at the disciple of the Coiled Dragon Race and spoke.

The Coiled Dragon Race might be using his fathers cultivation spot as a cash cow, and they might have gone a little overboard by taking money from the Son of Creation, but Huang Xiaolong didnt care all that much about it.

A hundred billion holy bills was nothing to Huang Xiaolong.

In fact, they could request for a hundred billion Tuoshen holy coins and Huang Xiaolong could still throw it out without batting an eyelid.

The number of dao coins, dao pills, and dao herbs he had gathered after subduing the Poison Bodach and the others had reached an uncountable number.

If he ignored all that wealth and decided to sell off their cosmos artifacts, it would immediately become the most sought after item in the entire Divine Tuo Holy World!

For experts like the Nine-Headed Tree Demon and the Poison Bodach who were at the peak of the Ninth Esteem Dao Venerable Realm and had the control of their own world, their cosmos artifacts were at a whole other level.

When he destroyed the Blood Angels on his way to the Holy Dragon World, he managed to obtain even more treasures.

He had no idea how much he had taken, but all he knew was he had plundered everything the Blood Angels had.

After their many years of existence, the number of treasures they possessed wasnt a small amount!

By the time the disciple of the Coiled Dragon Race returned to his senses, he stared at Huang Xiaolong with a renewed expression of respect and fervor, and he bowed, “Young Master, this way, please.”

He might not have known Huang Xiaolongs identity, but he knew that anyone who could throw out a hundred billion holy bills was someone he could never offend.

That was because ordinary Dao Venerables wouldn\'t be able to throw out an amount like that without a second thought!

Riding on the Tortoise Ancestor, Huang Xiaolong made his way towards the terrace.

He entered the first formation while the Tortoise Ancestor entered the second.

The looks on the faces of everyone present turned extremely colorful the instant they saw the Tortoise Ancestor entering the second formation.

They hadnt understood why Huang Xiaolong had wanted both formations, but now they finally understood! He had rented it for his tortoise!


The faces of the disciples of the Coiled Dragon Race changed.

They might be inner disciples of the race, but they had to pay if they wanted to meditate on the terrace.

None of them had the abilities to enter the second formation, and even their masters were unable to do so!

Now, a black tortoise had entered the second formation due to his masters overwhelming wealth! Wasnt that pure humiliation for those who failed to enter

“Humph, isnt he just a little rich Whats there to be arrogant about!” someone snorted with jealousy.

A ton of disciples were enraged when they saw that alow-leveled beast was able to enjoy a privilege none of them could.

The Tortoise Ancestor was too annoyed to explain anything to weaklings at their level, and his jade green eyes looked at the disciple who was voicing his anger.

A cold snort left his lips, and the entire mountain range trembled.

The disciple of the Dragon Race was sent rolling all the way to the bottom of the mountain range, and he only stopped when he slammed into a massive boulder.

Everyone stared at the Tortoise in shock.

The disciple who was sent rolling down the mountain was a Ninth Resurrection Primal Ancestor! Yet, he suffered serious injuries from a single snort from the black tortoise! Moreover, the mountain range was still rocking slightly with a low rumble!

The half-step Dao Venerable sucked in a cold breath.

He didnt expect the black tortoise to be even stronger than him!

The disciples who were unhappy with Huang Xiaolong silenced themselves immediately, and none of them dared to look in the tortoises general direction.

While all that happened, Huang Xiaolong went over to the spot where his father had meditated in the past, and the Huang Long Bloodline in his body experienced a never-felt-before resonance.

It was even more intense than the time he had refined the blood essence stored in the Huang Long Armor!

With excitement boiling in his heart, Huang Xiaolong knew that there were traces of his father present in the Soaring Dragon Terrace! His father might have already left a long time ago, but his aura lingered in the place! Others might not be able to feel anything, but he was someone with the Huang Long Bloodline!

As he sat cross-legged on the ground, Huang Xiaolong focused on what his father had left behind.

The rivers of time started to overlap, and Huang Xiaolong seemed to see everything Huang Long had done in the past.

He felt every breath his father had taken, and he slowly synchronized his breathing with it.

Following in his fathers footsteps, Huang Xiaolong felt a strange feeling swelling up inside him as rays of light emerged from his body.

No one took any special notice of him as light enveloped the bodies of other people meditating on the platform.

However, they were all trying to guess his identity.

Huang Xiaolongs name might have shocked the entire Divine Tuo Holy World, but the number of people who recognized him didnt number more than a few.

After all, the disciples of the Dragon Race hadnt taken part in the battle of the Creation Ceremony.

They hadnt shown up in the Mystical Pavilions branch, and practically no one in the Holy Dragon World recognized him.

Even if the experts of the five great innate dragon races showed up, they wouldnt be able to identify him! There was no way the members of the Coiled Dragon Race or the disciples of these small sacred lands could expose his identity!

When Huang Xiaolong started his cultivation in the first formation, a group of experts from the Coiled Dragon Race shot towards the Soaring Dragon Terrace.

They were accompanied by a group of female disciples clad in phoenix robes.

The phoenix insignia on their robes seemed to come to life, and nine tails could be seen spread out behind the phoenix! Everything pointed to the fact that the female disciples were core disciples of the Heavenly Phoenix Race.

There was no doubt they were core disciples of the Heavenly Phoenix Race, and the Heavenly Phoenix Race was none other than the strongest genesis race.

They were basically on par with the Holy Dragon Race, and the statuses of the ladies could be imagined.

“With Young Lady Feng Xues talent, she will definitely be able to comprehend an amazing grand dao law the moment she enters the platform!” The second young master of the Coiled Dragon Race flattered.

The lady whom he addressed nodded slightly and muttered, “Ive heard that the effects of the first formation will be the greatest.

Is it available”

The second young master of the Coiled Dragon Race, Ao Dong, chuckled, “Of course!”

They soon arrived at the Soaring Dragon Terrace.

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