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Chapter 3078: His Highness Is Here!

Upon listening to Lei Yu\'s suggestion that he would have Wind Cloud Dao Venerable pick them up, Huang Xiaolong smiled and agreed, “Alright, but Wind Cloud does not have to come personally.

Just tell him to wait for us at the headquarters.”

“Alright,” Lei Yu grinned.


Inside the Wind Cloud Chamber of Commerces headquarters, Wind Cloud Dao Venerable was discussing matters with relevant experts of the Chamber of Commerce.

With the death beasts armys invasion into Origin Holy World, the Wind Cloud Chamber of Commerces operations were naturally affected.

Many of their branches were attacked, resulting in a lot of losses.

Then again, the Wind Cloud Chamber of Commerce wasnt the only one facing this trouble.

The Pengfei Chamber of Commerce, Ice Orchid Chamber of Commerce, and others were plagued by the death beasts invasion as well.

Many Wind Cloud Dao Venerable experts took turns in reporting the situations of various branches.

Wind Cloud Dao Venerable occasionally nodded his head with a solemn expression.

Seated beside Wind Cloud Dao Venerable was a fair maiden with snow-white skin, exuding noble and elegant temperament from head to toe.

She was the Wind Cloud Dao Venerables daughter, his only daughter, Feng Yuxuan.

Only one could imagine how doted on and spoiled Feng Yuxuan was being Wind Cloud Dao Venerables only daughter, and her status and identity in the entire Wind Cloud Chamber of Commerce was only second to her father.

Not to mention, Feng Yuxuan herself possessed an outstanding talent in cultivating, as well as amazing battle prowess that was not lower than Wind Cloud Dao Venerables eldest disciple Xu Zheng.

However, Xu Zheng had always kept a low-profile, which was why not many knew about him, on the other hand, Feng Yuxuans name was as loud as a neon light, ranking in the top ten of Mystical List, in ninth place!

Ranking ninth amongst the entire Origin Holy Worlds prominent younger generation!

This was a testament of Feng Yuxuans talent and strength.

Feng Yuxuan was also known by another title in the Origin Holy World as Princess Wind Rain.

Combined with her delicate features, as well as having Wind Cloud Dao Venerable as her father, she was the dream lover in the eyes of Origin Holy Worlds genius male disciples.

Not to mention, Feng Yuxuan was one of Origin Holy Worlds latest generation of Five Great Beauties.

As the reports continued, Wind Cloud Dao Venerables communication symbol shook.

Wind Cloud Dao Venerable was perplexed and took out his communication symbol.

He became all excited when he read the message within.

“Its His Highness, His Highness is here!”

Feng Yuxuan was astonished, seeing her usually solemn and dignified father so excited that his face was flushed.

His Highness Someone that her father would refer to in that manner could only be the Prince of Origin, Xiao Yuncheng.

Is Xiao Yuncheng coming here

But, even if its Xiao Yuncheng who is coming to the Wind Cloud Chamber of Commerce, her father neednt look so excited, right

In the past, even when the World Master himself had come, her father wasnt half as excited as this.

During the big movement in the Heavens Burial Lands, Feng Yuxuan had not followed her father.

Instead, she had stayed behind to handle the Wind Cloud Chamber of Commerces affairs, and until this day, she was still unaware of what took place in the Golden Flame Sandy Land.

In the main hall, many experts were baffled by their Presidents excitement as he clamored about a certainHighness had arrived.

However, there were also a large number of experts in the hall that looked as excited as Wind Cloud Dao Venerable, and these were the people who had gone with Wind Cloud Dao Venerable to Heavens Burial Land.

No doubt, these experts had also become Huang Xiaolongs subordinates since then.

“President, the Jueying Branch…” One of the Wind Cloud Chamber of Commerces experts was about to report the situation of Jueying Branch when Wind Cloud Dao Venerable cut him off with a wave of his hand.

“Well discuss about Jueying Branchs matters later.” He then got to his feet and issued an order, “Order the people below to prepare everything accordingly to welcome His Highness!”

Experts, who were ignorant of Huang Xiaolongs existence, felt even more confused.

“Father, is it the Prince of Origin Xiao Yuncheng who is coming here” Feng Yuxuan asked Wind Cloud Dao Venerable to satisfy her curiosity.

Wind Cloud Dao Venerable opened his mouth but no words would come.

A moment later, he shook his head and explained, “I cannot disclose anything about His Highness, but you will know when His Highness arrives later.”

This answer genuinely stupefied Feng Yuxuan and other Wind Cloud Chamber of Commerces experts who didnt know about Huang Xiaolong.

What is there that cannot be disclosed This intrigued Feng Yuxuan even more.

Although her father did deny it outright, she could tell that this person was not Xiao Yuncheng, so then came the next question…

If it is not Xiao Yuncheng, who can it be The Mystical Pavilions Son of Mystic

But the Son of Mystic had never shown himself in front of other Origin Holy Worlds experts, so it was impossible for the Son of Mystic to show up at the Wind Cloud Chamber of Commerce in a grand manner.

Not to mention, there wasnt any close association between the Wind Cloud Chamber of Commerce and Mystical Pavilion.

The Wind Cloud Chamber of Commerce Headquarters was in a flurry from top to bottom with one word from Wind Cloud Dao Venerable.

The whole headquarters was brightly decorated, and in the air above the headquarters, gemstones sparkled like stars in the night sky.

Starlight rippled from the sky, and rich spiritual energy filled the headquarters area.

Feng Yuxuan was dumbfounded, as these gemstones were all genesis-level treasures.

Expensive did not describe the value of these gemstones that were usually kept in the deepest part of the treasury.

Now, they were taken out to decorate the sky! Just to welcome someone she has never seen before!

“Father, is this necessary to go this far” Feng Yuxuan asked hesitantly, pointing at the sparkling gemstones in the sky.

But Wind Cloud Dao Venerable answered her with utmost seriousness and certainty, “It is necessary!”

Feng Yuxuan was completely at a loss for words.

“When His Highness arrives, you must be respectful towards His Highness, and you must not show an ounce of disrespect.

Otherwise, you will be punished according to the chambers rules, do you understand” Wind Cloud Dao Venerable stressed to his daughter with a grim expression.

Feng Yuxuan pouted, obviously, feeling slightly disgruntled, “I got it.”

However, she didnt believe that her father would really punish her according to the chambers rules, as she knew very well how much her father doted on her.

It was an undisputed fact that Wind Cloud Dao Venerable doted on his daughter to no limit.


A month came and went.

A purple-colored lightning mountain peak stopped in the air.

“The Wind Cloud Chamber of Commerce Headquarters is right ahead.” Lei Yu pointed out to Huang Xiaolong.

He had been to the Wind Cloud Chamber of Commerce Headquarters in the past.

He had called out Wind Cloud Dao Venerable and started fighting there and then.

The memories of yesteryears felt as if they were yesterday.

Huang Xiaolong nodded, and put away the Purple Lightning Peak, and then hopped onto Lei Yus back.

The group flew towards the Wind Cloud Chamber of Commerces headquarters.

Huang Xiaolong popped a Buddha Demon Pill into his mouth and the pill melted instantly.

Its energy filled every corner of his body.

Though his cultivation had reached the peak late of Ninth Esteem Dao Venerable Realm, genesis-level pills like the Buddha Demon Pill were still effective in tempering his three small worlds cosmos energy, making his cosmos energy purer.

Moreover, the Buddha Demon Pill contained the power of darkness, which also helped in his comprehension towards the power of darkness.

It looks like I have to replenish my supply of genesis-level pills, Huang Xiaolong thought to himself as he digested the Demon Buddha Pill into his mouth.

In the one years journey to reach Origin Heavenly Cave, he had swallowed one genesis-level pill every few days, and his supply had dwindled down significantly.

Huang Xiaolong believed that there had to be a lot of these pills inside the Mystical Pavilion Branch in the Origin Heavenly Cave.

With that thought in mind, Huang Xiaolong decided to have the death beasts commanders gather their armies as soon as possible to attack the Mystical Pavilion Branch.

As Huang Xiaolong made his plans, an eye-catching group of experts were flying towards them, led by Wind Cloud Dao Venerable in front, to welcome Huang Xiaolong.

Feng Yuxuan was right behind Wind Cloud Dao Venerable.

Her charming eyes were fixed on the youngster riding on the three-headed beast while thinking,Is this the Highness father wanted to welcome

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