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Chapter 3084: Ill Spare You

“Are you Sun Shanglongs friend” Zhang Qin sneered.

“Thats right.” Since there was nothing much for him to do, Huang Xiaolong wouldnt mind if someone wanted to entertain him.

Sun Shanglongs intentions to throw him into the path of the Talisman Refining Creed couldnt be more obvious.

However, Huang Xiaolong couldnt be bothered with their little plans.

When Sun Shanglong heard what Huang Xiaolong said, he snorted in his heart.

Zhang Qin snorted under his breath in response.

“Ill give you a piece of advice.

Sun Shanglong will be thrown out of the Origin Heavenly Cave soon.

You should rethink your friendships if you know whats good for you.

If you insist on helping him, youll be an enemy of my Talisman Refining Creed.”

Anyone could hear the threats in Zhang Qins words.

“Are you done If you are, time to f*ck off.

Stop blocking our way!” Lei Yu snorted.

Everyone was taken aback, and even Sun Shanglong and Zhang Qin couldnt help but do a double take at Lei Yu.

Those who came to attend the banquet stopped dead in their tracks when they heard the commotion.

“Whos the youngster How dare his mount offend Hall Master Zhang Qin of the Talisman Refining Creed” someone mocked.

“This three-headed beast seems to be tired of living!”

Someone else sneered, “Hahaha! His head might be chopped off and used to refine a talisman!”

The Talisman Refining Creed didnt get their name from nothing.

They were extremely famous in the region as they were able to refine powerful talismans.

They were well known even outside the Origin Heavenly Cave and more than half the talismans circulating the lands came from them!

Zhang Qins expression sank when he heard what Lei Yu said.

He couldnt scold those mocking him as they came from powerhouses even stronger than the Talisman Refining Creed, and he could only turn his rage to Huang Xiaolong and Lei Yu.

Glaring at Lei Yu, killing intent emerged from his body and he growled, “This is the Ice Orchid Chamber of Commerce, and Ill spare your life for now.

Youll be in for a grizzly end after you leave.”

Waving his hand, he brought the members of the Talisman Refining Creed into the hall.

Sun Shanglong couldnt help but rejoice when he saw how Huang Xiaolong offended Zhang Qin of the Talisman Refining Creed.

“Theres no need to wait for me to leave.” Huang Xiaolongs voice rang through the skies all of a sudden.

Zhang Qin couldnt help but pause in his tracks.

Those who were heading over to the hall quickly turned to look at Huang Xiaolong when they saw that he wasnt going to back down.

“Are you tired of living!” Zhang Qin growled.

“Thats right.

Ill give you a chance to make your move now.”

Turning to stare at Zhang Qin, those present wanted to know what he would do to the arrogant brat before them.

Zhang Qins expression sank once again when he heard what the others were saying.

“Dont tell me Zhang Qins balls are shrinking.” an expert from the Tyrant Beast Creed snickered.

“He doesnt even dare to fart loudly when someone mocks him! Hahaha!”

“What a piece of sh*t! Dont we already know how wimpy Zhang Qin is” another expert from the Mysterious Sparrow Creed chuckled.

The two of them had some beef with Zhang Qin in the past, and they werent pulling any punches.

They were more than willing to see Zhang Qin embarrass himself.

“Ill give you two a chance to make your move too,” Huang Xiaolong turned to the two and spoke.

The experts from the Tyrant Beast Creed and Mysterious Sparrow Creed stared at him in stunned silence.

It was clear they didnt expect the youngster to be daring enough to challenge them.

They werent the only ones who were stunned.

Those standing around stared at Huang Xiaolong in stunned silence.

Zhang Qins expression faltered.

Could the brat be someone who hailed from outside the Origin Heavenly Cave Is he unaware of the power of the two creeds

Sun Shanglong felt the blood draining from his face.

The Tyrant Beast Creed was ranked fourteen and the Mysterious Sparrow Creed was ranked sixteenth.

They were unshakable behemoths and they were existences he could never offend!

Any one of them would be able to stomp his Carefree Creed out of existence if they so wished!

Regret finally set in when Sun Shanglong realized what he had said to Zhang Qin previously.

If the two monsters set their sights on Huang Xiaolong, his Carefree Creed wouldnt be able to escape! They would be buried alongside the little brat!

A sinister laugh escaped from the lips of the expert from the Tyrant Beast Creed.

“Brat, are you new here”


Ive only been in the Origin Heavenly Cave for a little more than a month.” Huang Xiaolong didnt bother hiding it.

It was true.

He had used a month to deal with the Wind Cloud Chamber of Commerce, and he had remained there for a single day.

It had taken him five days to arrive at the Ice Orchid Chamber of Commerce, and he had remained in his courtyard for four days… It hadnt been two months since he had arrived in the Origin Heavenly Cave!

Everyone standing around felt a wave of realization wash over them when they heard what he said.

After all, it came as no surprise that he had no idea how the power structure worked in the Origin Heavenly Cave.

The expert from the Tyrant Beast Creed laughed, “No wonder… Bumpkins like you wouldnt have heard of us.

Let me tell you right now.

Among the one hundred and sixty-two Creeds in the Origin Heavenly Cave, my Tyrant Beast Creed ranks in the fourteenth spot! We have forty-six Ninth Creation Dao Venerables, and we have two hundred and forty-two high-level Dao Venerables in total! Hahaha! If we count the low and mid-level Dao Venerables, we have a total of one thousand five hundred and ninety-three of them!”

A total of one thousand five hundred and ninety-three creeds!

Even though Sun Shanglong had been in the Origin Heavenly Cave for the past dozens of years, this was the first time he heard the breakdown of power among the true powerhouses.

When he heard that the Tyrant Beast Creed had more than two hundred Ninth Esteem Dao Venerables, he felt his throat going dry.

The strength the Tyrant Beast Creed possessed was more than some of the regions around the Origin Holy World!

If he had to compare the old Luo Sheng Region Master to the Tyrant Beast Creed, he would be far too lacking!

“If youre still being ignorant, Im Hall Master Xie Li from the Beast Riding Hall in the Tyrant Beast Creed!”

Sun Shanglong felt his knees going soft.

A hall master of the Tyrant Beast Creed was someone whose status was as high as the clouds in the sky.

“Lord Xie Li!” Sun Shanglong didnt hesitate to bow.

“Im barely related to this kid, please do not misunderstand!”

If he didnt clarify his relationship with Huang Xiaolong, he would be a complete fool.

Glancing at Sun Shanglong, Xie Li didnt plan to take his anger out on the poor man.

Instead, his gaze remained on Huang Xiaolong.

“Since youre new here, Ill allow you to live if you get on your knees and remain here till the banquet ends.

If you do, Ill forgive you.”

“As for your slave of a beast and those behind you, they will have to pay for your mounts mistakes with their lives.” Xie Li glanced at the Old Monster Flame and the others and snorted.

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