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Chapter 3082: Wind Rain Princess

“Whatever the case, we have to get our hands on the mountain!” Xu Shuang growled.

“With the Death Beast Army rampaging about, we have to obtain the mountain in order to squash them like the bugs they are!”

The Death Beasts Peril Land had invaded various regions in the Origin Holy World, and countless disciples were sent fleeing for their lives.

If they had the help of an amazing artifact like the Purple Lightning Peak, escaping would be that much easier.

As the prices of flying ships were increasing recently, the members of the Carefree Creed were no longer able to obtain whatever they wanted with mere cash.

In the past hundred years, the prices of peak-grade cosmos artifact-level flying ships had nearly doubled!

While they were planning to make a move on Huang Xiaolong and his Purple Lightning Peak, he was casually strolling about his courtyard.

“Should we look for Meng Binglan right now” Huang Xiaolong chuckled.

Lei Yus gaze flickered, but he eventually shook his head.

“Forget it.

Lets wait for the banquet.”

Nodding his head, Huang Xiaolong didnt push the topic.

After all, the difference of several days meant nothing to him.

Of course, he could also feel that Lei Yus heart was clouded by complicated emotions.

In the two days that followed, Huang Xiaolong and Lei Yu didnt go anywhere.

Instead, they remained in their courtyard and studied the dao.

The only problem was Xu Shuang, who visited them from time to time.

He brought up the matter about the Sea of Skulls, and he couldnt hide hisappreciation to Huang Xiaolong for saving him.

He couldnt help but bring up the Purple Lightning Peak whenever he spoke about the Sea of Skulls.

“Benefactor, is your purple mountain a high-grade cosmos artifact”

Huang Xiaolong snickered in his heart.

“High-grade cosmos artifacts will never be able to display the power of my Purple Lightning Peak.” With a wave of his hand, the purple mountain appeared in its miniature form in his palm.

Purple lightning bolts flashed around the mountain in his hand as he continued, “I managed to obtain this in a forbidden land, and its a treasure born during the creation of the world.”

“Born during the creation of the world!” Xu Shuangs eyes lit up as those behind him felt a sense of greed rising in their hearts.

“Of course.

That isnt all.

It has lightning attributed formations at the genesis level carved into it.”

“Holy sh*t!” Xu Shuang and the others became even more excited when they thought about how they would be able to get their hands on such a treasure soon.

Xu Shuangs control over his body faltered for a moment as he nearly reached out to grab it.

An hour later, the members of the Carefree Creed left his courtyard.

When they were finally gone, Lei Yu burst out laughing.

“That little brat seems to have his eyes set on your Purple Lightning Peak.”

Huang Xiaolong smiled in response.

“Anyone who witnessed it in use will never be able to forget its strength.

Seems like I will have to hide it in the future.”

“Your Highness, it would be so much better if you only used the Huang Long Armor and Huang Long Twin Blades in the future.”

Looking at each other in amusement, the two of them roared with laughter.

When Xu Shuang finally returned to his courtyard, he looked at a middle-aged man before him, and his eyes lit up.

“Master, youre finally here!” The person standing in his courtyard was precisely the Carefree Dao Venerable, Sun Shanglong.

“Is the youngster currently in the Ice Orchid Chamber of Commerce” Sun Shanglong asked.

“Yeah! I just came back from his courtyard,” Xu Shuang explained.

“Master, according to that brat, his purple mountain is a genesis level artifact! Moreover, there are multiple genesis level lightning formations carved onto it!”

“What!” Sun Shanglong exclaimed in shock.

“Thats right! Master, the purple mountain should be a priceless treasure!” Xu Shuang chortled.

“If we manage to obtain the treasure, we will definitely be able to rise up the ranks again!”

After suppressing the raging emotions in his heart, Sun Shanglong growled, “Is he really from the Leiyu Creed”

“He shouldnt have lied…” Xu Shuang continued, “Should I do another round of checks”

“Do it.” Sun Shanglong muttered, “Since he dares to reveal the secret of the mountain, he should be extremely confident no one will be able to take it away from him.”


Disciple will send someone out to verify the news.”

“Prepare yourself.

We shall visit Eminent Elder Lui Pingchen of the Ice Orchid Chamber of Commerce soon,” Sun Shanglong spoke to Xu Shuang after a while.

When there was only a single day left to the banquet, a piece of news rocked the city.

“Princess Xuan, the Wind Rain Princess of the Wind Cloud Chamber of Commerce has arrived!”

“What! The Windy Rain Princess decided to come!”

The Windy Rain princess was one of the five greatest beauties of the current generation in the Origin Holy World.

She was ranked ninth on the Mystical Rankings List, and she was the oldest among her siblings in the Cloud Wind Chamber of Commerce.

It was no wonder all the attention of those in the city was turned to her the moment she arrived.

Even experts of the older generation felt a sense of excitement burning in their hearts when they heard of her arrival.

“The Ice Prince led a group of experts to personally welcome her!”

“Many young patriarchs will be rushing over to attend the Ice Orchid Banquet if they learn that Princess Wind Rain has arrived!”

“She rarely shows herself in public, and theres no way the young patriarchs of their factions would miss this chance!”

Huang Xiaolong was shocked when he heard the news.

“It looks like the little lass came all the way here for you,” Lei Yu teased.

Huang Xiaolong chuckled lightly.

Along with Feng Yuxuans arrival, the entire city entered overdrive mode.

Huang Xiaolong ignored everything that went on as he continued to discuss the dao with the Old Monster Flame and the others.

The day of the banquet finally arrived, and Huang Xiaolong left the courtyard with Lei Yu.

As one of the largest chambers of commerce in the Origin Holy World, the Ice Orchid Chamber of Commerce was more than capable of building a hall enough to hold hundreds of thousands of people.

Even though there were many people who attended the banquet, the hall didnt feel cramped at all! Moreover, the decoration in the hall was extremely exquisite, further showing off their wealth.

The atmosphere was great as experts from all over the land met each other, but everything was broken by the arrival of the Wind Rain Princess.

“The Wind Rain Princess has arrived!”

As soon as the announcement rang through the hall, silence descended.

Everyone turned to look at the entrance as a lady clad in purple made her entrance.

Experts of various races followed behind her, and the burning gazes of various princes turned to stare at her.

She swept her gaze across the hall when she entered, as though she was looking for someone.

Question marks appeared in the minds of many people when they noticed her actions.

“Yuxuan, are you looking for someone” a young man clad in light blue robes asked.

“Is someone you know here Should I get someone to look for them”

The man was Meng Binglans adopted son, and he was hailed as the Ice Prince in the Ice Orchid Chamber of Commerce.

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