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Chapter 314: Saint King’s Junior Brother


To the point of immortality!

Hearing Sun Haoran’s excessive praise of the Ghost King Sutra, Huang Xiaolong couldn’t help smiling inwardly, that year when he got the Asura Tactics, his Master Ren Wokuang also wrote on the first page of the manualーAsura Tactics, Invincible Throughout!

Through many years of cultivation, Huang Xiaolong understood one thing, the cultivation technique wasn’t the most important aspect, but the person themselves.

“Then, do you know what stage the Ghost King managed to reach in his lifetime” Huang Xiaolong asked.

Sun Haoran explained, “It was said, that year, Senior Ghost King reached the seventh stage of the Ghost King Sutra.

Although it was only the seventh stage, amongst the six kings, Senior Ghost King’s strength was ranked second, even the third-ranked Senior Herculean King was once defeated by the Ghost King.

If Senior Ghost King reached the eighth stage, perhaps even Senior Saint King wouldn’t have been his opponent!”

Saint King! The number one master of the ancient era!

Huang Xiaolong was secretly shocked, he didn’t expect this so-called Ghost King Sutra to be so amazing, merely at the seventh stage, the Ghost King secured the second position amongst the six famous kings during that time.

“Have you heard about an Eminent Holiness during that time” Suddenly a thought struck Huang Xiaolong, he asked Sun Haoran.

“Eminent Holiness!” Sun Haoran had an astonished expression on his face looking at Huang Xiaolong, “I didn’t expect that Brother would know about Eminent Holiness.

In fact, this Eminent Holiness was the Saint King’s Junior Brother.”

“Saint King’s Junior Brother!” It was Huang Xiaolong’s turn to be surprised.

The leader of the six kings, Saint King’s Junior Brother! Huang Xiaolong did guess the Eminent Holiness would be a famous master in his own right, but the Eminent Holiness being theSaint King’s Junior Brother seemed beyond his imagination.

Sun Haoran nodded, “That’s right, the Eminent Holiness was indeed the Saint King’s Junior Brother.

It was by coincidence that I found this information, flipping through an old ancient record, because Eminent Holiness preferred to stay hidden in the mountains, rarely showing up in public, thus during the ancient time, not many people knew about him.”

Huang Xiaolong nodded, so it was like this.

“Still, as the Junior Brother of the Saint King, his strength should be quite strong as well.” Sun Haoran added.

Both conversed as they flew.

However, Sun Haoran knew very little about Eminent Holiness and had no other information to offer to Huang Xiaolong.

Along the way, both of them came across many scenes of sect disciples fighting for treasures, but they neither stop nor interfere in these battles.

Inside the Ghost King Palace, killings and slaughters were everywhere, even if they had the heart to care, it was an endless burden.

Huang Xiaolong looked at the corpses littered on the streets along the way, shaking his head; everyone in this world knew that life was more important than anything, yet in this world, how many people could actually really see and understand

Birds die for food and humans die for wealth.

Sun Haoran and Huang Xiaolong flew for two hours, but despite that their speed, they didn’t even cover a tenth of the vast Ghost King Palace.

At one point, Sun Haoran stopped, taking out a piece of map from his sleeves.

Checking the aged yellow map, a finger pointed to a spot on the map, “In front should be the Ghost Temple, one of the places the Ghost King used as a cultivation place.

Brother Huang, should we go and take a look there”

Huang Xiaolong nodded in agreement, “Good.” After all, he wasn’t familiar with this Ghost King Palace and since that Ghost Temple was one of the places where the Ghost King cultivated in the past, there was bound to be something valuable inside.

Seeing that Huang Xiaolong agreed, Sun Haoran flew up, leading the way to the Ghost God Temple.

No more than ten minutes later, from afar, both of them could see the outline of the Ghost Temple.

Above the temple, dense ghost aura condensed into pillows of ghost clouds.

From afar, one could hear the shrill cries coming from these ghost clouds, penetrating the soul.

When the two of them got closer to Ghost Temple, they heard echoes of battle and loud, angry voices.

It seems there were some people who arrived at Ghost Temple before them.

“This is… Third Senior Brother’s voice!” When Sun Haoran heard one of the voices, his face tightened, “Third Senior Brother’s in danger!” He rushed towards the scene with Huang Xiaolong.

Arriving on the fighting scene seconds later, they saw a red-robed middle-aged man with a light goatee besieged by two middle-aged men clad in blue robes.

On the chest of the red-robed man, there was a similar two-headed mythical beast pattern just like Sun Haoran’s, identifying him to be Sun Haoran’s Third Senior Brother.

Other than the three people fighting, not far away, there was a pair of young man and woman watching the battle, from the looks of things, they were on the same side as the two middle-aged men in blue robes.

“Blood Dragon City’s people!” Sun Haoran’s expression grew grim the instant he saw the two middle-aged men and the pair of young disciples.

Blood Dragon City!

Huang Xiaolong blanked, looking carefully, he noticed the white dragon emblem on the two middle-aged men’s sleeves.

Blood Dragon City was one of the top ten cities in the Bedlam Lands, ranking above Millennium City.

Its City Castellan, Silver Dragon Ao Gu was quite formidable.

‘That pair of young people must be Silver Dragon Ao Gu’s disciples,’ Huang Xiaolong thought to himself, ‘while those two middle-aged men were probably guards.’

At this point, Sun Haoran’s Third Senior Brother, Peng Feng, received a full force punch to his shoulder, a low grunt escaped his mouth.

His entire body was thrown back, blood flowing out the corner of his lips.

“Third Senior Brother!” Sun Haoran cried out, jumping into the fray with a punch aimed at the same blue-robed middle-aged man who attacked.

Although he wasn’t clear why his Third Senior Brother had a conflict with the people from Blood Dragon City, at this kind of situation, he couldn’t bother with the smaller details.

The power of Sun Haoran’s punch forced the middle-aged man to retreat, while Peng Feng seized the opportunity to punch the other middle-aged man.

Suddenly, the battle came to a standstill.

“Fourth Junior Brother, run quickly!” However, Peng Feng felt no joy seeing Sun Haoran appear.

Instead, he blurted out an anxious warning, looking extremely agitated.

If it was his Senior Brother, perhaps both of them could retreat safely, but Fourth Junior Brother’s strength was slightly weaker than his.

As for that black-haired young man with his Fourth Junior Brother, although Peng Feng didn’t know who the young man might be, he was still only a peak late-Xiantian Tenth Order and was of no help at all.

“Run Since you’re here, don’t dream of leaving!” The pair of young people approached and the young woman sneered.

Huang Xiaolong’s guess was right on the gold, this young man and woman pair were Blood Dragon City Castellan Silver Dragon Ao Gu’s disciples, the young man was called Du Huagang and the young woman was Li Li, the two blue-robed middle-aged men were indeed their guards.

Regardless, all four of them were powerful, all four were half-Saints.

Li Li walked over, her eyes taking a quick glance over Huang Xiaolong and Sun Haoran, not putting either one of them in her eyes.

Sneering at Peng Feng, she said: “Peng Feng, in this time’s Ghost City’s appearance, your Millennium City should never have come.” Shaking her head sorrowfully with a heartache expression, Li Li continued, “Pity, ah, six of you master-disciples will all be buried here in Ghost City! One month later, Millennium City’s name will be erased from the Bedlam Lands, forever!”

Sun Haoran paled at these words.

The meaning of these words, was Blood Dragon City plotting against Millennium City Or… Were the City of Myriad Gods and Blood Dragon City working together in this

That Du Huagang spoke, “The two of you go and deal with the both of them, leave that brat to me.”

“Yes!” The two blue-robed middle-aged men answered respectfully, immediately launching attacks on Peng Feng and Sun Haoran, whereas Du Huagang was walking towards Huang Xiaolong, the one seemingly easiest to deal with.


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