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Chapter 3038: You Can Have It

Since Jin Xiaoxiao had barely entered the Dao Venerable Realm, she needed to stabilize her inner worlds.

The Lightning Flame Pills were perfect for that.

When Li Dongjun saw Jin Xiaoxiaos expression, he understood what she was thinking.

“Princess, if you want the pills, I will buy them for you.”

Jin Xiaoxiao looked at Fan Luo in the third room, and she didnt say anything.

From her reaction, it seemed as though she had agreed silently to his offer.

Li Dongjun wanted to jump in joy, but he managed to keep his emotions in check.

Yu Dong of the Devil Curse Creed frowned, but he didnt say anything.

“When the Lightning Flame Pills were completed, they attracted tribulation lightning, and the nine dao runes you see on them signify that they are of the highest quality.” The auctioneer continued.

Jin Xiaoxiaos eyes grew even brighter.

It was extremely rare for a pill to receive nine dao runes, and the effects of pills like that were several times better than ordinary pills!

After a short introduction, the bidding started at two hundred million dao coins!

When the opening price was called, the fervor in the eyes of those present cooled by half.

Two hundred million dao coins was no paltry sum! It was something high-level Dao Venerables wouldnt be able to take out even if they tried, and only creeds that ranked among the top few would be able to do so!

Of course, they might be able to do so, but that was merely the starting bid.

“Two hundred and ten million!” Li Dongjun, who remained silent for a long time, yelled the first bid.

As the young patriarch of the Nine Vision Creed, he was able to bring out that much money.

In an instant, all the gazes in the venue turned to Li Dongjun.

“Two hundred and eleven million!” Eminent Elder Li Wenze of the Cangming Creed continued.

Li Dongjun frowned, and he upped the price once again.

“Two hundred and twenty million!”

The other party might be a Eminent Elder of the Cangming Creed, but he had already promised Jin Xiaoxiao to get the pills for her.

“Two hundred and thirty million.” Another bid rang out.

Seeing that it came from the sixth room, everyone quickly looked for their identity.

“Its Ren Fengyuan of the Heaven Seizing Chamber of Commerce!”

The crowd became restless once again.

The Heaven Seizing Chamber of Commerce was one of the largest rooms of commerce in the Origin Holy World.

It was several times better than the Windy Cloud Chamber of Commerce, and the Heaven Seizing Inn was one of their businesses.

Ren Fengyuan was the vice director of the branch in the Golden Fox Heavenly Cave, and no one could look down on his status.

He might not be the director of the branch, but he was definitely somebody important in the Golden Fox Heavenly Cave.

Even if the Nine Vision Dao Venerable arrived, he would have to bow before Ren Fengyuan.

Chen Yuqi and Li Wenzi were shocked.

They didnt think that Ren Fengyuan would be interested in the pills.

Turning his gaze away from the pills, Li Wenze decided to give up on it.

As for Li Dongjun, he looked at Jin Xiaoxiao with an awkward expression.

“Two hundred and forty million.” Jin Xiaoxiao broke the silence and called out the next bid.

Everyone stared at her in shock as they didnt expect her to call out a bid for it.

Turning to the sixth room, Jin Xiaoxiao bowed, “Senior Ren, the pills are extremely important to me.

I mean no disrespect.”

Even with her status in the Golden Fox Heavenly Cave, she had to show some respect to Ren Fengyuan.

A chuckle rang through the skies.

“Since Princess Xiaoxiao needs the pills, I wont fight with you for it.”

A sweet smile formed on her face.

“Many thanks to Senior Ren! Xiaoxiao will thank you personally after the auction.”

Nodding slightly, Ren Fengyuan decided to let the pills go.

When everyone heard that Jin Xiaoxiao was determined to get the pill, they quickly gave up on it.

The Lightning Flame Pills were good, but not many people wished to offend Jin Xiaoxiao for it.

Before the auctioneer could close the bidding process, Huang Xiaolong finally made his move.

“Three hundred million.”


Everyone stared at him in shock.

It was especially so when they realized it was the mysterious young man who spoke.

No one thought that he would dare to fight Jin Xiaoxiao for some pills!

“He dares to offend Princess Xiaoxiao over some pills…”

“You might not know this, but when he made his way here, the man allowed his mount to send the Golden Fox Army flying.

They were securing the path for Her Highness, but the young man ignored them all!”

“Is that true!”

Not many people knew about the incident that had happened on the street, but now that they had heard about it, everyone started to clamor.

Jin Xiaoxiaos expression sank when she saw that Huang Xiaolong was the one bidding against her.

Li Dongjun and all the other young patriarchs behind her glared at Huang Xiaolong and they didnt bother hiding the killing intent in their eyes.

“Four hundred million!” Suppressing the rage in her heart, Jin Xiaoxiao called out another bid.

She glared at Huang Xiaolong as she wanted to see how much he was willing to spend.

Challenging the Golden Fox Princess was a futile attempt.

After all, she should be one of the richest people present in the room.

“Hes really f*cking stupid.

Doesnt he know that Her Highness has too much money and nowhere to spend it How dare he bid against her!” Someone couldnt help but mock Huang Xiaolong.

He was an expert from the Endless Creed, and they were ranked fourth in the region.

Many experts in the venue started laughing as they knew that the only person who could possibly be richer than her would be Ren Fengyuan.

After all, wealthy wasnt a word to describe the daughter of the region master.

She was filthy rich.

Of course, how were they to know that Huang Xiaolongs wealth could rival the entire Origin Holy World

Huang Xiaolong casually replied, “One billion.”

One billion!

The experts who were mocking Huang Xiaolong fell silent instantly.

Silence descended on the lands, and no one could comprehend what he was saying.

That was one billion grand dao coins they were talking about! Even Li Dongjun wouldnt be able to bring out so much money! Moreover, the pills were worth forty million at most.

Jin Xiaoxiao stared at Huang Xiaolong mutely, and cold light flashed through her eyes.

Anger burned in her heart.







Coins.” Jin Xiaoxiao ground her teeth together and growled.

As the Golden Fox Princess, she could spend a billion dao coins if she wanted to.

She refused to believe that she couldnt obtain a mere bottle of Lightning Flame Pills.

“Three billion.” Huang Xiaolongs voice came as soon as Jin Xiaoxiao released her bid.

“What!” Chaos ensued the moment Huang Xiaolong spoke.

They were already shocked he would bid a billion dao coins, but the sum of three billion was absolutely mind-boggling.

Everyone who was mocking Huang Xiaolong previously fell silent.

As for Fan Luo, his interest in Huang Xiaolong returned.

A trace of greed flashed in Dao Jianchous eyes as he stared at Huang Xiaolong with a burning gaze.

The only person who wasnt interested was the Stone Ancestor.

The amount of money wasnt big enough to interest him.

Jin Xiaoxiao glared at Huang Xiaolong and the arrogant expression that had always been stuck on her face was no longer there.

She might be able to bring out several billion dao coins, but her heart still ached from doing so.

Only after a solid ten seconds did Jin Xiaoxiao retrieve her gaze.

She remained silent and no longer called out another bid.

With a billion dao coins, she would be able to buy several bottles of Lightning Flame Pills in the future anyway.

She chose to listen to the tiny voice in her head and decided not to fight with Huang Xiaolong.

The pills were eventually bought by Huang Xiaolong and with a wave of his hand, three billion dao coins appeared in midair.

A mountain of dao coins fell from the heavens and onto the stage, and Huang Xiaolong remained expressionless throughout the process.

When the auctioneer handed the bottle to Huang Xiaolong, he didnt even glance at it as he threw it over to Peng Fei and Jia Zhen.

“Both of you worked hard along the way.

I dont have anything suitable on me, but these pills should do fine.

You can have them as your reward.”

Everyone stared at Huang Xiaolong as though they were looking at a ghost.

He spent three billion dao coins to buy the bottle of Lightning Flame Pills in order to reward the Primal Ancestor Realm disciples of the Leiyu Creed!

Even the Sword Venerable Dragon Emperor and the others in the private rooms were stunned silly.

The Stone Ancestor finally turned to look at Huang Xiaolong, and it seemed as though his interest was piqued.

Huang Xiaolong remained unaffected by their reactions.

In fact, all he had on him was genesis level pills.

It was true that they were not suitable for the two Primal Ancestors.

As such, he had decided to buy the pills in order to reward them as soon as they had appeared in the auction.

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