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Chapter 3081: Golden Spider Race

Seeing the look on Lei Yus face, Huang Xiaolong chuckled, “Is Meng Binglan the girl of your dreams”

Meng Binglan was the real name of the president of the Ice Orchid Chamber of Commerce.

The Ice Orchid Chamber of Commerce was at the same level as the Wind Cloud Chamber of Commerce, and Meng Binglan was an expert ranked on the Extermination List.

She might not have been as strong as the Cloud and Wind Dao Venerable, but she wasnt that weak either.

She was ranked twenty-third on the list.

Lei Yu found his face heating up when Huang Xiaolong asked the question.

“Meng Binglan is the prettiest lady in the Origin Holy World… Shes a goddess for many young men…”

Of course, that included himself.

“Anyway,” Lei Yu continued as his mood fell, “She already has someone in mind.”

Huang Xiaolong was shocked.

Wasnt Meng Binglan single

“Its the patriarch of the Destiny Race.

However, he likes someone else.”

Huang Xiaolong shook his head.

The falling flowers yearns for love, but the heartless brook ripples on.

It seemed like her love was destined to be unrequited.

“In fact, the patriarch of the Destiny Race fell for the Golden Spider Princess from the Outer World,” Lei Yu explained.

“A princess from a race that lives in the Outer World!” Huang Xiaolong couldnt believe it.

The Demon World, or otherwise dubbedOuter World, consisted of many different races.

They had countless ancient races and genesis races, and the Golden Spider Race was the strongest among them all.

Huang Xiaolong would have never thought that the patriarch of the Destiny Race would fall for the princess of the Golden Spider Race.

After all, the Demon World was the enemy of every single holy world out there.

“The patriarch of the Golden Spider Race is naturally unwilling to allow his daughter to go out with the Destiny Rage.” Lei Yu explained.

“In order to prevent her from meeting the Destiny Patriarch, he locked her up in the forbidden grounds of his race!”

Lei Yu chuckled happily as though he was reveling in the Destiny Patriarchs misfortune.

“The old man might be strong, but he wont be able to save her.

He tried to enter the forbidden region of the Golden Spider Race countless times, and he was injured many times by the Golden Spider Patriarch.

Every time he escaped, he barely made it out with his life.”

Huang Xiaolong nodded his head.

It came as no surprise.

After all, the Golden Spider Patriarch was the strongest expert in the Outer World! As they chatted with each other, they entered the Ice Orchid City with the thirteen Ninth Esteem Dao Venerables in tow.

“Patriarch Chen, were you also invited to the Ice Orchid Banquet”

“The Ice Orchid Banquet is going to be held in just a few days! Of course, I had to come…”

“One cannot deny that the Bing Lan Wine is the best among the lands… However, Patriarch Chen seems to be here for Lord Binglan!”

“Hehe, everyone came here for Lord Binglan.

Is there anyone here who doesnt wish to look at the number one beauty in the Origin Holy World”

A group of experts passed Huang Xiaolongs group, and he overheard their conversation.

“Ice Orchid Banquet” Huang Xiaolong turned to Lei Yu and asked.

Shaking his head, Lei Yu sighed, “I have no idea what that is.” When he had left the Origin Holy World in the past, the Ice Orchid Chamber of Commerce had never held anything like it.

“Benefactor!” a voice rang through the air and startled Huang Xiaolong.

When he turned around, he saw several experts clad in inky green robes walking towards him.

Question marks popped up in his mind as he had no idea who they were.

“Benefactor, it seems like you forgot about us.

Dont you remember saving us in the Sea of Skulls in the Heavens Burial Lands”

Huang Xiaolong recalled everything that had happened after the other party mentioned it.

When he had entered the Sea of Skulls, he had noticed a group of experts surrounded by the skull monsters.

Since he had nothing to do, he had casually steered the Mysterious Purple Peak towards them and saved them all.

He didnt think that they would meet in the city.

“Benefactor, are you here to join the Ice Orchid Banquet too” The other party laughed.

“I guess so.” Huang Xiaolong nodded.

It was true that he was there to meet Meng Binglan.

“What a coincidence! Were here to join the banquet too! Shall we go together” A smile lit up on the other partys face as he suggested.

Huang Xiaolong didnt reject the idea.

Seeing as Huang Xiaolong had agreed, they were delighted as they followed Huang Xiaolong and Lei Yu towards the headquarters of the Ice Orchid Chamber of Commerce.

As they introduced themselves, Huang Xiaolong realized that they were disciples of the Carefree Creed in the nearby Luosheng Heavenly Cave.

Xu Shuang was the disciple leading the group, and he was the oldest disciple of the Carefree Dao Venerable.

Those following him were the hall masters and vice hall masters of the Carefree Creed.

After the Luosheng Heavenly Cave was invaded by the Death Beast Army, the Carefree Dao Venerable escaped with Xu Shuang and the others.

They ended up in the Origin Heavenly Cave, and they decided to rebuild their faction from scratch.

The Carefree Creed used to ranked third in the Luosheng Heavenly Cave in the past, and they werent weak.

Compared to the Leiyu Creed who lacked the main pillar, Lei Yu, they were stronger by countless times.

After several dozen years of hard work, the Carefree Creed finally managed to find a foothold in the Origin Heavenly Cave.

They had come to attend the Ice Orchid Banquet in order to know more experts of the creeds located in the region.

After all, cooperation would allow them to grow as quickly as possible.

“My master will only arrive after two days.

As his disciple, I came over to scout out the area,” Xu Shuang chuckled.

Nodding his head, Huang Xiaolong discovered that Xu Shuangs enthusiasm was a little over the top.

His smile seemed a little fake too.

It was clear that they didnt harbor good intentions by following Huang Xiaolong and Lei Yu, but as the Son of Creation, Huang Xiaolong didnt give a sh*t.

“I wonder where benefactors come from…,” Xu Shuang asked.

“Were from the Leiyu Creed in the Golden Fox Heavenly Cave.” Huang Xiaolong chuckled.

A light lit up in Xu Shuangs eyes.

“I see!” When he heard that Huang Xiaolong was from the Leiyu Creed, he heaved a sigh of relief.

It didnt take long for them to arrive at the headquarters of the Ice Orchid Chamber of Commerce.

Lei Yus gaze was complicated when he looked at the structure before him.

It felt foreign, but at the same time, it wasnt.

In the past, he had entered the headquarters of the Ice Orchid Chamber of Commerce several times.

Everything that he had hidden in the back of his mind came rushing back to him.

When they heard that Huang Xiaolong and Xu Shuang were here to attend the banquet, the supervisor of the headquarters casually asked about their identities before arranging a manor for them.

Since they came without an invitation and their backgrounds werent particularly outstanding, they were arranged a residence in the Kun Palace.

Experts who were invited by the Ice Orchid Chamber of Commerce would be able to live in the Qian Palace, and it was a much better place than the Kun Palace.

Anyone capable enough to receive an invitation would be a powerhouse in the Origin Holy World.

After bidding farewell to Huang Xiaolong, Xu Shuang entered his courtyard and activated the restrictions around it.

“Who would have thought that we would run into them here!” Xu Shuang roared with laughter.

“This is too easy!”

When Huang Xiaolong had saved them in the past, the power of the Purple Lightning Peak was something they couldnt forget.

They had been looking for him ever since.

“Young Oatriarch, what if hes unwilling to hand it over to us” Li Yukang, a hall master of the Carefree Creed asked.

“Are we really going to make our move here in the city!”

“Well talk about it again when my master arrives,” Xu Shuang muttered in a low voice.

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