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Chapter 3149: Ten Overlords


The behemoth beast, Yuan Tianyi, stiffened and made an excuse, “Your Highness Son of Creation is joking as I have no such thought.”

Huang Xiaolong looked at the beast as he spoke in a meaningful tone, “Frankly, it’s normal for you to have such thoughts.

All the way here, I don’t know how many people have wanted my life to devour my Huang Long Bloodline, or snatch the treasures on me.

But, the point is, do you think you can kill me”

Yuan Tianyi’s eyes narrowed.

Can I kill him

In truth, he had thought of this question more than once.

“Don’t forget that I’ve also mastered thirteen elements of absolute power, and six of them have reached the perfection level.

I also have three small worlds’ cosmos energy, the Huang Long Armor, and also Huang Long Twin Blades!” Huang Xiaolong listed his advantages tepidly.

“If you want to kill me, you should wait until you’ve reached nine elements’ perfection before taking the risk.”

Yuan Tianyi currently had seven elements of absolute powers at perfection level, and even if he managed to increase it to eight elements perfection, he still couldn’t kill Huang Xiaolong, unless he reached nine, or even ten elements perfection.

“Not to mention, if you kill me, you still won’t be able to devour my God of Creation Huang Long Bloodline.” Huang Xiaolong went on, “My Huang Long Bloodline is set by the heavens, and others have no way of taking it away, other than experts of the God of Creation Realm!”

The heaven of Huang Long World was naturally his father, Huang Long.

His Huang Long Bloodline was determined by his father, and only a God of Creation Realm expert with strength higher than his father could snatch the bloodline away. 

Yuan Tianyi’s face turned slightly ugly.

Although he didn’t want to admit Huang Xiaolong was telling the truth, deep down, he knew that Huang Xiaolong merely stated the facts. 

But, by the time he achieved nine elements perfection, Huang Xiaolong probably would have ten elements’ perfection, maybe even thirteen elements’ perfection!

“Your Highness!” 

An ecstatic voice rang in the air as Di Shuang, Di Fan, Myriad Formation Devil, Lei Yu, Black Shadow Devil, Li Shuo, and others appeared on the horizon.

Before Huang Xiaolong had ventured into the depths of Origin Sea alone, he had told Di Shuang and the others to leave if he didn’t come out in ten years.

This whole time, Di Shuang and everyone else had been waiting for Huang Xiaolong to come outside the Origin Sea.

Seeing Huang Xiaolong come out, all of them were genuinely glad and overjoyed.

Apart from Di Shuang’s group, there was a large group of Origin Lands’ experts, and there were at least several hundred thousand of them.

These Origin Lands experts maintained a certain distance from Di Shuang’s group of fourteen people but they followed Di Shuang’s group and flew towards Huang Xiaolong.

The person at the front of the group was not weaker than Di Shuang, Di Fan, or the other ten beast kings.

Seeing this, Huang Xiaolong understood that these people were the Origin Lands’ ten overlords.

“Greeting to Your Highness, the Son of Creation.”

Upon arriving, the ten overlords greeted Huang Xiaolong with cupped fists, and their attitudes were considered respectful.

Other experts of Origin Lands also greeted Huang Xiaolong, but it was merely a greeting, and there was no such thing as bowing or kneeling in salute.

“We’ve been waiting for Your Highness for a long time,” the leader of the ten overlords, Overlord Cang Xun stated.

There was underlying meaning to his words.

Huang Xiaolong was tepid.

“What matters do you have”

“We know that Your Highness entered the Origin Sea in search of the Tree of Origin.” Cang Xun hesitated slightly, then went on, “Your Highness came out after so long, and it seems there are clues about the Tree of Origin”

Hearing that, Yuan Tianyi didn’t let go of the chance to mock Huang Xiaolong, “It looks like your status as the Son of Creation ain’t that great as anyone can come up and covet the things you have!”

“Insolent!” One of the overlords reprimanded Yuan Tianyi, “Overlord Cang Xun is not someone a slave like you can comment on!” 

Because Yuan Tianyi had reduced the size of his true body and converged his aura when he stayed by Huang Xiaolong’s side, this particular overlord assumed Yuan Tianyi was one of the slaves by Huang Xiaolong’s side.

Even someone like the Origin Holy World Master Xiao Tianyi did not comment on the ten overlords, then how could a slave by Huang Xiaolong’s side make a such a comment

Ruthless cold gleams burst in YuanTianyi’s eyes at the overlord’s words, and he extended out his front paw and slapped towards that overlord.

Seeing Yuan Tianyi had the guts to attack him, the overlord sneered.

“Cheap slave that can’t die fast enough!”

He countered Yuan Tianyi’s attack with a palm strike, and he exerted full force into this palm strike with the intention of crippling this slave by Huang Xiaolong’s side.

This would be considered as putting Huang Xiaolong in his place!

The opposing attacks collided in midair.

Then, that overlord’s smug expression changed dramatically as he was sent spiraling in the air like a withered leaf in the storm, flying past stretches of mountains, and finally smashing into the ground right outside the Endless City’s city gates. 

The Endless City was the last city located at the very edge of Origin Land, but the city was still a long way from the Origin Sea.

Yet this particular overlord was sent flying from the shore of Origin Sea to the Endless City’s gates with one strike!

All the Origin Land’s experts were frightened by this sight, even Overlord Cang Xun, was taken aback as he looked at Yuan Tianyi in disbelief. 

Similarly, Di Shuang, Di Fan, Lei Yu, and the others felt the same. 

Isn’t this beast coming on a little too fiercely

Di Shuang and the others smacked their lips in astonishment.

That overlord’s strength could definitely be ranked within the top four amongst the ten overlords that even Di Shuang wouldn’t dare to claim he could send that overlord flying so far with one strike.

Huang Xiaolong was the only person who remained calm.

After all, he was a veteran in being sent flying by Yuan Tianyi, especially in the early days when he had found the Tree of Origin. 

Yuan Tianyi was an existence that had comprehended thirteen elements of absolute powers with most of them at major completion and above.

He was a terrifying existence.

His existence was the only one in the whole Huang Long World!

Cang Xun and his group backed away, creating a wide distance between themselves and Yuan Tianyi.

Cang Xun looked apprehensively at Yuan Tianyi and demanded, “Who are you!”

Yuan Tianyi ignored Cang Xun’s question.

He couldn’t be bothered to respond and was too lazy to respond. 

Cang Xun’s expression was extremely unsightly at being ignored so blatantly. 

As the head of the ten overlords, this was the first time he was being treated like this.

“You guys want the Tree of Origin” Huang Xiaolong suddenly spoke, looking straight at Cang Xun, “You’re right, after spending a thousand years inside the Origin Sea, I have finally found the Tree of Origin!” As Huang Xiaoong spoke, a supercontinent appeared above Huang Xiaolong’s head, and at the center of the supercontinent was a towering tree like no one had ever seen, emitting a myriad of halos, the Tree of Origin.

When the Tree of Origin appeared, all the experts present felt the robust and rich origin qi.

“Tree of Origin!” 

Cang Xun and the experts of Origin Land were blown away and thrilled. 

The expressions on Cang Xun and the others’ faces did not escape Huang Xiaolong’s eyes, “Didn’t you guys want the Tree of Origin Whoever defeats me, this Tree of Origin belongs to him!” 

“Those words are for real!” one of the ten overlords blurted out in ecstasy.

“That’s right!” Huang Xiaolong nodded.

Cang Xun took a quick glance at Yuan Tianyi, Di Shuang, and the others, then asked Huang Xiaolong, “Just defeat you, these people won’t interfere” 

Knowing what Cang Xun was worried about, Huang Xiaolong said, “Yes, they won’t interfere, as long as you guys can defeat me.

Of course, all of you can join hands!”


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