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Chapter 3053: Golden Buddha Statue

“Daoist Friend, please lend us a helping hand, and save us!” Suddenly, one of the people from the group of experts being besieged by skull monsters, urgently sought help from Huang Xiaolong and Lei Yu, with hope and desire for life shining in their eyes.

“Go over there!” Huang Xiaolong gave the word.

The Purple Lightning Peak disentangled itself from the swarm of skull monsters and reached the group being besieged in a zap.

In the next second, the Purple Lightning Peak spewed out bolts of lightning, zapping the skull monsters besieging the cultivators, and reducing them into white mists, as all blasted to nothing.

These skull monsters were actually quite tedious to kill as they possessed strong recovery ability.

However this was not absolute.

What kind of existence was the Purple Lightning Peak It could shatter mid-cosmos grade blades with a casual ram.

Especially after the Purple Lightning Peak had undergone repeated forging by Old Monster Flame and other one thousand Dao Venerable experts hands Less than a handful of peak late-Ninth Esteem Dao Venerables couldnt block the Purple Lightning Peak, then what were these skull monsters compared to them

Under the jubilant spewing lightning, the skull monsters were zapped into white mist, rendering the besieged group dumbstruck, and they forgot to move.

“Leave the Sea of Skulls quickly,” Huang Xiaolong said as he waved his hand.

A while later, the group of experts realized they had been sent out of the Sea of Skulls.

The Purple Lightning Peak flew further in across the Sea of Skulls.

Huang Xiaolong could lend a helping hand, but it was impossible for him to bring them by his side.

The strange thing was that after they were sent out of the Sea of Skulls, those skull monsters stopped attacking, as if there was a kind of power that trapped those skull monsters in the Sea of Skulls.

One would wonder if the group of experts were astounded by the Purple Lighting Peaks power or terrified by their experience that they remained there for a long time.

“Whos that” A long time later, someone in the group asked dazedly, referring to Huang Xiaolong.

No one had the answer.

“That purple-colored lightning peak easily shattered those skull monsters with a mere touch.

Not to mention, its lightning qi actually reduced these skull monsters into white mists! Even if its not absolute lightning power, theres not much difference!” someone sang its praises, and at the same time, there was greed, and desire.

“Thats right, if I have this purple lightning peak, what kind of perilous lands in this world I cant cross Just like now, with that purple lightning peak, crossing the Sea of Skulls is no different than crossing the plains, ah!”

By this time, Huang Xiaolong, Lei Yu, and others were billions of miles away.

“Your Highness, those people might not be grateful to you for saving them,” Lei Yu spoke.

He had seen too much ugliness of the human heart.

Huang Xiaolong shook his head, “Ive killed too many people in my path.”

So, if its merely extending a helping hand, it was fine to save them.

Lei Yu fell into silence, but stated a moment later, “In truth, compared to other Dao Venerables, the number of people Your Highness killed is considerably low.

Which Dao Venerable did not rise from stepping on mountains of bones Where there are cultivators, there are killings, as long as one can maintain his original intention after the slaughters.”

Huang Xiaolongs heart seemed to lighten, and he repeated under his breath, “Where there are cultivators, there are killings, as long as one can maintain his original intention after the slaughters”

There was no shortage of enemies on his cultivation road, and after the slaughters, a lot of times, he had felt a little lost, but Lei Yus words had helped him walk out from the maze.

The Purple Lightning Peak continued onwards at rapid speed.

The skull monsters below did not cease attacking them, regardless of their numbers or how strong the skull monsters were, and none of them could block the Purple Lightning Peaks progress.

A few of the stronger skull monsters tried to climb up the Purple Lightning Peak but all of them were sent flying by the lightning qi on the surface, and they turned into wisps of white fog.

“Ei, whats that!” One hour into the Sea of Skulls, Lei Yu suddenly pointed out in surprise.

On the horizon were rays of brilliant golden light.

This golden light exuded an amazing power of absolute light, as well as Buddhist energy.

Huang Xiaolong was just as amazed.

Soon, Huang Xiaolong, Lei Yu, and the others saw an enormous, towering Buddha statue in meditative posture.

The body of the statue was the size of a mega city, and the layers of golden rays originated from this golden Buddha statue.

A towering golden Buddha statue sitting cross-legged in the middle of the Sea of Skulls, surrounded by an endless white sea of bones.

This contradictory sight was a jarring visual impact.

Seemingly afraid of the golden Buddha statue\'s light power and Buddhist energy that no skull creature dared to go close within several million miles radius of the golden Buddha statue.

Hence, there was a piece of truly empty space around the golden Buddha statue.

Huang Xiaolong saw there were already quite a few creeds flying ships and experts seeking harbor in that empty space.

When Huang Xiaolong, Lei Yu, and the others arrived on the Purple Lightning Peak, all these experts looked over at them.

“Who is this young man Which Heavenly Cave and which creed does he belong to”

“This purple color peak is not an ordinary item! Most likely, its a genesis era treasure!”

“What kind of genesis treasure!”

The purple color peak had become the center of attention.

Right at this time, a huge flying ship flew towards Huang Xiaolong and a giant palm was imprinted on its body!

This giant palm seemed to cover the sky, as if it was trying to grab the heavens down from above.

Heaven Seizing Commerce!

It was no secret that Heaven Seizing Chambers flying ships could only be taken out by the chambers branch director level authorities.

Ren Fengyuan, whom Huang Xiaolong had met at the Xuan Citys auction, did not have the authority to use this Heaven Seizing Chambers flying ship even though he was the Golden Fox Heavenly Caves branch deputy director of Heaven Seizing Commerce.

Therefore, the person on this Heaven Seizing Chambers flying ship was definitely one of Heaven Seizing Chambers branches branch directors.

For a Origin Holy World giant like the Heaven Seizing Chamber, every branch director was a big shot in the Origin Holy World.

Even though the branch director in the Golden Fox Heavenly Cave was not as powerful as Jin Hongyuan, his status was not that much different from Jin Hongyuan.

This was mainly because the branch directors backing was the Heaven Seizing Chamber!

Aboard the Heaven Seizing Chambers flying ship, a brocade-robed young man with a long sword hanging from his waist, said to Huang Xiaolong, “Friend, what is the price of your mountain peak My father wants to buy it, so state your price!”

The crowd of experts stirred slightly

“Thats the Wild Maples Heavenly Caves Heaven Seizing Chamber Branch Directors son, Young Master Si Shaoqiang.

The Heaven Seizing Chambers branch director Su Hong wants to buy this mountain peak”

An expert blurted out in surprise, “This mountain peak, can it be some kind of genesis treasure”

Gazes changed as they looked at the purple-colored peak, turning more than a little hot.

Huang Xiaolong glanced at Su Shaoqiang out of the corner of his eye and responded tepidly, “Your father cant afford to buy my mountain.”

Gasps sounded from the experts all around.

For a giant chamber of commerce such as the Heaven Seizing Chamber, every one of its branches had tremendous wealth that did not lose out to the treasury of a Heavenly Caves lord, yet Huang Xiaolong actually said that the other party couldnt afford it

Su Shaoqiang was stunned, but he wasnt angry, he even smiled as he spoke, “Everything has a price, just name your price.”

Huang Xiaolong stopped bothering with Su Shaoqiang, and set his gaze on the golden Buddha statue.

Lei Yu too was looking at the golden Buddha statue, and asked doubtfully, “This golden Buddha statue was not here in the past.

Did it appear suddenly Were the loud booms earlier related to this golden Buddha statue”

Seeing Huang Xiaolong ignoring him, Su Shaoqiang frowned, and then snickered, “My father said hes willing to pay one hundred billion Tuoshen dao coins for this mountain.

How about it” He was full of confidence as he threw out this number.

“One, one hundred billion dao coins!” The surrounding experts had been guessing how much Huang Xiaolongs mountain peak was worth, but they sucked in a breath of cold air after hearing that Su Hong was willing to pay one hundred billion dao coins for it.

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