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Chapter 3054: Ocean of Suffering

A hundred billion dao coins!

Creeds experts were frightened off by this exorbitant sum.

Those that could reach this place were mostly each heavenly caves top ten creeds, and even so, they gasped in shock—a hundred billion dao coins!

It was not an exaggeration to say that even existences like Fan Luos father, Fan Yihui, would be hard-pressed to take out a hundred billion dao coins on the spot.

But now, Su Hong was throwing out a hundred billion just like that!

Su Shaoqing smiled, seeing the surrounding experts shocked faces.

However, when his gaze swept over Huang Xiaolongs calm face, he was surprised.

Huang Xiaolong sneered inwardly.

All these years, in order to reforge the Purple Lightning Peak, he had used several hundred kinds of genesis level iron ores, and several hundred genesis level lightning-attributed spiritual stones, and the value of these materials had exceeded a hundred billion dao coins, and that had not taken the Purple Lightning Peaks individual value into account.

Moreover, Old Monster Flame, and a thousand high-level Dao Venerables had spent several years tempering the Purple Lightning Peak, and just the cost of this effort was more than a hundred billion dao coins.

Whose one hundred billion dao coins could hire Old Monster Flame and a thousand high-level Dao Venerables to build a flying ship for them Su Hong had the face to fantasize that one hundred billion dao coins could buy his Purple Lightning Peak

“One hundred billion dao coins” Huang Xiaolong snickered harshly, “Youre trying to send beggars away, right I already said that you cant afford it, and one hundred billion dao coins arent enough to buy you a piece of stone from my Purple Lightning Peak.”

Su Shaoqing was thrown into a stupor, just like the creeds other experts.

Even Su Hong, who was on the Heaven Seizing Chamber of Commerces flying ship, did not react.

But anger soon took over Su Shaoqing with murderous aura spilling out from his sharp gaze.

In his opinion, Huang Xiaolong had deliberately insulted him and his father!

His father, Su Hong was the Wild Maple Heaven Seizing Branch Commerces director! Even the Wild Maple Dao Venerable had to be courteous when seeing his father, yet this punk had the guts to…!

“This young man is too arrogant, Ive seen many arrogant people, but none as brazen as him!”

“Thats not just arrogant, theres simply no bound to his arrogance!”

As the crowd of experts admonished Huang Xiaolongs attitude, even more were gloating inwardly.

“Young man, which creed do you belong to Actually, I dont care which creed you belong to because today, I will teach you the consequences of disrespecting elders on behalf of your elders!” From the opposite flying ship came Su Hongs majestic voice.

A second later, someone stepped off the flying ship.

“Its Wang Haoyang.

Su Hongs right-hand man, and he is a late-Ninth Esteem Dao Venerable expert, but his battle strength is comparable to a peak late-Ninth Esteem Dao Venerable!” Someone recognized the person, who stepped out from the Heaven Seizing Chamber of Commerces flying ship.

Wang Haoyangs palm reached out to grab Huang Xiaolong the moment he came out from the flying ship.

He was executing Su Hongs order of teaching Huang Xiaolong a memorable lesson.

Thus he did not hold back much strength in his attack.

His heavy palm force brought about a powerful wind element energy.

While everyone thought Huang Xiaolong would be pulled off from the Purple Lightning Peak by Wang Haoyang, a bolt of purple lightning zapped out from the Purple Lightning Peak, striking Wang Haoyang.

His scream was short-lived as he evaporated into white mist and disappeared from the world!

Only his terrified dao soul survived.

The world fell into an eerie silence.

Su Shaoqing stood stiffly on the spot, and no words came from Su Hong.

Huang Xiaolong looked at the Heaven Seizing Chamber of Commerces flying ship and spoke directly, “Scram.

If you continue blocking my way, you will die!”

Su Shaoqiangs face and the faces of Heaven Seizing Chamber of Commerces experts behind him turned extremely ugly.

“You—!” Su Shaoqiangs eyes glared at Huang Xiaolong ferociously.

However, the anger on his face subsided in an instant.

He shot another angry glare at Huang Xiaolong, and then stepped to the side on the flying ship.

It was obvious that he had received an order from Su Hong through voice transmission.

Huang Xiaolongs attention returned to the golden Buddha statue.

There was a world inside the golden Buddha statue, there was probably a great treasure inside, but first, they had to locate the entrance.

A while later, Huang Xiaolongs gaze stopped on the golden Buddha statues eyes.

He put away the Purple Lightning Peak, then flew up towards the golden Buddhas eyes with Lei Yu, and the others.

Standing in the air opposite the pair of eyes, Old Monster Flame raised a finger and sent a silver of flame into the Buddhas left eye.

Waves of power of Buddhist energy burst out from the Buddhas left eye as a bright opening appeared.

Huang Xiaolong leaped onto Lei Yus back and entered through the left eye, Old Monster Flame and the rest followed behind him.

Seeing this, other forces experts swarmed towards the left eye.

Amongst these experts was a group of female disciples.

“Young Lady, who could that young man be He dares to offend Su Hong,” one of the female disciples spoke.

The leading female disciple had a veil covering her face, obscuring others from seeing her true face.

However, one can still make out it was a beautiful face behind that veil.

“There seems to be a trace of dragon qi on his body.

Perhaps he\'s one of the dragon races young patriarchs” the leading female disciple said, but she shook her head.

“Doesnt matter which dragon race he belongs to, it is unwise to offend the Heaven Seizing Chamber of Commerce.”

There were few that could stand against hegemon forces like the Heaven Seizing Chamber of Commerce, and even the lord of a Heavenly Cave would not dare to offend these hegemon existences.

“Young Lady, there must be a light attribute genesis treasure inside this golden Buddhas world, how else would there be such a strong power of light.”


By this time, Huang Xiaolongs group had arrived before a vast ocean, and Huang Xiaolongs dao souls could not see the other edge of this ocean.

The world inside the golden Buddha statue was bigger than Huang Xiaolong had imagined.

“The Ocean of Suffering is boundless.”

There were two huge stone tablets erected on a high cliff, one was inscribed withOcean of Suffering and the other tablet saidBoundless.

Lei Yu gazed towards the horizon and said, “To reach the other shore of the Ocean of Suffering, one must have the ability to wield the power of absolute light, or use treasure with the power of absolute light!”

Huang Xiaolong nodded, then said to Lei Yu, and the other thirteen people, “Wait for me here, Ill return quickly!”

With that said, the power of absolute light surged from his body, enshrouding him entirely as he flew across the Ocean of Suffering.

The Heaven Seizing Chamber of Commerces Su Hong, and other forces experts arrived just in time to see Huang Xiaolong speed into the Ocean of Suffering.

“That is… the power of absolute light! That young man can wield the power of absolute light!” a certain creeds old ancestor exclaimed loudly when he saw the power of absolute light enshrouding Huang Xiaolongs body.

Su Shaoqiang and the veiled young woman were genuinely surprised.

No matter who it was, a person who could comprehend the power of absolute light was a big shot in the Origin Holy World.

“But hes only an early Ninth Esteem Dao Venerable!” Another creeds old ancestor pointed out.

Others could only look on in silence.

While Huang Xiaolong was flying across the Ocean of Suffering, consecutive news spread out from the Heavens Burial Lands.

“Golden Fox Dao Venerable and Wind Cloud Dao Venerable found the Tree of Nightmare in the Dream Cave!”

“What! The Tree of Nightmare Legend has it that the Tree of Nightmare contains an unbelievable grand dao!”

“The Five Elements Creed Patriarch obtained a supreme ghost sword from the Yama Ghost Palace.

Thats a peak-level cosmos artifact that could project the Yin Ghost World!”

“The Four Constellations Lord got a star beast egg in the Glorious Pole Space, it could very well be an existence from the genesis era!”

Similar news continued to come from the Heavens Burial Lands.

The Heavens Burial Lands was boundless and the Ocean of Suffering where Huang Xiaolong was located, was just a small, slightly riskier places, where the Dream Cave, Yama Ghost Palace, and Glorious Pole Space were the bigger perilous places in the Heavens Burial Lands.

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