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Chapter 300: Divine Grade Spirit Pellet  

Huang Xiaolong flickered into a blur, landing close to the several straw huts…

There were a total of six straw huts, picturesque in their disorder, as if they were part of nature, carrying with them a charm from an ancient past.

He opted for the hut in the center and went in.

Inside the straw hut, a messy room welcomed Huang Xiaolong, odd things strewn over here and there.

Catching sight of something in a corner, Huang Xiaolong walked over and blew the dust away with a flick of his sleeve, revealing a stack of books.

It was unknown what materials were used to make these books.

They were pale yellow in colour and even after several thousands of years, they were still in good condition.

Huang Xiaolong’s hand formed a suction force and one of the books flew to his hand.

Looking at the cover, the four characters title was written in ancient text.

Taking a moment to interpret the words, he read softly: “Fiendgod Treasured Reflection.” He opened the book, reading page to page.

This book, Fiendgod Treasured Reflection, depicted events of ancient times related to the God Tribes and Devil Race.

After he finished reading the book, Huang Xiaolong moved on to the other books from the stack.

Most of the contents in these books were records related to ancient tribes and races in that era, no cultivation techniques nor battle skills.

Huang Xiaolong was disappointed.

To him, these books weren’t of much use.

What he needed most at the moment were things that could aid him in enhancing his cultivation.

Still, regardless of these books’ usefulness, Huang Xiaolong moved all the books into the Asura Ring one by one as he read through them.

These books weren’t useful to him, but if put out for auction, he would probably get some good stuff in exchange.

Having dealt with the books, his eyes wandered to another section of the hut and walked over.

In this corner, piled up high, were different ores and metals that were also covered in dust.

Huang Xiaolong swept the layer of dust away with a simple wave of his hand.

“This is Purpleblood Silver Crystal!”

His gaze were attracted by a palm-sized, translucent red ore nestled amongst the pile of ores when the dust lifted and exclaimed out loud.

This Purpleblood Silver Crystal was extremely rare, it was born from hard to find bloody mine veins.

If taken out for auction, it would likely fetch a much higher price than ten pieces of grade one spirit stones.

Huang Xiaolong’s eyes swept over the other dozens of ores and metals.

“Fire Flame Black Iron!”

“Ash-gray Blood Magnetite!”

“Moontide Stone!”

The other dozens of ores and metals were all materials hard to find in Martial Spirit World.

Some of them even disappeared more one thousand years back.

Eyes shining brightly, Huang Xiaolong moved all of them into his Asura Ring.

Moments later Huang Xiaolong came out from the central straw hut and entered the hut beside it.

The inside of this straw hut was slightly smaller compared the one in the center.

Placed at the center of the hut was a pill furnace.

Again, Huang Xiaolong didn’t know what materials the pill furnace was made of, the furnace body was a mass of matt black.

There was a jade drawer placed at a corner of the hut.

On top of the flat surface, there were several small jade bottles.

‘It seems like this is a pill refining room.’ Huang Xiaolong thought to himself.

Taking another look around the hut, his eyes once again fell onto the jade drawer.

More accurately, on the several small jade bottles on top.

A suction force came from his hand and one of the jade bottles fell into his palm.

The jade bottle was pure light red in color and felt warm to the touch, making him wonder what kind of jade it was made of.

Even more curious was what kind of medicinal pellet it held inside!

Carefully, Huang Xiaolong opened the lid and an alluring medicinal fragrance immediately filled the hut, spreading to every corner, actually forming into something that looked like a little elf.

Watching the scene in front of him, Huang Xiaolong’s eyes were the size of fists due to shock.

This, could this be divine grade spirit pellet!

Divine grade! Only a divine grade spirit pellet could cause such a manifestation!

Huang Xiaolong peered inside the jade bottle excitedly and saw an amiable, floating little Daoist man in cross-legged position! The little Daoist man was shrouded in a hazy gray halo.

He was honestly stunned, then understanding set in.

This little Daoist man was likely a transformation of the divine grade spirit pellet.

Some high-grade divine spirit pellet like the spiritual energy fish could take shape in another form.

While Huang Xiaolong’s thoughts were turning at rapid speed, the little Daoist man opened his eyes, taking a glance at Huang Xiaolong.

A streak of lightning flashed in his eyes and Huang Xiaolong felt something collide with his mind with great momentum, causing him to lose focus, however, he managed to recover in the blink of an eye.

Watching Huang Xiaolong recover so fast shocked the little Daoist.

He purely focuses on soul force cultivation, warriors under the Saint realm shouldn’t be able to break his soul attack.

This brat in front of him was probably not a Saint realm expert, yet this young man wasn’t overwhelmed by his soul force attack.

Whereas Huang Xiaolong, who nearly fell into the little Daoist man’s plot of being controlled, was also taken aback.

He didn’t expect a little Daoist man evolved from a divine grade pellet knew method of soul control!

Judging from the attack earlier, this little Daoist man’s cultivation wasn’t weak at all, close to a human Saint realm expert!

“Young man, it’s surprising that you managed to enter this Eminent Holiness space.” At this point the Daoist spoke, “How about we discuss a deal”

“A deal” Huang Xiaolong remained calm on the surface while sneering inwardly.

He wanted to see what this little Daoist was playing at.

The Daoist continued, “This Eminent Holiness space was opened by Supreme Eminent Holiness during the ancient era.

Left inside here is an Eminent Holiness Technique that only I know how to get, as long as you let me go I will tell you where this godly Eminent Holiness Technique is.”

“Oh~, really” Huang Xiaolong remained calm on the surface but he was sneering inside.

With a wave of his hand, a bright light flickered and the Linglong Treasure Pagoda materialized above his head.

What so-called Eminent Holiness Supreme Technique Huang Xiaolong obviously didn’t believe one word.

Even if what the little Daoist man said was really true, Huang Xiaolong held no interest, it was enough that he had the Asura Tactics and Godly Xumi Art, as for battle skills, he had them in abundance and was definitely not lacking.

What Huang Xiaolong truly lacked were miraculous pellets and elixirs that could help him enhance his battle qi cultivation, and this little Daoist man in front of him was exactly the panacea he was looking for!

This little Daoist man’s cultivation was quite formidable, however, Huang Xiaolong has the Linglong Treasure Pagoda, wanting to refine ‘it’ wouldn’t be difficult.

“This! A heavenly treasure, the Linglong Treasure Pagoda!” When the little Daoist saw the Linglong Treasure Pagoda Huang Xiaolong called out, he couldn’t help exclaiming.

Huang Xiaolong paused briefly, this little Daoist recognized the Linglong Treasure Pagoda…

“Correct, this is the Linglong Treasure Pagoda.” Huang Xiaolong smirked smugly.

“Not so fast!” How could the little Daoist not realize what Huang Xiaolong planned by this point, hastily shouted: “Young man, don’t you desire the Eminent Holiness Technique! That is a high-grade Heaven rank cultivation technique, even during the ancient era it was a much coveted high-grade cultivation technique.

After cultivating it, you would possess a godly holy power.”

“Refining me will only enhance your cultivation by a tiny level, it’s a vast difference if you get the Eminent Holiness Technique!”

While the little Daoist was busy persuading Huang Xiaolong, a great suction force descended over it from the Linglong Treasure Pagoda, pulling both the little Daoist and the red jade bottle into the Thousand Beast Cauldron.

Then, the Heaven and Earth Origin Reverting Array initiated, pressuring the jade bottle from all directions.

“You punk, let me out!”

“You think you can refine me by relying on the Linglong Treasure Pagoda!”

“I’m going to kill you!”

The divine grade pellet Daoist’s raging wrath rang out endlessly from the Thousand Beast Cauldron.

Huang Xiaolong remained unperturbed as he continued to infuse the Thousand Beast Cauldron with battle qi, slowly melting away the hazy gray halo of protective vigor qi around the little Daoist.

Although this little Daoist was the manifestation of the divine grade pellet and a tough nut to crack, compared to refining the spiritual energy fish, this was by far easier many times over.


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