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Chapter 3005: Admit Defeat

Initially, the Dark Lightning Holy Dragon Ancestor was only using the power of lightning.

However, he started using the power of darkness after several exchanges.

The power of lightning and darkness fused into each other, and they emitted a horrifying pressure.

The strength he used started to increase from fifty percent, and he eventually went all out against Huang Xiaolong!

With the power of absolute frost, poison, and nirvana swirling around him, Huang Xiaolong fought his hardest against the Dark Lightning Holy Dragon Ancestor.

Despite that, he was sent flying repeatedly, even with the assistance of the Huang Long Armor.

When the Dark Lightning Holy Dragon Ancestor went all out, Huang Xiaolong felt the power of the strike deep in his body even after the armor did all it could to reduce the impact.

“Again!” Huang Xiaolong charged into the skies, and he rushed towards the Dark Lightning Holy Dragon Ancestor even after being sent flying repeatedly.

With a face full of shock, Ao Heng stared at Huang Xiaolong, who was practically uninjured.

The defensive capabilities of the Huang Long Armor shocked him, and he realized that he was unable to do any substantial damage to the kid.

Everyone present finally realized how strong the armor was.

Feng Ming and Ao Ji were shocked by the ability of the armor, and their expression changed slowly.

The battle between Huang Xiaolong and the Dark Lightning Holy Dragon Ancestor shook the heavens, and the world seemed to lose its color under the horrifying power possessed by the two.

The Dragon Cloud Sea that was half the size of the Dragon Fish Heavenly Cave trembled in their wake, and the qi in the air turned absolutely chaotic.

The pretty clouds that used to hang in the skies of the Dragon Cloud Sea were blasted to oblivion.

The mountain ranges below were shattered into a trillion pieces as the power of lightning, darkness, nirvana, frost, and poison filled the corners of the Cloud Dragon Sea.

The spectators who were watching the battle retreated time and time again, and the group of them had basically reached the borders of the Dragon Cloud Sea.

Only the peak-level races were able to maintain their spot in the Dragon Cloud Sea.

Even so, they had already been pushed to their limits.

Without any warning, the two monsters stopped their battle.

Staring at each other in midair, Ao Heng stared at Huang Xiaolong with a trace of suspicion.

Even after the intense battle, the aura around Huang Xiaolong didnt weaken in the slightest.

In fact, he seemed even stronger than when they had just started!

What the f*ck is going on!

It made sense if Huang Xiaolong became weaker after supplying the armor with his cosmos energy.

However, that didnt seem to be the case!

The Dark Lightning Holy Dragon Ancestor was oblivious to this, but the Huang Long Bloodline allowed Huang Xiaolong to convert the cosmos energy of others into his own!

As such, Huang Xiaolong had been using the Dark Lightning Holy Dragon Ancestors cosmos energy against himself throughout the battle! He didnt exhaust his energy during the battle, and Huang Xiaolong even used the power of lightning to temper his body, resulting in him becoming a little stronger than before.

The Dark Lightning Holy Dragon Ancestor sucked in a cold breath, and a ball of darkness started to spread behind him.

Boundless energy started to fill the space around him, and it could be said that a world of darkness was formed.

The power of darkness was as pure as could be, and it was the source of all darkness in the Divine Tuo Holy World.

The terrifying power quickly arrived before Huang Xiaolong.

Even when he used everything he had, the power of darkness didnt dissipate.

He was beaten back again and again, and he was soon dragged into a world of darkness.

The experts of the various super races in the Cloud Dragon Sea sucked in a cold breath when they realized that the power of darkness had enveloped half the Cloud Dragon Sea in several breaths of time.

In the world of darkness, Huang Xiaolong couldnt see the tip of his nose.

If someone at his level was unable to see anything, it was impossible for anyone outside to see the happenings going on within.

He felt like he was transported into a different space, and Huang Xiaolong was shocked that the power of darkness was too terrifying, and he realized that the darkness world fused perfectly with the Dragon Cloud Sea.

No… The world of darkness had already pierced deep into the region.

He couldnt release his dao souls even if he wanted to!

As darkness surrounded him, Huang Xiaolong realized that he couldnt use his sense of sight, and neither could he use his dao souls!

Trying to unleash the energies he controlled, all of them seemed to be restricted by some sort of energy.


“This is my World of Darkness!” The Dark Lightning Holy Dragon Ancestors voice rang out beside Huang Xiaolongs ear.

“In this world, I am the true God of Creation.

If you fail to break out of this place, the power of darkness will eat into your body and shatter your Saint Fates!”

“Unless youre stronger than me, you will never be able to shatter the World of Darkness!”

“Your Highness, its best for you to admit defeat.”

The power of darkness started to close in on him as soon as the words left the Dark Lightning Holy Dragon Ancestors lips.

No matter how strong his cosmos energy was, Huang Xiaolong couldnt stop the power of darkness from seeping into his body.

Pushing the Huang Long Armor to the extreme, he tried to form a layer of protection from the darkness.

However, the power of darkness started to corrode that too!

As the defensive layer of the armor became weaker, Huang Xiaolong started to pour his cosmos energy into the armor.

His cosmos energy started to deplete at an astounding rate, and Huang Xiaolong sighed.

It seemed like there was only one thing left to do!

He had to use the Soaring Dragon Art!

Otherwise, he would fail to shatter the World of Darkness, and he would really be defeated by the Dark Lightning Holy Dragon Ancestor!

In the World of Darkness, the Dark Lightning Holy Dragon Ancestor was the only person who could see everything that went on.

A confident smirk formed on his lips, and he estimated that Huang Xiaolong would only be able to hold out for an hour before he had to admit defeat.

However, a world-ending power appeared from inside his World of Darkness as he was savoring his victory.

The World of Darkness trembled under the horrifying energy wave, and golden light started to emerge from Huang Xiaolongs body.

The world that possessed the ability to swallow all light actually failed to devour the pillar of gold reaching up into the heavens!

The roars of heavenly dragons rang in the ears of everyone present, and a golden dragon pierced through the veil of darkness.

With a single claw, the World of Darkness was torn apart like waste paper.

The Dark Lightning Holy Dragon Ancestor stared at the scene before him in disbelief.

Before he could react, the golden dragon swiped its tail at his face.

A terrifying storm of energies shook the world as the space around the tail collapsed in on itself.

The Dark Lightning Holy Dragon Ancestor reacted instinctively, and he punched towards the giant tail flying at his face.

The power of lightning fell from the skies as his Lightnings Fury appeared once again.

This time, it was several times stronger than before! He knew that he had to use everything he had if he didnt want to be blown into bits by the dragon tail! A sea of lightning appeared before him.

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