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Chapter 3045: Determine the Outcome With One Move

Dao Jianchou was pacing back and forth anxiously when he suddenly spotted Huang Xiaolongs figure.

He was stunned for a moment.

In the distance, Jin Xiaoxiao, Li Dongjun, and others were also surprised to see Huang Xiaolong come out so soon and unscathed.

“Branch Master Mou Baicheng let him off so easily” Jin Xiaoxiaos brows wrinkled in suspicion.

“Maybe that kid used some kind of treasure to convince Branch Master Mou Baicheng to spare him” Li Dongjun contemplated.

Jin Xiaoxiao doubted.

Is it like that

While Jin Xiaoxiao, Li Dongjun, and others were thinking of a reason, Dao Jianchou approached Huang Xiaolong in large strides with a beaming face.

“Very good! You did not disappoint me.

You said one hour, and you really came out in an hour.”

Huang Xiaolong was tickled by Dao Jianchous anxious face, so he laughed and said, “Shall we start now”

Dao Jianchou was surprised, then his smile widened.

“Start now! Before that, I want to add one condition.”

“Oh,” Huang Xiaolong wasnt really surprised, and as expected, Dao Jianchou went on, “If you lose, everything on you belongs to me, including all the things you bought at the auction.”

In the distance, Li Dongjuns face sank hearing that.

“This Dao Jianchous really got a big appetite.”

In the auction, Huang Xiaolong had spent more than twenty billion dao coins, and the amount on him naturally exceeded that sum.

Counting the items Huang Xiaolong had purchased, Huang Xiaolong himself was a mobile treasury.

It would be a lie to say Li Dongjun, Yu Dong, and others werent tempted, but now, Dao Jianchou is planning to swallow everything alone

“Princess,” Yu Dong turned to Jin Xiaoxiao.

Jin Xiaoxiao was unnaturally calm.

“There is no need to hurry.

Even if Dao Jianchou got everything on that young mans body, he wont be able to walk away.

Do you think the Stone Ancestor has left”

Huang Xiaolong even had a Void Reincarnation Thistle, and the temptation was too big, that even an expert on the Extermination List like Stone Ancestor wont be able to leave so simply.

Realization dawned on Li Dongjun, Yu Dong, and the others, and Li Dongjun chuckled, “You shouldnt show off your wealth, but that brat grabbed all the limelight in the auction.

Now, hes going to pay for it with his life!”

Huang Xiaolong laughed when he heard Dao Jianchou wanted everything on his body, “Sure, as long as you defeat me, you can take away anything on me.

I have many genesis level pills and also many peak-grade cosmos artifacts.”

Genesis level pills!

Peak-grade cosmos artifacts!

He has many!

Upon hearing Huang Xiaolong admit with his own mouth, it shocked many people, including Stone Ancestor that was watching from a hidden place.

Dao Jianchou looked at Huang Xiaolong in surprise, and beamed.

“Are you joking”

He really didnt believe that Huang Xiaolong had so many treasures on him, that he would even reveal it in public.

If Huang Xiaolong really has so many genesis level pills and peak-grade cosmos artifacts, experts from the entire Golden Fox Heavenly Cave would rush over here in a heartbeat.

Even existences like the Golden Fox Dao Venerable wouldnt be able to suppress their greed, then who was mere Huang Xiaolong

Huang Xiaolong\'s smile deepened at Dao Jianchous question.

He backed away on Lei Yu with the others, leaving a wide space for Dao Jianchou and Old Monster Flame.

Dao Jianchou looked at the Old Monster Flame with his blazing crimson hair, and then at the great blade.

Suddenly, blade intent soared.

All the experts on Qiongqi Sacred Land felt the shocking blade intent and battle intent.

Dao Jianchus battle intent was fierce and vigorous, breaking through everything in its path, and it was unstoppable.

It was as if he alone could destroy heaven and earth, incinerate a galaxial river.

“Lets keep things simple and make things quick, and determine victory with one move!” Dao Jianchou laughed as he said to Old Monster Flame.

He was proud, brazen, and he projected a domineering quality.

In the next moment, he made his move.

The great blade resting on his shoulder slashed out at Old Monster Flame, and the whole world lit up.

It was Dao Jianchous blade rays that shot to the firmament, piercing everyones eyes.

This slash was domineering, violent, awe-inspiring, and robust, and at this moment, every experts blade hummed in excited resonance.

Dao Jianchous blade intent had triggered a resonance with these blades.

In the same moment Dao Jianchou made his move, Old Monster Flame also moved.

He closed the distance between them in a split second as if he was one of Dao Jianchous blade rays.

However, Old Monster Flames speed was faster.

He pointed forward with his finger, and it was akin to the condensation of ten thousand suns rays.

This simple point of his finger could incinerate a planet, melt the vast space, and pierce a hole through a sacred land like the Qiongqi Sacred Land!

Blade intent and finger intent dominated the horizon, and red blazing flames colored the sky, and blade rays criss-crossed in the air.

Dao Jianchou and Old Monster Flame brushed past each other, as if two strangers on the streets were suddenly swerving to avoid the other.

Then, neither moved.

Everyone was awestruck.

In the next second, blade intent in the air disappeared, and the blade rays in the firmament shattered like glass.

Yet the blazing flames remained, spreading onward, burning the mountain ranges in the distance as if it would never stop.

“Why did they stop” Li Dongjun frowned, seeing Dao Jianchou merely standing there.

Jian Xiaoxiao also found it strange, when she saw Dao Jianchou slowly turning to look at Old Monster Flames back with absolute terror.

Thats right, terror.

“You, extermination!”

Before he could say another word, a crimson-flame hole appeared in his forehead.

This crimson-flame hole was a burning hole through Dao Jianchuos head, turning Dao Jianchous head crimson like Old Monster Flames hair.

The flames made quick work of Dao Jianchou, incinerating him like a piece of paper.

Those who were baffled as to why Dao Jianchou had suddenly stopped in the middle of a battle stiffened on the spot, and then, shock and terror sunk in.

It was an indescribable feeling of terror.

“Dao, Dao Jianchou, lost!” a Cangming Creeds disciple stuttered blankly.

“No, no, he, he was exterminated!” The one who answered him was a Cangming Creeds high-level Dao Venerable expert.

Just like what Dao Jianchou had requested earlier, it was a quick battle, and the victory was determined with one move.

And the outcome had indeed come out after one move, however, the one who was exterminated was Dao Jianchou!

Jin Xiaoxiao stared dazedly at the spot where Dao Jianchou was incinerated, and she was unable to recover for a long time.

There were flames flowing on that spot, like glittering crystals, and they looked extremely beautiful.

The peak late-Ninth Esteem Dao Venerable Dao Jianchou with minor completion in dao intent had crushed many peak late-Ninth Esteem Dao Venerable experts with overwhelming strength.

He had stood at the peak of Golden Fox Heavenly Cave and some neighboring heavenly caves for countless years.

He was the person who had brought a headache to many creeds patriarchs at the mention of his name, but he was exterminated with one finger!

Stone Ancestors pupils needled and his heart tightened.

In his mind, the scene of Old Monster Flames single finger tap played repeatedly.

Old Monster Flame caught Dao Jianchous dao soul and brought it to Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong held Dao Jianchous dao soul and laughed softly, seeing the absolute horror on his face.

“I told you that as long as youre capable, you can take away anything from my body.

Pity that it seems like you dont have the strength to do so.”

Dont have the strength!

This sentence greatly deterred those who coveted the good things on Huang Xiaolongs body.

Huang Xiaolong threw Dao Jinchous dao soul into the Sun Moon Furnace, letting him stay with the other dao souls.

Riding on Lei Yu, and with Old Monster Flame following behind them, Huang Xiaolong went towards Jin Xiaoxiao, and Li Dongjuns group.

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