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Chapter 3037: He Will Remember Me

A smile formed on the Stone Ancestors face when he saw everyone bowing in reverence.

However, a frown started to form when he saw Huang Xiaolongs group.

A terrifying aura emerged from his body, and everyone in the hall felt their legs going soft instantly.

Experts at the level of Dao Jianchou and the others couldnt even move.

An expert who could be ranked on the Extermination List wasnt someone they could hope to mess with.

They could wipe out a creed from the face of existence if they so wished, and that wasnt an exaggeration.

When everyone tried their best to resist the pressure, Jin Xiaoxiao approached the Stone Ancestor and said, “Senior Stone Ancestor, the young man, and his subordinates are extremely arrogant beings.

They have no idea how strong Senior Stone Ancestor really is.

Would you like me to take them down for you to punish them as you wish”

As long as he agreed, he would definitely help them out if her subordinates failed to take Huang Xiaolong down.

According to her, all of them were doomed as long as the Stone Ancestor made his move.

A sinister thought flashed through Jin Xiaoxiaos mind, and she chuckled in her heart.

However, the Stone Ancestor contained his aura a moment later, and he laughed, “Theres no need to mess with a junior for his insolence! He probably has no idea who I am.

I have long since given up my habit of killing cultivators in the junior generation.”

As an expert ranked in the Extermination List, there was no way he could lower himself to kill random people of unknown origins.

If news of it got out, he would be mocked by the other experts on the Extermination List!

Jin Xiaoxiao and the others were shocked, and they didnt expect the Stone Ancestor to let the young man off.

The Stone Ancestor soon entered the first room in the pavilion.

After he got seated, everyone finally got to their feet and returned to their seats.

Dao Jianchou shook his head when he looked at Huang Xiaolong again.

He might not know who Huang Xiaolong and Lei Yu were, but he realized that they were merely people seeking death.

He felt that they were extremely lucky that the Stone Ancestor were willing to pardon them.

Moreover, he felt that it was great news they were spared.

After all, who would he challenge if the Stone Ancestor killed them with a single slap

Looks of disdain were thrown at Huang Xiaolong and Lei Yu.

“That silver bug… In the past, I bullied him so badly that he started to cry for his mother.

So many years have passed, and he finally managed to get himself onto the Extermination List.” Lei Yu chuckled.

Huang Xiaolong was slightly taken aback, but he started to make fun of Lei Yu.

“Seems like you were too light-handed previously.

He doesnt even recognize you.”

“Heh… When I reveal my true body later, Ill beat him till he cries for his ancestor.

Lets see if he remembers me then.”

The two of them burst out laughing.

Since the room was protected by layers of restrictions, their voice didnt travel out to any other rooms.

When Peng Fei and Jia Zhen heard what they said, their jaws dropped.

The Stone Ancestor was someone who was ranked ninety-ninth on the Extermination List! However, the three-headed beast standing before them revealed the Stone Ancestors shameful past!

Of course, they couldnt bring themselves to believe anything he said.

In the second room, Li Dongjun spoke to Jin Xiaoxiao, “That brat is really lucky that the Stone Ancestor actually allowed them to live!”


It doesnt matter.

Even if Senior Stone Ancestor doesn\'t make a move on them, Dao Jianchou will definitely deal with them after the auction.”

The auction started soon after the Stone Ancestor arrived.

The first item was a piece of mysterious metal that contained the attribute of darkness and lightning.

“This is a Purple Ruined Secret Metal.

It already has its own dao spirit, and the runes on the metal are exquisite.

You can use it to refine cosmos artifacts, or you can use it to comprehend the dao laws!” The auctioneer was a pretty lady, and her voice was extremely pleasing to the ears.

After a little more introduction, the pretty auctioneer started the bidding.

“Starting bid of one million dao coins.

No smaller increments of one hundred thousand dao coins.”

For auctions held by the Mystical Pavilion, items brought out were never ordinary.

Everything they brought out was worth at least a million, and many people only came to watch the show.

As soon as the bidding started, Li Dongjun yelled, “Three million!”

Everyone stared at him in shock.

No one would have thought that he would pay so much for it, as the piece of metal was only worth two million dao coins at best.

No one was crazy enough to fight him for it as they had nothing against dao coins.

When the auctioneer handed it over to him, he waved his hand and threw out a spatial ring full of dao coins.

“You can keep the rest.” Glancing at Huang Xiaolong from the corner of his eye, Li Dongjun was clearly trying to challenge the man.

Smiling to himself, Huang Xiaolong ignored him.

To Huang Xiaolong, everyone from the Nine Vision Creed and the Devil Curse Creed were dead men as soon as the auction ended.

They only had so much time left to live, and Huang Xiaolong wasnt going to rob them of the pleasure.

Lei Yu cackled when he saw Li Dongjuns expression.

“Isnt he spending a bit more to buy trash Why is he so happy Brat, have you ever seen precious treasures in your life”

Since he allowed everyone to hear his voice, Lei Yus laughter rang in the ears of everyone present.

Li Dongjuns expression changed instantly.


In the end, he could only glare at Lei Yu with a hateful expression as he didnt dare to break the flow of the auction.

The Stone Ancestor and the others ignored them completely, as though they werent interested at all.

As the auction carried on, the second item was a grand dao herb.

The bidding started at two million, and Li Dongjun bought it again for five million dao coins.

He snapped up everything that came out for a substantial amount more than the market price.

Moreover, he would stare at Huang Xiaolong after doing so in order to relieve some anger in his heart.

Yu Dong laughed when he saw what Li Dongjun was doing.

“Brother Dongjun, why are you so affected by a country bumpkin”

Finally, Li Dongjun snapped back to reality, and he stopped bidding.

After the tenth item of the auction appeared, the prices reached tens of millions of dao coins.

It didnt take long for everything to be auctioned off.

When the twentieth item appeared, the interest of those in the pavilion was finally aroused.

Huang Xiaolong, Fan Luo, the Stone Ancestor, Jin Xiaoxiao, and the others hadnt shouted out a single bid for the previous twenty items.

The only thing that was bought by anyone important was a sword embryo for forty million dao coins by the Dragon Venerable Jian Huang.

“Now, we shall be auctioning off a bottle of Lightning Flame Pills.” The auctioneer smiled.

“These were refined by experts from the Tai Ji Creed, and the Tai Ji Dao Venerable was personally involved in the process.”

Noise filled the auction venue and the auction entered its second phase.

The Tai Ji Creed was known for their art of pill refinement, and they were extremely famous even in the Origin Holy World! Their ability to refine pills ranked in the top three of the Origin Holy World.

Moreover, the pills were refined by the Tai Ji Dao Venerable, and that aspect alone was worth a substantial amount of dao coins.

Jin Xiaoxiaos eyes lit up and those around her could see that she was extremely interested in the pills.

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