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Chapter 3042: Mysterious Stone (II)


After hearing the condition from the beautiful auctioneer, Stone Ancestor, Jin Xiaoxiao, Fan Luo, Dragon Venerable Jian Huang, Dao Jianchou, and even Ren Fengyuans eyes lit up.

All of them were clearly interested in the mysterious stone, and even though the Mystical Pavilion had failed to find out what was inside the stone, what if there was really genesis lightning water, genesis poisonous water, or other treasures of this level

One could imagine how heavy the mysterious stone was from watching the two First Esteem Dao Venerable experts struggle to carry it onto the stage.

A common genesis stone couldnt be this heavy, and therefore, there had to be some kind of treasure inside.

“I would assume the Mystical Pavilion has tried many ways to open this stone, right But even the Mystical Pavilion failed to open it, how are we going to open it after buying it” Dao Jianchou suddenly asked aloud.

The auctioneer smiled politely and spoke in her crisp voice, “Just because our Mystical Pavilion failed to open it doesnt mean no one can open it, right Who knows, theres people amongst everyone here who might be able to do it Of course, if you cant open it after bringing it back, it is not the Mystical Pavilions business.”

The others smiled slyly at her answer.

But the auctioneers introduction was like an unscratchable itch in everyones heart, and they couldnt help but be attracted to the mysterious stone.

“I have a genesis treasure, Blood Lotus!” Ren Fengyuan of Heaven Seizing Chamber of Commerce spoke as he took out a stalk of blood-colored lotus.

The instant the blood-colored lotus appeared, it cast a blood-red glow onto the entire auction hall.

However, there was nothing evil about this blood-red glow.

It was neither sinister or nefarious.

Instead, it had a mesmerizing brilliant flow that was dream-like, surreal, and enrapturing.

Blood Lotus!

Gazes turned hot as everyones eyes locked on the blood lotus in Ren Fengyuans hand.

This was a genuine genesis spiritual herb!

Moreover, blood lotus had many miraculous uses.

“Im willing to use this Nine-Colored Reishi to exchange the mysterious stone.” Suddenly, a mysterious man clad in all black, seated in a corner of the auction hall, spoke and took out a ganoderma that exuded a prism of nine-colored lights.

The nine-colored lights were clear and orderly, and every layer of light seemed to be a world in itself, nurturing many colorful elves inside.

“Its actually the Nine-Colored Reishi!” Eyes shifted away from the Blood Lotus to the Nine-Colored Reishi.

The Nine-Colored Reishi was one of the Origin Holy Worlds genesis level spiritual herbs, and it had always ranked in the top one hundred amongst the genesis level spiritual herbs.

No one could have thought that this mysterious person clad in black would be willing to use the Nine-Colored Reishi to exchange for the mysterious stone.

Jin Xiaoxiao, Fan Luo, Stone Ancestor, Dragon Venerable Jian Huang, Dao Jianchou, and the others looked surprised.

Dragon Venerable Jian Huang and Dao Jianchou who intended to compete for the mysterious stone shook their heads and gave up on the thought.

Although they had some genesis items in their possessions, they were far less in value compared to the Nine-Colored Reishi.

Jin Xiaoxiao and Fan Luo struggled inwardly.

Both of them could take out sky-opening items at the same level as the Nine-Colored Reishi, and they even had something better, but was it worth it to exchange them for the mysterious stone

Both hesitated.

Even Stone Ancestor fell into silence.

Gazes flitted between Huang Xiaolong, Stone Ancestor, Jin Xiaoxiao, and Fan Luo.

It went without saying that these four were the ones who could afford something valuable at the level of the Nine-Colored Reishi.

“I only have one Geocentric Bead!” Then, Jin Xiaoxiaos voice sounded.

She took out a yellowish bead.

The yellowish beads yellow light immediately won over the Blood Lotus blood-red glow.

“Geocentric Bead, real, really The Golden Fox Princess wants to use her Geocentric Bead to exchange that mysterious stone!” someone exclaimed in disbelief.

Geocentric Bead was another kind of genesis treasure, formed in the depths of the earth after countless years of accumulation.

With the Geocentric Bead in one\'s close proximity, one would be able to sense the earths energy.

Although the earths energy was weaker than heaven and earths energy, it was one of the high-grade energy.

Moreover, the Geocentric Bead was not only useful in cultivation, but it could also enhance the wearers attack power.

For example, with the Geocentric Bead in hand, Jin Xiaoxiao could borrow the earths power and suppressed an opponent of the same cultivation realm.

It was no secret the Golden Fox Manor possessed a Geocentric Bead, but no one had expected Jin Xiaoxiao to be willing to exchange it for the mysterious stone.

Fan Luo was astounded by Jin Xiaoxiaos action.

He was still hesitating a moment ago, but seeing this, he decided to give up.

Stone Ancestor stared fixedly at the mysterious stone in silence the whole time, and his eyes shone from time to time as he was considering what he should take out to compete for the mysterious stone.

Though the Geocentric Bead was precious, he was confident he had a chance if he really wanted to compete.

He was still contemplating whether the mysterious stone was worth it.

Unfortunately, his technique did not allow him to see through the stones secret.

The auctioneer was in no hurry as well, and her beautiful eyes occasionally stopped on Huang Xiaolong and Stone Ancestor.

“I also have one genesis spiritual herb.” Huang Xiaolong spoke unhurriedly and took out a small thistle before everyones full attention.

The little thistle plant was constantly flickering, solid one second, and ethereal in the next second, like playing hide and seek with space, illusive and unpredictable.

Many didnt recognize this little thistle, and looked at their companions in confusion.

“An unknown grass you dug out from God knows where is also a genesis spiritual herb” The Nine Vision Creeds Young Patriarch Li Dongjun snorted audibly.

But before he could say more, Stone Ancestor, Fan Luo, and Ren Fengyuan blurted out excitedly, almost at the same time, “Void Reincarnation Thistle!”

Others blanked for a second, and then shock rose to their faces and gazes on the little thistle in Huang Xiaolongs hand turned hot.

“Its actually the Void Reincarnation Thistle, one of the top ten genesis spiritual herbs!” an excited voice shrieked.

The mysterious mans Nine-Colored Reishi was one of the top one hundred genesis spiritual herbs, but next to the Void Reincarnation Thistle, the reishi was only a little better than medicine dregs!

There was no comparison between the two.

The Nine-Colored Reishi was rare, but one could still find it in some auctions as the finale item.

On the other hand, the Void Reincarnation Thistle, one of the top ten genesis spiritual herbs, had appeared no more than ten times!

It was not an exaggeration to say the Void Reincarnation Thistle was a priceless treasure.

A single genesis level pill needed a hundred kinds of genesis spiritual herbs, maybe even more, to refine.

But just one Void Reincarnation Thistle had the same efficacy of a genesis level pill.

Even more precious was the Void Reincarnations absolute space power as one had a chance to comprehend the power of absolute space from it.

The auctioneer was able to remain calm seeing the Nine-Colored Reishi.

Her reaction was the same with the Geocentric Bead, but when the Void Reincarnation Thistle appeared, she was obviously thrilled.

Jin Xiaoxiao was astounded that Huang Xiaolong took out the Void Reincarnation Thistle, and there was a trace of complex emotions, including anger, and desire.

Her Geocentric Bead was precious, but it was not as valuable as Huang Xiaolongs Void Reincarnation Thistle.

“Who else would like to exchange this mysterious stone” the auctioneer asked.

All eyes were on Stone Ancestor.

Stone Ancestor shook his head, indicating he had given up.

He didnt have any genesis treasure in the top fifty, and even if he did, he wouldnt take it out to exchange for the mysterious stone.

Huang Xiaolong was a fool in his eyes, and he pitied him in his heart.

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