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Chapter 303: Let Me Experience the Strength of a Half-Saint Realm

Watching calmly as Fenggong’s fingers were about to touch the Godly Mt.

Xumi, Huang Xiaolong flipped his palm in a minuscule movement, causing Fenggong’s fingers to fall on empty air.

Fenggong, who was overjoyed thinking that a Heavenly Treasure was about to become his possession, was left dumbfounded for a second.

Just when he was about to act, to kill Huang Xiaolong and grab the Heavenly Treasure, Huang Xiaolong spoke, “Didn’t you want to ask about the treasures at the bottom of the rift Aren’t you curious what treasures I took from there”

Fenggong halted his actions, stunned.

At this moment, a powerful force surged forth from Huang Xiaolong’s body, repelling Fenggong’s body, sending him staggering back more than ten meters.

“You!” Fenggong glowered angrily at Huang Xiaolong, at the same time, he was greatly shocked inside.

Before Fenggong could say another word, another burst of bright light flashed in Huang Xiaolong’s palm, when the bright light faded, it revealed the stem of a seven-colored aura mushroom in Huang Xiaolong’s palm, glowing in a resplendent light.

“Seven Colors Spirit Mushroom!” Both Fenggong and Dai Li exclaimed in unison.

Fenggong’s eyes shone with naked greed.

The Seven Colors Spirit Mushroom was a top-grade elixir for people cultivating battle qi, a stem of Seven Colors Spirit Mushroom over a thousand years old was already rare, above ten thousand years was considered a treasure, priceless! With his keen eyesight, one look was all it took for Fenggong to estimate the Seven Colors Spirit Mushroom’s age at about thirty to forty thousand years.

A thirty to forty thousand years Seven Colors Spirit Mushroom! Fenggong’s breathing grew heavier.

In that brief moment, another dazzling light flashed in Huang Xiaolong’s hand.

This time, a small plant with nine purple-colored leaves materialized next to the mushroom, exuding a noble, dignified purple halo.

“Nine Leaves Purple Grass!” Fenggong’s eyes were bright scarlet as if blood was about to drip from them.

Nine Leaves Purple Grass! A legendary sacred healing medicine!

Swallowing Nine Leaves Purple Grass exceeding a thousand years could heal one’s injuries regardless how grave in just a few months’ time, if it was above ten thousand years, even if the meridians and veins were broken and the Qi Sea shattered, taking a ten thousand years Nine Leaves Purple Grass could fully heal the damage!

This Nine Leaves Purple Grass should be the same as the Seven Colors Spirit Mushroom, around thirty to forty thousand years!

A thirty thousand years Nine Leaves Purple Grass!

However, Huang Xiaolong seemed to be in the mood to toy with Fenggong, another flash, and another, and another.

“Fervid Yang Fruit!”

“Human-shaped Purpleblood Ginseng!”

“Jasper Green Lotus!”

One after another legendary elixirs materialized continuously, Fenggong was so excited that he started to cry out nonsensically, body shaking as if he was suffering from epilepsy.

His disciple was even more embarrassingㅡDai Li wet his robe from overexcitement.

Staring at the series of legendary elixirs, Fenggong’s attention was distracted, forgetting about the matter of the Heavenly Treasure.

Huang Xiaolong randomly selected a dozen strains of elixirs from the several hundred that he had.

When Huang Xiaolong felt that it was stimulating enough, he finally stopped.

Chuckling softly as he watched both Fenggong and Dai Li’s expressions, he said, “At the bottom of the rift, not only did I find these elixirs, I also found four divine grade spirit pellets.”

“Divine grade spirit pellets!!!” Four at that!

Fenggong and Dai Li both trembled visibly…

“Moreover, all four were high-grade divine spirit pellets.” Huang Xiaolong added in all seriousness.

High-grade divine spirit pellet!! Their legs grew weak at the knees.

“But I ate and refined all of them.” Huang Xiaolong continued.

“What!” The two people that were swaying with excitement stiffened as if they were struck by lightning, nearly stumbled to the ground.

“You, you, you took all, refined!” The redness in Fenggong’s eyes deepened as he stared at Huang Xiaolong as if he can’t wait to swallow Huang Xiaolong whole into his stomach.

His heart bled thinking of the four divine grade spirit pellet,  

High-grade divine spirit pellet ah, four of them!

He had been stuck at peak late-Xiantian Tenth Order for more over two hundred years, unable to break through, if he had those four divine spirit pellets, the chances of him breaking through to the Saint realm would drastically increase to nine-tenths!

“You! How could you swallow all of them!!” Fenggong glared at Huang Xiaolong with anger and hate, roaring at Huang Xiaolong overdriven by his emotions, as if those four high-grade divine spirit pellets belonged to him.

Huang Xiaolong shouldn’t have dared to refine them, they were meant for him!

Huang Xiaolong suppressed his blooming smile, “Why can’t I swallow them I found those four divine grade spirit pellets.”

Fenggong was jolted back to the present; indeed, those four divine grade spirit pellets were found by this young man.

“Kid, obediently hand over that Heavenly Treasure, Seven Colors Spirit Mushroom, Nine Leaves Purple Grass and the rest of the elixirs!” Regaining his composure, Fenggong stop shaking, and commanded Huang Xiaolong, “For that Heavenly Treasure and these elixirs’ sake, I will allow you to leave!”

Although Fenggong felt strange with Huang Xiaolong’s behavior, so easily revealing the Heavenly Treasure and those priceless herbs, he still wasn’t too concerned over this point. Merely a mid-Xiantian Tenth Order. Not to mention a mid-Xiantian Tenth Order, even a late-Xiantian Tenth Order warrior couldn’t take more than a hundred moves from him.

At this point, Dai Li approached Fenggong from the back, rubbing his hands with glee and a smug grin, “Master, those elixirs, can I…”

Fenggong looked at his own disciple and nodded, “Don’t worry, you’ll have your share.

Later, that Human-shaped Purpleblood Ginseng can be given to you.”

Dai Li shuddered with joy, repeatedly thanking Fenggong: “Thank you Master, thank you Master!”

Fenggong waved his hand nonchalantly and Dai Li respectfully retreated to the side.

Fenggong turned his attention back on Huang Xiaolong, in an unhurried tone he questioned, “Kid, have you thought it over Will you choose to hand over the Heavenly Treasure and elixirs to me and leave in one piece or be buried at the bottom of this rift I advise you not to harbor any hope of lucky escape, I’ve already achieved a peak late-Xiantian cultivation more than two hundred years ago, and now I’m already a half step into the Saint realm.

Before me, there’s no way you can flee.”

Flee Huang Xiaolong secretly shook his head, looking at the other side with amused interest, “Half-Saint The Heavenly Treasure and elixirs are in my hand, come over and take them from me if you can.” Just as well, Huang Xiaolong wanted to gauge the extent of his current strength.

A half-Saint was the best candidate.

If it was some average peak late-Xiantian Tenth Order, Huang Xiaolong really wouldn’t have wasted the time.

Fenggong was stumped at Huang Xiaolong’s words, then a sneer crept up on his face, “Kid, since you wish for death, then don’t blame me.” As his voice fell, Fenggong’s fist punched out towards Huang Xiaolong.

“Let me open your eyes to the power of a half-Saint!”

“The strength of a half-Saint is not something a measly mid-Xiantian Tenth Order like you can contemplate!”

A giant fist imprint shot out, piercing through the air while emitting a purple flame, raising turbulent winds.

Before the fist imprint got close to Huang Xiaolong, the stones and boulders on the ground already shattered from the force, pulverized.

At this moment, Huang Xiaolong lifted his hand, striking a punch straight against Fenggong’s fist.

Fenggong sneered derisively watching Huang Xiaolong’s action: “Naive recklessness!” A measly mid-Xiantian Tenth Order wanted to block his half-Saint attack in a frontal collision He could already see the scene where Huang Xiaolong was blasted into mincemeat by his punch.

At this point, Huang Xiaolong’s and Fenggong’s fists finally collided, resulting in a booming explosion.

Dust and sand flew into the air as horrifying shock waves surged mostly in Fenggong’s direction.

Fenggong’s face tightened, his hand quickly struck at the surging shock waves, successfully dispersing the terrifying energy rolling towards him.

Despite that, he was forced to retreat back awkwardly for quite a distance.

The surroundings suddenly fell into a deathly silence.

Dai Li had imagined his Master easily dealing with the black-haired young man and him, seeing himself refining the Human-shaped Purpleblood Ginseng.

Watching his Master being forced back again and again, his mouth rounded to the size of a chicken egg.

Whereas Fenggong no longer moved as he stood there.



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