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Chapter 310: Stepping into Ghost City

As for Yao Fei, if they met again, Huang Xiaolong had the confidence to squash him with ease! It would be no different than squashing an ant, crushing him into meat paste little by little between his fingers!

Just as Huang Xiaolong was about to exit the Xumi temple and go to the outside world, he caught sight of the nameless fire tree and the numerous fiery fruits hanging on its branches.

He also noticed that its trunk was wider, it’s branches thicker, and it’s leaves were denser and more vibrant.

Huang Xiaolong stared slightly wide-eyed, dumbfounded.

In the past few months, he had tried different methods, yet failed to make the nameless fire tree grow even a centimeter, forget about making it bear fruit.

But now, not only was it taller and bigger, it was even bearing fruit!

One, two, three…!

With a single glance, Huang Xiaolong counted twenty-six fiery fruits, exceeding the number of fruits that were in the tree when Huang Xiaolong first found it at the bottom of the rift.

Pondering on the changes of the nameless fire tree, Huang Xiaolong guessed that its growth was related to the dragon essence.

His fingers made a twirling motion and a red fruit flew to his hand, then he opened his mouth and swallowed the entire fruit.

Entering his body, the fire fruit melted into pure fire element energy, spreading out to his Qi Sea and meridians.

Barely the time it took for an incense to burn, Huang Xiaolong had fully refined the fire fruit.

His Qi Sea, meridians, veins, and flesh had reached a terrifying new height after refining the Earth Dragon egg, so much that Huang Xiaolong no longer needed to sit down and meditate to refine rare elixirs like the fire fruit.

However, Huang Xiaolong shook his head after that.

If he was still a Xiantian Ninth Order warrior, this new evolved version of the fire fruit might have been able to enhance his cultivation, but now its benefits were negligible.

Hence, Huang Xiaolong left the rest of the red fruits where they were, keeping them for his family for when he would see them later.

With a flicker, Huang Xiaolong exited the Xumi Temple, went out of the tree hole and, determining his position, he made his way towards the Ghost City.

Refining the Earth Dragon egg delayed him for half a month, and by now, the Ghost City had already appeared for eight days.

Huang Xiaolong’s silhouette was like a phantom under the moonlight as he sped up to the destination unobstructed, taking a one day and night’s journey before he reached the Evil Spirits Mountain.

Evil Spirits Mountain was, in fact, an extended mountain range covering an unknown land area, further than the eye could see.

The Ghost City was one of Bedlams forbidden lands, but Evil Spirits Mountain was one the biggest nefarious locations.

Although Evil Spirits Mountain wasn’t considered a deep region of the Ghost Domain, it gathered a large number of evil spirits, demons, and devils that went on a rampage, it was a place where ghost and demonic aura pierced sky high.

However, when Huang Xiaolong reached the Evil Spirits Mountain, what awed him wasn’t the heavy ghost and demonic aura, but the unparalleled giant of a city hovering above the Evil Spirits Mountain!

A real, crimson red city that stretched for tens of thousands of miles and seemed to be just as tall!

The city walls were above a hundred zhang, made from an unknown ore.

The entire time, blood flowed endlessly from the top of the city walls! This blood was a blackish red, emanating a sense of horror, even standing a few miles in the distance, Huang Xiaolong detected an unpleasant pungent stench, akin to the foul smell of thousands of millennium old corpses, whose stench was never gone.

The airspace above the city loomed in total darkness, obscuring the moonlight in this part of the Ghost Domain.

Looking closer, Huang Xiaolong noticed that the cloud of darkness that floated over the city consisted of evil spirits, devils, and half-ghost half-devil entities!

An orchestra of high-pitched shrieks and howls echoed from above the city, agonizing one’s eardrums.

Staring at the grand floating city, the amazement Huang Xiaolong felt was hard to describe.

While he was still observing the city, a piercing shriek rang abruptly and a large ghost-like creature separated from the dark cloud above, flying straight at Huang Xiaolong.

Jolted back to the present, Huang Xiaolong didn’t spare a glance at the creature, his palm turned and slammed at the it, causing its mass to explode in the air.

Then, he leaped up, flying towards the gigantic floating Ghost City.

But the gates leading into Ghost City were blocked by the swarm of countless evil spirits, devils, and half-ghost half-devil creatures that wouldn’t even let water trickle through.

For Huang Xiaolong to enter the Ghost City, he had to kill his way in.

Not far from the Ghost City gates, Huang Xiaolong saw three middle-aged men clad in certain sect’s blue robes in the midst of slaughtering their way into the city, but before they could succeed, they were drowned by a swarm of evil spirits and devils, bitten off, torn apart and eaten alive!

Huang Xiaolong watched as the three people had their flesh torn off by a group of hundreds of evil spirits and little devils, from the arms, thighs, to other parts.

The brutal bloodiness caused Huang Xiaolong’s brows to scrunch together.

This horrifying scene was also witnessed by other warriors and sect disciples who had the same thought of slaughtering their way into the city and caused them to retreat in panic, their faces turned a deadly white and a chill that wouldn’t go away crept into their hearts.

They could see that the group of three were all late-Xiantian Tenth Orders.

“Look, someone’s trying to break into the Ghost City again!” At this point, one of the onlookers exclaimed, pointing at Huang Xiaolong.

“A peak late-Xiantian Tenth Order Another one is going to die, probably eaten by these evil spirits before he can even touch the city gates!” An onlooker sneered.

“That’s right, this is the ninth day of Ghost City’s appearance, the number of evils spirits and devils plugging the entrance keeps increasing.

There’s no way to go into Ghost City without a Saint realm expert leading!”

In the short lapse of time when the people around were talking, Huang Xiaolong leaped through the air, landing about three hundred meters from the city gates.

The evil spirits and devils crowding the entrance saw a new prey approaching and all of them bared their sharp fang and claw in excitement, pouncing towards Huang Xiaolong.

Watching this, Huang Xiaolong snorted, his hand raised up and struck an Earthen Buddha Palm frontward.

In that moment, the world was filled with a myriad of Buddha statues, holy Buddha luminescence lighted up the land.

Harrowing cries came from the evil spirits and devils as they exploded, erased from the world.

Buddhism energy flooded out from Huang Xiaolong’s body like angry waves, spreading to his surrounding.

The second swarm of black creatures that was about to join in pulled back hastily, as if they were facing the most appalling thing in the world.

Some didn’t stop in time, coming into contact with the Buddhism energy emanating from Huang Xiaolong’s body and tragic shrieks rendered the air due to excruciating pain as dark green mist sizzled from these dark creatures’ bodies.

These evil spirits and devils retreated in haste out of Huang Xiaolong’s path.

The other sect disciples and warriors’ jaws dropped to the ground watching this result, only managing to recover their senses when Huang Xiaolong’s silhouette disappeared from sight behind the city gates.

“This, who was that kid How could he have such pure Buddhism energy!”

“Is that a Blessed Buddha Emperor’s secret genius disciple!”

“That palm attack just now, what kind of battle skill was that Does the Blessed Buddha Empire have such battle skill!”

Intertwined with everyone’s shock was extreme regret, if they knew earlier, they would have followed right behind Huang Xiaolong, entering the Ghost City.

Huang Xiaolong looked back behind him after entering the city.

Those evil spirits and devils were kept outside the city gates, three zhang away from them, unable to come even half an inch closer.

There had to be some unique arrays around the city gates that kept those creatures out from the city, as for the massive number of creatures in the sky above the city, the same theory should apply.

Huang Xiaolong strode in, standing on one of the streets, a biting cold wind blew over.

The howling sounds issued were enough to scare away most people.

Huang Xiaolong looked around and all he could see was absolute desolateness and heavy solitude.

On his left and right were collapsed structures, dilapidated ruins, and headless bodies that were strewn everywhere.

Pieces of incomplete body parts and blood stains decorated the scenery.


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