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Chapter 3019: Arriving at the Origin Holy World

After he returned to the Boundary Emperor Creed, he brought Chen Xi to meet with Long Jianfei.

When they finally reunited, the master and student duo rejoiced.

When they had lost contact with each other in the past, no one had expected to ever see the other party again.

During the time he had spent with Fei Yanzi and the others, he would cultivate in the space inside the Sun Moon Furnace at night and give out pointers to the Cangqiong Old Man and the others during the day.

There were even days when he would study the art of refining pills along with his skills in laying down formations.

Huang Xiaolong retrieved all two thousand genesis spiritual herbs and refined them into genesis spiritual pills.

Since the herbs from the mysterious purple peak contained the power of lightning, it came as no surprise that the pills he refined contained the laws of lightning.

The effects of the pills were much better than the Holy Dragon Pills he had refined in the past.

With the number of herbs he had, Huang Xiaolong managed to concoct more than a dozen furnaces.

More than three hundred Purple Lightning Sun and Moon Pills were produced.

When he had nothing else to do, Huang Xiaolong would stroll about the Divine Tuo Holy World with Yin Yue and Feng Yue.

Three years passed in the blink of an eye, and it was finally time for Huang Xiaolong to leave.

“Xiaolong… You have to be careful after entering the Origin Holy World!” Cangqiong Old Man cautioned.

He knew that Huang Xiaolongs strength was unparalleled in the Divine Tuo Holy World, but the Origin Holy World was no Divine Tuo Holy World!

“Of course.” Huang Xiaolong nodded before turning to Fei Yanzi, Feng Yue, and Yin Yue.

“Take care of yourselves when Im gone.”

When he left for the Origin Holy World, he didnt tell anyone other than Cangqiong Old Man and the three ladies.

Rushing up to him, the ladies held him for a long time before reluctantly letting go.

As the Purple Lightning Peak turned into a streak of purple light, it eventually disappeared into the horizon.

“Your Highness, you could easily bring the three young ladies to the Origin Holy World…” Lei Yu looked at Huang Xiaolong weirdly and spoke.

Shaking his head, Huang Xiaolong sighed, “If they head over to the Origin Holy World with me, their lives would be in danger.”

The journey to the Origin Holy World wasnt going to be a walk in the park.

They would have to pass by several regions in the Outer World, and the spatial storms would be intense.

Even with his strength, Huang Xiaolong wasnt confident he could ensure everyone reached the Origin Holy World safely.

Moreover, there were still matters to deal with there.

There was no doubt he would clash with the Mystical Pavilion, and if he brought them along, they would be in serious danger.

In the past three years, Huang Xiaolong had ordered the various experts to continue tempering the Purple Lightning Peak.

The speed and defenses of the mountain peak were no longer comparable to before!

Regardless, he needed some time to pass through the Divine Tuo Holy World.

The Divine Tuo Holy World wasnt something he could cross in several short days.

It was extremely vast, and there were many places he had never been to! If ordinary peak late-Ninth Esteem Dao Venerables wanted to journey across the world, they would have to fly for thousands of years without resting!

As the Purple Lightning Peak soared through the skies, Huang Xiaolong refined the pills he had refined previously.

At the same time, he tried to deepen his understanding of the various energies he controlled.

When he left for the Origin Holy World, his ability to control absolute frost and absolute poison reached perfection stage.

He reached the peak of the major completion stage in the power of nirvana, and his ability to control absolute lightning wasnt too far off.

He reached the minor completion stage in the power of darkness, and he decided to focus on the power of nirvana before dealing with anything else.

Since he only needed to comprehend a little more of the power of nirvana to reach perfection level, it would be in his best interests to do that.

After all, three different types of absolute powers at perfection level would push his combat abilities up to a whole new level.

Of course, Huang Xiaolong had one fatal flaw.

Even though he reached perfection level in controlling both absolute frost and absolute poison, his period of cultivation was too short.

He was unable to unleash their true power, and the only solution he could think of was to strengthen his control over them by sparring with Lei Yu.

As he suppressed his strength to fight Lei Yu with the different energies he controlled, he soon became more proficient at using them.

As a lightning beast born from the Bright Lightning Abyss, Lei Yu was more adept at using the power of lightning than the Dark Lightning Holy Dragon Ancestor!

With Lei Yuteaching him, Huang Xiaolongs speed of improvement could be compared to a rocket!

Despite Lei Yu commanding three different types of energies, Huang Xiaolong could use a single power he controlled to suppress Lei Yu.

Countless years later, Huang Xiaolong finally reached the Outer World and entered the Demon Buddha Black Region.

When he arrived, the Demon Buddha and the others had already prepared a grand ceremony to welcome him.

It was too bad Huang Xiaolong was not interested in any of it.

After ordering the experts to hand over their treasuries, Huang Xiaolong continued on his way to the Origin Holy World.

His wealth might have been enough to rival a holy world, but Huang Xiaolong felt that one could never collect enough treasures.

After all, increasing his strength required a copious amount of them!

Since the Demon Buddha controlled both the power of darkness and radiance, his treasury wasnt lacking in them at all! Huang Xiaolong managed to obtain several genesis-level spirit stones containing both energies.

After scouring the treasury, he also managed to discover a hundred Demon Buddha Pills.

The pills contained the power of radiance and darkness, and it was extremely useful for someone like Huang Xiaolong.

As the Demon Buddha followed behind Huang Xiaolong, their journey through the Demon Buddha Black Region went unobstructed.

They arrived at the Heavenly Dawn Black Region after several years of traveling.

As soon as they arrived, their journey became a lot harder.

They ran into demons left and right, but Huang Xiaolong, being Huang Xiaolong, charged right through them.

He casually went over to the headquarters of the Heavenly Dawn Black Region to retrieve their treasury while he was at it, and he continued to travel towards the Origin Holy World.

The Swordless Black Region was next, followed by the Myriad Devil Black Region.

By the time he crossed all four regions, several dozens of years had already passed.

“Were finally here!” The moment he stepped into the Origin Holy World, Huang Xiaolong sighed with relief.

The sights of the lush mountains and clear water were a welcome sight compared to the dull Outer World.

The Outer World didnt contain a sun, and neither was a moon present.

The light that illuminated the place was greyish in color, and there was nothing nice about it.

Huang Xiaolong was already tired of the view, and the multitude of colors in the Origin Holy World was a great refresher.

With the endless killing and refinement of dark energy in the Outer World, Huang Xiaolongs ability to control darkness had increased at a terrifying rate.

It was too bad he failed to reach perfection level in the power of nirvana before stepping foot in the Origin Holy World.

Keeping the Purple Lightning Peak away, Huang Xiaolong made everyone enter the Sun Moon Furnace before riding on Lei Yus back.

They didnt hesitate to head into the Origin Holy World!

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