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Chapter 2994: Unless Hes a Ninth Esteem Dao Venerable!

Ones will was also said to be the condensed form of their dao soul, and when Huang Xiaolong covered one-tenth of the Holy Dragon World with his will, everything fell under his control.

The Huang Long Bloodline in him started to shine, and Huang Xiaolong seemed to have returned to the time when the Huang Long World had started its formation! The entire process flashed across his eyes, and he saw the birth of all the different sorts of elements.

He saw how the innate spirits started to form, and he saw the changes in the heavens and earth.

The three small worlds in him started to transform at a shocking pace.

The cosmos energy and laws of the world contained within them started to change, and even the grand dao laws molded themselves to become like those in the Huang Long World.

As Huang Xiaolong continued to meditate on the platform, Ao Shiming, Ao Jie, Ao Zhentian, and the others arrived before the Soaring Dragon Terrace.

When they saw how Huang Xiaolong was still meditating calmly on the platform, a cold snort left Ao Shimings lips.

“I dont care who you are and where you come from! Today, Ill capture you on behalf of the Coiled Dragon Race!”

Turning to stare at everyone who came, the Tortoise Ancestors beady green eyes flashed slightly.

“Let me give you one final warning.

If you run away now, you might be able to leave with your lives intact.

If you interrupt His Highness cultivation, all of you will suffer from the same miserable fate.” His threat was clear to all.

In a fit of rage, Ao Shiming pointed at the Tortoise Ancestor and roared angrily, “Do you think your weakling of an owner will be able to stop us! Youre just a weak black tortoise!”

Everyone shook their heads and smiled when they heard what the Tortoise Ancestor said.

None of them took him seriously.

However, the Tortoise Ancestor started snickering under his breath.

“His Highness doesnt even need to make a move.

I am more than capable of crushing the entire Coiled Dragon Race alone…” His jade green eyes flashed with a sinister light as he spoke.

The Coiled Dragon Race might have been one of the strongest acquired dragon races in the Holy Dragon World, but there wasnt a single Ninth Esteem Dao Venerable in the entire race! With the Tortoise Ancestors strength, crushing the Coiled Dragon Race was possible! In fact, it was easy for him to do so!

Of course, his words enraged the old ancestors of the Coiled Dragon Race.

They jumped in rage the moment the Tortoise Ancestor spoke.

“Youre asking to die!” Leaping into the air, Ao Shiming lunged at him.

“I will deal with this slave of a tortoise before capturing your master!”

As a giant dragon formed around his fist, he unleashed his strongest grand dao art.

Dragon aura filled the lands as dragon roars rang through the skies.

Terrifying waves of energy descended to envelop sacred lands all around them.

“Thats the Coiled Dragons Dragon Transformation Art!”

“Its the strongest grand dao art they possess!”

The experts of the White Dragon Race, Blood Dragon Race, and Lightning Dragon Race were taken aback.

They didnt expect Ao Shiming to use his strongest move right off the bat.

With his cultivation at the Seventh Esteem Dao Venerable Realm, the power he wielded was nothing to scoff at.

Even Eighth Esteem Dao Venerable wouldnt dare to take on the attack directly.

When the giant dragon approached the Tortoise Ancestor, the mysterious lines on his shell started to shine.

The giant dragon that possessed enough power to shatter the earth slammed into his shell and bounced back towards Ao Shiming with greater power than before.

“Be careful!” The old ancestors of the Coiled Dragon Race yelled as they made their moves to defend against the rebound.

Despite their combined efforts, everyone from the Coiled Dragon Race was sent flying.

The nine old ancestors fared the best, and they managed to stabilize themselves after retreating several miles.

As for the mid-level Dao Venerables, they were sent crashing into the earth, and giant craters formed wherever they landed.

Those standing around werent completely unaffected as they were also sent flying by the shockwave of the blast.

Miserable cries filled the skies.

“What!” Ao Bi, the old ancestor of the Blood Dragon Race, gasped.

He was standing quite a distance away from several other experts of the other races, and he wasnt affected by the impact.

He stared at the Tortoise Ancestor with a look of disbelief etched onto his face.

In an instant, many people turned to stare at Ao Bi.

Previously, he had estimated that the black tortoise was only a Sixth Esteem Dao Venerable.

Looking at things now, the black tortoise seemed stronger than a Seventh Esteem Dao Venerable!

Not even the high-level Dao Venerables from the Coiled Dragon Race managed to stop the attack he returned to them!


“Could… Could he be a Ninth Esteem Dao Venerable!” someone stuttered.

A Ninth Esteem Dao Venerable!

The thought seemed to possess the weight of a mountain as it weighed down on the hearts of everyone present.

No matter where they went, a Ninth Esteem Dao Venerable stood at the peak of existence! They were the strongest cultivators in all the lands!

“Even if the tortoise isnt a Ninth Esteem Dao Venerable, its probably comparable to one!”

A bitter smile appeared on Ao Bis face.

“Its no wonder he dares to remain here after offending the Coiled Dragon Race… Not many people can obtain the protection of a guardian beast with the power of a Ninth Esteem Dao Venerable.”

“Yeah! If I had a beast like that, I wouldnt be afraid of the Coiled Dragon Race too!” An old ancestor of the Lightning Dragon Race sighed.

He looked at Huang Xiaolong enviously.

One had to know that the Coiled Dragon Patriarch, the strongest expert of the Coiled Dragon Race, was only a late-Eighth Esteem Dao Venerable!

Ao Shiming and the others seemed to have recovered from their shock, and they glared at the Tortoise Ancestor with equal parts shock and confusion.

“No wonder he dares to act so arrogantly!” Ao Shiming suppressed the blood churning in his body, and he growled, “We might have underestimated the tortoise, but I refuse to believe a mere tortoise can challenge our flying ship!” He turned around and yelled, “Experts of the Coiled Dragon Race, enter the ship immediately!”

As his figure started to blur, he was the first to enter.

Grand ancestors and disciples of the Coiled Dragon Race shot towards the ship, and brilliant rays of light emerged to bathe the land in its glory.

Horrifying waves of dragon qi filled the lands, and they slowly gathered to form the phantom of a massive coiled dragon.

It swam around in the air and drew one formation after another.

As destructive energy capable of shattering sacred lands started to emerge from the formations, everyone watching the battle was shocked.

“Could this be the Coiled Dragon Grand Formation! Its the strongest formation the Coiled Dragon Race possesses, and even Ninth Esteem Dao Venerables wouldnt be able to withstand an attack from it with so many old ancestors pouring their energy into it!” Someone in the crowd screamed, “The beast might be tough, but theres no way it can block this attack!”

“Thats right! Unless the black tortoise is a true Ninth Esteem Dao Venerable, its dead for sure!” An old ancestor of the Lightning Dragon Race nodded solemnly, “Ive seen the Coiled Dragon Patriarch use the formation in the past, and he fought back an early-Ninth Esteem Dao Venerable with it!”

As the formation started to overlap, the final form of the Coiled Dragon Grand Formation was formed.

The energy contained in the smaller formations superimposed on each other, and a beam of light with limitless energy shot towards Huang Xiaolong and the Tortoise Ancestor.

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