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Chapter 3077: Over A Dozen Death Beast Commanders

Looking at the death beasts chief commanders gargantuan serpent tail sweeping towards them, Huang Xiaolong didnt order Lei Yu or anyone else to deal with him.

Instead, he reached out with his right hand and grabbed at the hurricane with his bare hands.

In the distance, the death beasts commanders were inwardly startled after seeing that Huang Xiaolong planned to capture the hurricane with his bare hands.

This hurricane was condensed from their Chief Commander Jiu Yans perfection level absolute wind power, and it went without saying that the destructive force was indescribable.

“This human is courting death!” One of the death beasts senior commanders sneered sarcastically, “He thinks his bare hand is stronger than a cosmos artifact, does he”

In this split second, the hurricane had collided with Huang Xiaolongs right hand, sending sparks flying everywhere.

But it merely caused sparks to fly and Huang Xiaolongs palm extended forward unimpeded through the hurricane, and he grabbed onto Chief Commander Jiu Yans tail.

In the next second, Huang Xiaolong slightly shook his arm, and every gust of wind dissipated.

Death beasts Chief Commander Jiu Yan was both astonished and incensed.

Energy surged violently from his body as he attempted to break free from Huang Xiaolongs grip.

However, Huang Xiaolongs right hand didnt move an inch.

The death beasts army of several hundred millions was stunned by this sight.

Chief Commander Jiu Yans ten thousand zhang long true body that resembled a chaos mountain in space was glimmering in and out intensely while Huang Xiaolongs comparatively thin arm that looked like it could be crushed into pieces with one punch was steady and firm.

“Kill them all!” Chief Commander Jiu Yan bellowed furiously at the army of elite death beasts.

The death beasts army finally reacted, and threw themselves at Huang Xiaolong.

Lei Yu snarled and soundwaves galloped across space and turned into a tempestuous windstorm as space wrinkled into folds due to the pressures from the soundwaves.

Huang Xiaolongs left palm struck out.

The surrounding death beasts army saw icy blue frost drifting down from above, turning their environment into a world of ice and frost.

A world of ice that was lit up with bolts of lightning.

Ice blue frost glimmering with lightning, zapped through the sound waves, and penetrated into the death beasts armys grand dao formation, freezing even the vast space.

Batches after batches of death beasts army were frozen into ice sculptures.

Even those death beasts generals, commanders, and senior commanders fled in panic like headless flies.

As Huang Xiaolongs cultivation realm and strength had increased in these years, his control over the power of absolute frost had grown more sophisticated.

Absolute frost power combined with absolute lightning power possessed a greater penetrative power, and it also enabled the icefrost to drift faster, literally fast as lightning.

Chief Commander Jiu Yan watched his subordinates and elite army being frozen in batches, and fear began to creep into his eyes as he looked at Huang Xiaolong despite his raging fury.

“Youre a human expert on the Extermination List, are you” Jiu Yan growled angrily.

Huang Xiaolong shook his head.

“I am not an expert on the Extermination List.”

He wasnt an expert on the Extermination List, that was the honest truth.

The names on the Extermination List were refreshed every one hundred million years, and there were still several million years until the next refresh happened.

Therefore, Huang Xiaolongs name had not made it into the list as of yet.

The death beasts Chief Commander Jiu Yan stood stiffly when he heard that Huang Xiaolong wasnt an expert on the Extermination List.

Many possibilities had flashed across his mind during this time, but not one of them included Huang Xiaolong not being an Extermination List expert.

Jiu Yans temper flared.

“I admit that youre strong, but opposing the death beasts of Death Beasts Peril Land is not a wise choice, and your actions will only accelerate your death!”

“Even the Mystical Pavilion doesnt dare to attack the Death Beasts Peril Land!”

Huang Xiaolong was unperturbed, “The Mystical Pavilion is the Mystical Pavilion,” with that said, his right hand moved slightly, and absolute frost power directly sealed Jiu Yan in ice.

Then, the dragon of creation appeared behind Huang Xiaolong, and the creation marks brightness enshrouded a large scope of space, bringing the death beasts Chief Commander Jiu Yan, the commanders and senior commanders serving under him under Huang Xiaolongs control.


A month later, under theescort of the death beasts Chief Commander Jiu Yan, commanders, and senior commanders, Huang Xiaolong, Lei Yu and the rest of the group smoothly passed through Luosheng Heavenly Cave.

From then on, every time Huang Xiaolong crossed a heavenly cave that was occupied by the death beasts, he would directlyslaughter his way to the lords manor.

Then, he would be escorted away respectfully by the death beast commanders.

As the Son of Creation with Huang Long Bloodline, the creation mark was effective on any living creature within the Huang Long World, thus it was just as effective in controlling these death beasts.

It was true unless they were not native of Huang Long World to begin with.

By the end of a year, Huang Xiaolong had more than ten death beasts chief of commanders under his control.

“If those ten beast kings know that the commanders under them have become Your Highness slaves, they would vomit blood to death,” Lei Yu joked with Hunag Xiaolong.

“Its merely ten or so death beast commanders.” Huang Xiaolong was very nonchalant about it.

The death beasts army had successfully wrestled one-fifth of Origin Holy Worlds territories, and how many heavenly caves were encompassed within And how many death beasts commanders Therefore, this dozen of death beast commanders were smaller than the tip of an iceberg.

Needless to say, there were powerful and weaker death beasts commanders, and not everyone had strength rivaling existences on the Extermination List.

The dozen of death beast commanders Huang Xiaolong controlled were considered as the better ones.

Like Jiu Yan, he had the strength comparable to Jin Hongyuan who ranked in sixtieth place on the Extermination List.

Some of the death beast commanders that Huang Xiaolong now controlled were stronger than Jiu Yan, and they were comparable to an expert in the top thirty of the Extermination List!

Even the weakest one amongst them could almost be ranked into the Extermination List.

Of course, Huang Xiaolong did not control these death beast commanders just for the fun of it.

Huang Xiaolongs main purpose going to the Origin Heavenly Cave was to get the Liquid of Life, Dazzling Golden Stone, peak-grade Phoenix Fire Crystals, and Genesis Lightning Water from the World Manors and Mystical Pavilions treasuries!

However, Huang Xiaolong did not intend to act in person as he was going to leave the dirty work to the dozen of death beast commanders, having them attack the Mystical Pavilion! Although there were many experts stationed at the Origin Mystical Pavilion Branch, they would be hard pressed to block off the attacks from the death beasts army led by more than a dozen death beast commanders!

Huang Xiaolong also could borrow this opportunity to reduce the Mystical Pavilions manpower.

A year after Huang Xiaolong controlled a dozen of death beast commanders, his group finally arrived at the Origin Heavenly Cave.

Looking at the Origin Heavenly Caves vast and bright starry space, and feeling the spiritual energy that was that clearly richer than any other place, Huang Xiaolongs eyes glimmered with excitement.

Lei Yu too sighed with admiration looking at the Origin Heavenly Caves prosperity.

Although he had been to the Origin Heavenly Cave in the past, more than once at that, he still had a surreal feeling.

“Your Highness, where are we heading to now” Lei Yu asked, “Directly to the World Manor”

Huang Xiaolong pondered slightly and decided, “Go to the Wind Cloud Chamber of Commerce first.”

The Wind Cloud Chamber of Commerce was headquartered in the Origin Heavenly Cave.

In fact, not only the Wind Cloud Chamber of Commerce, but ninety percent of Origin Holy Worlds super trading houses were all headquartered at the Origin Heavenly Cave.

“If Wind Cloud Old Man knows Your Highness is going to his place, hell be beside himself.

Ill tell Wind Cloud Old Man to come fetch us,” Lei Yu chuckled.

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