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Chapter 3059: Immortal Nine Flames


While the Devil Essence Holy Dragon Old Ancestor, Three Blades Yang, Purple Giant, and Special Envoy Hailan waited for something to be born, in another area of the Golden Flames Sandy Land some distance away, the Origin Holy World Master Manor’s experts dominated an area, the Prince of Origin Xiao Yuncheng, and the World Manor’s experts were also waiting for a treasure to emerge.

The Devil Essence Holy Dragon Old Ancestor and Prince of Origin Xiao Yuncheng seemed to know in advance something would emerge in these two areas.

A day later.

Suddenly, blazing golden lights shone from the grounds of the two areas fenced off by the Mystical Pavilion and World Manor’s experts as if brilliant stars were escaping from underground.

All the experts within the Golden Flames Sandy Land were immediately attracted and astounded by these brilliant rays that lit up the whole place. 

Golden rays soared to the sky and formed two golden diagrams in high air, like paintings painted with flowing golden-colored flames, exuding overwhelming waves of destructive energy.

Even experts that retreated to the very edge of the Golden Flames Sandy Land’s boundary felt the terror of the destructive energy.

Huang Xiaolong’s group was heading straight towards the Devil Essence Holy Dragon Old Ancestor’s location when they saw golden lights, the golden diagrams, and the golden diagrams’ flowing golden flames.

“It seems to be the power of absolute blaze!” Old Monster Flame exclaimed in astonishment. 

The golden flowing flames forming the golden diagrams in the sky were the power of absolute blaze! On top of that, the power of this absolute blaze was stronger than his peak major completion absolute blaze power! That could only mean perfection level absolute blaze power! 

Huang Xiaolong, Lei Yu , and the others were just as astonished as Old Monster Flame.

“It’s the Nine Flames Hieroglyphic!” Even in his astonishment, Lei Yu was staring fixedly at the golden hieroglyphic in the sky. 

“Nine Flames Hieroglyphic” Huang Xiaolong repeated with confusion in his eyes.

Lei Yu explained, “The Nine Flames Hieroglyphic is Immortal Nine Flames’ unique symbol!”

“Master, you mean the Immortal Nine Flames is ranked tenth on the Extermination List!” Chen Ming asked in shock, and Li Xiaoan’s face mirrored Chen Ming’s shock. 

Immortal Nine Flames was an expert ranked tenth of the Extermination List!

These existences were the true hegemons of Origin Holy World, and even Lei Yu would be lackluster if compared to the Immortal Nine Flames.

At Lei Yu’s current strength, the highest he could rank was fifteenth on the Extermination List, and there was a high chance Lei Yu might not make it into the top fifteen.

Huang Xiaolong’s eyes glimmered.

Although he hadn’t been in the Origin Holy World long, he had taken the time to look into the experts on the Extermination List.

The Immortal Nine Flames could wield the power of nirvana and absolute blaze, and the point worthy of attention was that both powers had reached perfection level.

The power of nirvana ah, perfection level power of nirvana!

One could imagine how powerful Immortal Nine Flames!

Even Huang Xiaolong’s power of nirvana had only reached major completion.

As someone with the power of nirvana, he understood how terrifying the power of nirvana was.

Someone who wielded perfection level power of nirvana was almost an immortal existence, and even if his dao physique was destroyed, and inextinguishable dao heart pulverized to dust, he could rebuild his body from the power of nirvana, and be reborn, and healed completely, good as new.

“I understand now!” Lei Yu blurted as a thought flashed across his mind, “The World Manor and Mystical Pavilion’s experts are guarding here for the Immortal Nine Flames’ treasures!”

“This Golden Flames Sandy Land is the immortal cave with the treasury Immortal Nine Flames has left behind!” Lei Yu’s words were like a spell, and everyone was transfixed.

“Master, that, that can’t be right!” Chen Ming found it hard to believe.

The response he got from Lei Yu was a knuckle to the head, and he harrumphed, “What can’t be right These Nine Flames Hieroglyphics is Immortal Nine Flames’ unique symbol, formed from a unique combination of method and array.

I’m certain it’s left behind by Immortal Nine Flames.

It makes no sense for Immortal NIne Flames to go through the trouble of leaving his unique symbol in the Golden Flames Sandy Land for no good reason.

The location of these two Nine Flames Hieroglyphic must be where the entrances to the treasury are!”

“If there isn’t Immortal Nine Flames’ treasury here, do you think the Prince of Origin and Devil Essence Holy Dragon Old Ancestor would bother to come here personally” 

Chen Ming clutched at his forehead, grimacing in pain, yet dared not retort a word. 

“Your Highness!” Lei Yu looked excitedly at Huang Xiaolong.

“Let’s go!” Huang Xiaolong wasted no time and threw out the Purple Lightning Peak, and swept everyone onto it before speeding off.

The Purple Lightning Peak turned into a streak of purple light across the sky, tearing through the Golden Flames Sandy Land’s billowing golden flames.

After rescuing Chen Ming and Li Xiaoan, Huang Xiaolong had not traveled by the Purple Lightning Peak.

Thus the Purple Lightning Peak’s appearance and speed gave Chen Ming and Li Xiaoan a big shock.

Standing behind Huang Xiaolong and Lei Yu, both Chen Ming and Li Xiaoan gulped in admiration looking at the purple mountain peak under their feet, the tiny ribbons of purple lightning crackling, and its startling speed. 

“Master, this must be a peak-level cosmos artifact, right” Chen Ming asked a bit nervously.

Lei Yu snorted, “Do peak-level cosmos artifacts have this kind of speed” Chen Ming and Li Xiaoan’s eyes were opened so wide that their eyeballs were protruded. 

In other words, the mountain under their feet was an existence surpassing peak-level cosmos artifacts!

Chen Ming and Li Xiaoan felt their legs go weak, and they didn’t know where to put their feet for a moment.

They were actually standing on an artifact that surpassed peak-level cosmos artifact. 

As Huang Xiaolong’s group rushed towards one of the Nine Flames Hieroglyphic locations, the two Nine Flames Hieroglyphics in the sky turned, raining down golden lights that triggered the emergence of two entrances.

The Devil Essence Holy Dragon Ancestor’s group and Prince of Origin’s group were barely holding in their excitement when the two golden hieroglyphics appeared in the sky. 

The experts who had rushed over upon seeing the Nine Flames Hieroglyphic were all blocked off by both forces’ experts at the entrances.

A Ninth Esteem Dao Venerable expert tried to break in by force, but he was split into two halves vertically by the Mystical Pavilion’s Senior Deacon Xue Yong. 

Even though Xue Yong was not an expert on the Extermination List, his blade dao had reached minor completion, and his strength was comparable to the Golden Fox Heavenly Cave’s Dao Jianchou.

Not many peak late-Ninth Esteem Dao Venerables could parry his blade, much less those average Ninth Esteem Dao Venerables.

Many experts were trying to break past and enter through the other entrance as well, but all of them were deterred when a World Manor’s expert pierced through someone’s head with a spear.

The World Manor’s expert who was in charge of guarding the entrance was called Yang Ben, and he was the personal disciple of World Master Xuan Kong.

His strength was comparable to Xue Yong. 

However, Immortal Nine Flames’ treasury was too big a temptation, and many people were willing to risk their lives for it.

Xue Yong sneered disdainfully at these people’s futile attempts as he swung his blade.

For some time, screams could be heard from both entrances as the corpses piled up. 


Half a day later…

Finally, people stopped trying to break in desperately. 

The sneer on Xue Yong’s face grew colder.

“If you want to go in, you can, but only if you can get past the blade in my hands!” 

Experts on the other side were seething with fury, but none of them spoke.

A second after Xue Yong had spoken, a bolt of purple lightning appeared on the horizon and was speeding towards them, startling everyone. 

Even Xue Yong became wary.

 In the blink of an eye, the bolt of lightning stopped, and what appeared in their sight was an enormous purple lightning mountain the size of a continent.

“It’s him!” someone in the crowd of experts shouted.

“He’s the one who used this purple lightning peak’s lightning and destroyed the Heaven Seizing Chamber of Commerce’s Wang Haoyang!” 

“What Wang Haoyang Su Hong’s subordinate, that Wang Haoyang”

“That’s right, that Wang Haoyang, I saw it with my own eyes along with many others.

This young man entered the golden Buddha statue’s world above the Sea of Skulls, and after coming out, the Absolute Dao Lord and Su Hong treated him with utmost respect.”

The crowd stirred hearing his words, and everyone was looking at Huang Xiaolong with astonishment.

Even the Absolute Dao Lord and Su Hong were respectful towards this young man 

Huang Xiaolong put away the Purple Lightning Peak then walked towards the entrance with Lei Yu and the rest.


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