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Chapter 3052: Sea of Skulls

“It seems like all the experts from the heavenly caves close to the Heavens Burial Lands have come!” Lei Yu surmised, looking at the rows of flying ships around.

He was familiar with most of the emblems on these flying ships.

“En” Suddenly, Lei Yus eyes narrowed when he spotted a flying shop with a tiger head.

“What is it” Huang Xiaolong asked as he followed Lei Yus line of sight.

“Its the Darkness Tigers Flying Ship from the Darkness Tiger Heavenly Cave.” Lei Yu added, “One of my opponents back then.”

Huang Xiaolong nodded as someone strong enough to be Lei Yus opponent meant that this person was at least in the top twenty ranks on the Extermination List.

The Darkness Tiger Flying Ship sped into the Heavens Burial Lands, out of Huang Xiaolong and Lei Yus sight.

Huang Xiaolong had Old Monster Flame and twelve others control the Purple Lightning Peak and maneuver it through the chaotic currents to enter the Heavens Burial Lands.

Every corner of the Heavens Burial Lands was dominated by chaotic currents, and these chaotic currents were so overbearing in nature, that even Primal Ancestor Realm cultivators couldnt handle them, much less those who were weaker.

Therefore, those who ventured inside the Heavens Burial Lands were generally Dao Venerable experts, or half-step Dao Venerables with higher than average combat prowess.

Experts on other flying ships all turned to look when they noticed the Purple Lightning Peak.

Firstly, it was because of the Purple Lightning Peaks outer appearance, and secondly, the Purple Lighting Peak had never appeared in public before this.

“Whats that Is it a flying ship There are actually people who choose to refine a mountain peak as a flying ship They didnt even bother to change the outer appearance, and this style is really unique! I wonder which heavenly cave or creed it belongs to!” A Concealed Star Creeds expert couldnt help making fun of the Purple Lightning Peak.

“This Purple Lighting Peak is not simple! Probably a genesis treasure!” an expert from the Jinxing Creed, Bai Yue, pointed out.

The Concealed Star Creed and Jinxing Creed were creeds located in the Wild Maple Heavenly Cave, and both were amongst the top ten creeds.

Their overall strengths were slightly higher than the Nine Vision Creed and Devil Curse Creed, ranked in sixth and seventh place, respectively.

Amongst the several heavenly caves closest to the Heavens Burial Lands, the Golden Fox Heavenly Cave and Wild Maple Heavenly Cave were similar in overall strength.

“What A genesis treasure” Jun Buxia looked genuinely shocked.

“Brother Bai Yue, you wont be mistaken, right”

Yet the Jinxing Creed expert Bai Yue was absolutely certain of his assessment.

“Its definitely a genesis item.

Although I cannot determine what it is exactly, I still have that much eyesight.”

The Purple Lightning Peak had been forged by Old Monster Flame, Ming Fu and over a thousand Dao Venerables, successfully concealing the peaks lightning qi on the surface.

But from time to time, there would be one or two experts with a keen eye that noticed the Purple Lightning Peaks extraordinariness.

The Jinxing Creed was the top forging creed in the Wild Maple Heavenly Cave, and Bai Yue was the Jinxing Creeds Artifact Forging Hall Master.

Thus he could tell the origins of many things with a glance.

Then again, this was mainly because Huang Xiaolong did not deliberately conceal or disguise the Purple Lightning Peaks shape and outer appearance, had Huang Xiaolong done so, even the Jinxing Creed Patriarch wouldnt be able to see through the Purple Lightning Peaks true form.

After seeing that Jinxing Creeds expert Bai Yue was so certain that the purple lightning mountain was a genesis era treasure, many other experts with him were tempted.

Thats a genesis era treasure!

It didnt take smarts to know that such a large piece of mountain peak was definitely not the average kind of genesis treasure.

Jun Buxiao left the flying ship in a single step, and when both of his feet landed, he was blocking in front of the Purple Lighting Peak, with a giant blade pointed at the peak as he introduced himself, “I am Jun Buxiao from Wild Maples Heavenly Caves Jinxing Creed, and I have a question!”

Inside the Purple Lightning Peak, Huang Xiaolong watched it placidly, and indicated to Old Monster Flame to continue flying forward.

Seeing that the people inside ignored him, and the purple mountain peak continued to fly towards him, Jun Buxiao was angered.

“Breaking Heaven Blade!” Jun Buxiao slashed at the Purple Lightning Peak as he bellowed.

Waves of blade qi emerged, turning the immediate spaces chaotic aircurrents into a quag.

“Breaking Heaven Blade! The grand dao art was created by the Jinxing Creeds founder Jun Buxiao, and he had cultivated it to the twelfth-level!”

“The average Eighth Esteem Dao Venerable probably couldnt take this blade when it slashed down!”

Jun Buxiao himself was a peak late-Seventh Esteem Dao Venerable expert.

Jun Buxiaos companions on the flying ship couldnt help sighing in admiration watching Jun Buxiao use the Breaking Heaven Blade grand dao art.

But in the next moment, everyone watching saw that the purple-colored mountain peak that was as big as a continent continued to speed ahead, directly knocking away the so-called Heaven Breaking Blades attack and reaching Jun Buxiao faster than one could blink.

When the Purple Lightning Peak reached an ashened Jun Buxiao, attempting to defend himself with the blade in his hand, both him and the blade in his hand were swatted away like how one would swat away a fly.

When the Purple Lightning Peak was long gone out of sight, Jun Buxiao finally rolled down from one of the mountains several hundred thousand miles away.

A chunk of the mountain peak was smashed off when Jun Buxiao landed, as for the great blade he had tried to block the Purple Lightning Peak with was now scattered pieces of metal that one might not find all the pieces.

Jinxing Creeds Bao Yue and the others stood woodenly in daze.

“That blade was Jun Buxiaos Monarch Sword!” someone gulped.


Everyone was completely speechless now.

Jun Buxiaos Monarch Sword had been continuously forged and strengthened with care by Jun Buxiao, and it had long reached mid-grade cosmos artifact level, yet this mid-grade cosmos artifact had shattered like fragile glass.

After the shock had receded, gazes turned feverish.

Even a mid-grade cosmos artifact could not withstand a bump from that purple mountain peak.

That purple mountain was definitely a…!

As a forging expert, the feverish light in Jinxing Creeds Bai Yue was the most intense.


Standing at the top of Purple Lightning Peak, Huang Xiaolongs three dao souls spread to survey his surroundings and get a sense of the Heavens Burial Lands.

This Heavens Burial Lands felt like a corner forgotten by the Gods.

The grand dao laws and heaven and earth spiritual energy here were in an extremely chaotic state, and it felt as if an unimaginable force had segregated this place.

Huang Xiaolong frowned, as a place like the Heavens Burial Lands shouldnt have existed.

Here, he could not feel any power of heaven tribulation, he couldnt sense any form of lightning element energy fluctuations.

Seemingly detecting Huang Xiaolongs confusion, Lei Yu said, “Some say that the God of Creation deliberately left out the Heavens Burial Lands, while others think that the Heavens Burial Lands is not something of our world.”

Huang Xiaolong analyzed Lei Yus words and remembered the mysterious blood-red stone he had bought from the auction.

“Theres a treasure in the Sea of Skulls! Hurry to the Sea of Skulls!” Right at this time, a flying ship suddenly cut across in front of the Purple Lightning Peak and an anxious voice sounded from it.

Huang Xiaolong was stoked.

“Sea of Skulls”

Lei Yu explained, “The Sea of Skulls is one of the dangers in Heavens Burial Lands.

There are countless skull creatures there that are hard to kill, and they are extremely troublesome.

If we hurry to the Sea of Skulls now, it would take half a day.”

Huang Xiaolong nodded, and with Lei Yu pointing the way, the Purple Lightning Peak headed to the Sea of Skulls.

Half a day later, Huang Xiaolongs group reached the Sea of Skulls Lei Yu spoke of, and seeing the white sea of skull creatures that stretched to the horizon, Huang Xiaolong finally understood what Lei Yu meant by boundless sea of skull creatures.

There was literally a sea formed from piled-up skulls and bones! How many billions were there Not even Huang Xiaolongs dao souls could cover the extent of this sea.

A sudden scream cut across the air.

A group of experts, not far ahead, was being besieged by the skull creatures, as they were bitten, and gnawed with blood everywhere.

Every one of the experts was filled with horror.

Huang Xiaolong noticed when these Dao Venerable experts cut the skull monsters into pieces, the skull monsters mended quickly, piercing themselves back together.

Even flames condensed from cosmos energy could not burn these skull monsters to death.

Lei Yus voice sounded beside him, “Once youre surrounded by these skull monsters, not even high-level Dao Venerables can escape, there is only death in the end.

They can even bite through a cultivators inextinguishable dao heart.”

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