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Chapter 312: What If I Intervene

Huang Xiaolong paused for a moment in midair before landing on one of the palace’s many roofs.

Here, in the Ghost King Palace, Huang Xiaolong found that his spiritual sense was being limited.

At most, his spiritual sense could only extend one hundred meters, but the Ghost King Palace area was too enormous, a mere hundred meters radius of spiritual sense was basically redundant.

A thought struck his mind and a vertical slit opened on his foreheadㅡthe Eye of Hell.

Sure enough, the Eye of Hell could see farther and clearer than his spiritual sense in this ghostly place, even through several layers of walls, Huang Xiaolong was able to see what was happening behind them without obstruction.

Still, it was limited to only a thousand meter in radius.

One thousand meter radius… Huang Xiaolong shook his head.

In truth, one thousand meters wasn’t that much of a difference.

He leaped down from the roof, landing on the ground below, staying on the roof was too obvious a target.

Just as his feet touched the ground, powerful energy fluctuations came from the direction in front of him.

Judging from the level of energy fluctuations, the two people fighting were, without a doubt, half-Saint experts.

Furthermore, their strength was slightly higher than the old man he battled on the Broken Tiger Rift.

Huang Xiaolong leaped forward, heading towards the source.

It didn’t take him long to arrive at the scene.

The two people fighting were two young looking men, one was clad in a red robe, while his opponent in a purple robe.

On the red robed man’s chest, there was a pattern of a two-headed mythical beast, something that Huang Xiaolong had seen before.

In the City of Myriad Gods, he saw the same two-headed mythical beast on He Yunxiong’s robe.

Therefore, Huang Xiaolong surmised that this red-robed young man was someone from Millennium City, and chances were, he was He Yunxiong’s disciple.

Whereas the purple-robed young man, the emblem on his robe was an Elephant.

Elephant It seems this other young man belongs to the City of Myriad Gods, Luo Wujun’s disciple!

Luo Wujun, the City of Myriad Gods’ Castellan, also one of top ten Bedlam Lands’ experts.

From observing these two people’s battle, this Luo Wujun disciple’s strength was a bit better than He Yunxiong’s disciple.

Fists and palm imprints collided, the sound of exploding air resonated.

All of a sudden, Luo Wujun’s disciple changed his movement midair, somersaulting over and slamming a palm strike squarely on He Yunxiong’s disciple’s back.

Pu! Sun Haoran coughed out a mouthful of blood, plummeting to the ground

Succeeding in injuring Sun Haoran, Wu Zhang landed on the ground, staring at Sun Haoran’s miserable condition.

A malicious sneer crept up his face, “Sun Haoran, you didn’t expect that you would die here, right”

Sun Haoran wiped off the blood from the corner of his mouth, no fear in his eyes: “If I die, Master will avenge me.”

Wu Zhang burst into laughter hearing this, “Master You think that old man He Yunxiong could leave this Ghost City alive Let me tell you, the Ghost City’s appearance this time, your Master, as well as  your nine apprentice-brothers and sisters can only dream of leaving here alive!”

“You!” Sun Haoran paled: “What did you say!”

“What did I say” Wu Zhang snickered, “Wait till you see He Yunxiong in hell, you can ask him yourself.” Wu Zhang moved again, both palms aiming at Sun Haoran’s torso.

Sun Haoran dodged swiftly, but Wu Zhang’s palm dogged him like a shadow, closer and closer.

Just when Wu Zhang’s palms attack was about to strike, a dazzling aureate light filled the sky, overtowering Buddha statues leaped out from the ground below.

Startled, Wu Zhang hastily changed the direction of his attack with a turn of his wrist at the sudden attacker.

A booming blast resounded, the large rebound force repelled Wu Zhang back again and again until he was pushed more than several hundred meters back.

Wu Zhang was greatly shocked, his bewildered eyes searched the surrounding to discover that a black-haired young man had appeared in front of Sun Haoran.

Ignoring Wu Zhang’s shock, Huang Xiaolong turned back to look at Sun Haoran, “Are you alright”

Sun Haoran was looking at Huang Xiaolong’s back, dumbfounded.

Huang Xiaolong’s voice pulled him back to the present, and Sun Haoran shook his head: “I’m alright, thank you.”

Huang Xiaolong considered for a moment and took out a stalk of White Ganoderma from the Asura Ring.

Its fragrance immediately wafted in the air, lighting up the gloomy dark gray sky as if it was daylight.

“This, this is White Ganoderma!” Both Wu Zhang and Sun Haoran exclaimed in amazement, eyes staring fixedly at the white fungus in Huang Xiaolong’s hand, almost a translucent crystal with a white-colored emulsion moving on the inside.

This was one of the many elixirs Huang Xiaolong found at the bottom of Broken Tiger Rift.

A hundred-year-old ganoderma was common, but a thousand-year-old and above was rare, a stem of a ten-thousand-year-old ganoderma was considered extinct, not to mention the king of ganoderma, the White Ganoderma.

This king of ganoderma, other than enhancing cultivation, it was a holy elixir for healing injuries.

Before the two pairs of feverish eyes, Huang Xiaolong sent the White Ganoderma to Sun Haoran with a gentle flick, “Here, swallow it.”

Sun Haoran looked dazedly at Huang Xiaolong in disbelief.

Doubtful of what he had just heard, he asked, “Are you sure you want to let me swallow this White Ganoderma”

Huang Xiaolong nodded, “I owe Senior He a personal favor.”

That time in the City of Myriad Gods, He Yunxiong helped Huang Xiaolong out, now he was just reciprocating the favor by saving his disciple.

The White Ganoderma might be a rare elixir in others’ eyes, but it wasn’t that significant to Huang Xiaolong.

In the pile of elixirs inside his Asura Ring, this White Ganoderma ranked at the bottom.

“So, this Brother knows Master.” Sun Haoran was relieved after clarifying this point, but still, he refused, “But this is too much, please keep it for yourself.

My injuries are not that heavy.” He moved to send the White Ganoderma back to Huang Xiaolong.

In his opinion, Huang Xiaolong’s repayment was slightly overboard, he was embarrassed to accept such a precious gift.

It was at this moment, a shadow flickered, Wu Shang’s hand reached out to grab the White Ganoderma.

However, before he could touch the White Ganoderma, a torrent of halberd shadows appeared, bringing a storm of violent winds that overlapped like layers of waves.

Alarmed, Wu Zhang resolutely retreated.

“Big Cutting Palm!” His arms gathered back and then slashed down vertically.

A dozen knife-like palms slashed down on the violent winds created by the halberds.

Boom! A thunderous explosion shook the space.

The numerous halberd shadows dissipated, Wu Zhang succeeded in blocking the layers of violent winds, but despite that, his back was damp with cold sweat.

He looked at Huang Xiaolong with trepidation for only he truly understood how horrifying Huang Xiaolong’s halberd attack was.

What was this black-haired young man’s background, for a peak late-Xiantian Tenth Order to possess such terrifying strength Wu Zhang’s throat felt parched, “Friend, this is a matter between our City of Myriad Gods and Millennium City, I advise you, it’s better not to interfere unnecessarily.”

Huang Xiaolong was impassive, “So what if I interfere”

When he was in the City of Myriad Gods that time, Zhao Chen’s subordinates blatantly attacked Huang Xiaolong without fear of repercussions and the city guards were shamelessly siding with Zhao Chen’s subordinates.

These didn’t help build any good impression on the City of Myriad Gods in Huang Xiaolong’s mind.

Hearing that, Wu Zhang shook his head, “This friend’s strength is not bad, but still, it’s better not to act recklessly, otherwise you would be bringing a catastrophe to your family.” Wu Zhang’s words were not empty threats.

Very little people in the Bedlam Lands dared to interfere in the City of Myriad Gods’ affairs.

At this time, Sun Haoren persuaded, “Brother, go.” He felt it was not necessary for Huang Xiaolong to offend the City of Myriad Gods because of Millennium City, regardless if Huang Xiaolong owed his Master a favor or not.


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