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Chapter 3155: The Whereabouts of Huang Long Heart

On top of that, from these two peoples memories, Huang Xiaolong learned that his fathers disappearance was related to their family!

However, this Vice Main Mystical Pavilion Master and Son of Mystic did not know much useful information.

Perhaps, the real Main Mystical Pavilion Master knew where his father is.

“Huang Rong!” Huang Xiaolong said the name out loud.

Huang Rong was the Main Mystical Pavilion Masters name.

Their clan had the sameHuang surname, and they were also a dragon race clan!

The only good news Huang Xiaolong obtained was that the Main Mystical Pavilion Master and Huang Shuai were still in the Huang Long World, and they had joined with another group of people and went to the Outer World where the demon race was located!

Searching for the Huang Long Heart!

Huang Long Heart is in the Outer World!

The Son of Mystic had come to the Origin Lands in search of the blood moon, whereas the other group had gone looking for the Huang Long Heart.

Huang Xiaolongs eyes glimmered as he was not going to let Huang Shuai escape!

If Huang Shuai escaped this time, he would very likely run back to his family, making it difficult for Huang Xiaolong to get back the Huang Long Cape from Huang Shuais hands.

Huang Xiaolong looked at Yuan Tianyi, who was busy refining the blood moon in the air.

He still wasnt Yuan Tianyis opponent at this time, but if he had the Huang Long Cape, things would be different.

The Huang Long Capes speed was undefeatable.

His speed would be greatly enhanced with the Huang Long Cape, and he wouldnt be slower than Yuan Tianyi!

Huang Xiaolong threw the Vice Mystical Pavilion Master and Son of Mystic into the Sun Moon Furnace, making them companions with Poison Bodach, Sword Venerable, and the others.

I need to find a time to upgrade the Sun Moon Furnace, Huang Xiaolong thought inwardly.

Although the Sun Moon Furnace was a top-grade cosmos artifact, its grade was low to be useful for Huang Xiaolongs current strength.

If the Sun Moon Furnace could be upgraded to the level of creation artifact, it would be more powerful.

As for the rest of the Mystical Pavilion experts, they were native to the Huang Long World, thus they were not immune to the creation mark.

When all these things were done, Yuan Tianyi was still happily occupied with the blood moon, and Huang Xiaolong watched Yuan Tianyi break out in sweat, trying to refine the blood moon unhurriedly.

Huang Xiaolong sat cross-legged on the side, snacking on genesis-level pills.

Half a day later, Yuan Tianyi, who had been working hard on the blood moon, was annoyed when he saw Huang Xiaolong relaxing not far away and snapped, “Huang Xiaolong, what do you mean by this”

Huang Xiaolong shrugged his shoulders at Yuan Tianyi.

“Didnt you want to refine the blood moon I wont compete with you.”

“You—!” Yuan Tianyi was vexed, he had not expected the blood moon to be so difficult to refine.

He had initially thought that with his comprehension of the thirteen elements, he could easily refine and take away the blood moon, but now, it seemed like that wouldnt happen within ten thousand years.

Ten thousand years He remembered the scene where Huang Xiaolong had taken away the Tree of Origin after consuming several drops of blood essence.

Yuan Tianyi forced out the anger and frustration in his heart, and finally said through gritted teeth, “Work with me to refine this blood moon.

Well share it to cultivate later.”

Huang Xiaolong looked at him, smiling whilst not smiling as he asked, “Are you sure”

After looking at Huang Xiaolongs smug expression, Yuan Tianyi was red with rising anger, and he yelled, “Huang Xiaolong, dont get smug.

If I cant take away this blood moon, dont think that youll be able to either!”

In the end, the two cooperated and finally took away the blood moon half a day later.

Though it was cooperation, in truth, it was more accurate to say it was taken away by Huang Xiaolong.

Watching Huang Xiaolong easily refine the blood moon using his Huang Long Bloodlines essence, Yuan Tianyis face was extremely ugly.

He finally understood that its origin was a pivotal starting point!

What could he do when Huang Xiaolong had a good father!

If Huang Xiaolong didnt have the God of Creation Huang Long as his father and inherited the Huang Long Bloodline, could Huang Xiaolong suppress him!

After taking away the blood moon, Huang Xiaolong no longer delayed.

He and the others exited the purplish red space and re-emerged from the Blood Moon Sea.

Because Huang Xiaolong took away the blood moon, there were no more blood moons energy seeping into the sea.

Hence, the redness dominating the Blood Moon Sea gradually receded, and completely vanished several days later.

Upon coming out from the Blood Moon Sea, Huang Xiaolon decided to head to the Outer World.

Since he had learned the Main Mystical Pavilion Master Huang Rong and Huang Shuai had gone there looking for the Huang Long Heart, Huang Xiaolong naturally had no intention of wasting his time in the Origin Holy World.

But before that, Huang Xiaolong took a quick detour to the Destiny Races headquarters.

Huang Xiaolong met with the Destiny Races patriarch, Li Tianyi, and after somediscussion, Li Tianyi was surprised after learning Huang Xiaolongs purpose, “Your Highness, you want to enter the Golden Spider Black Region”

In the wider Huang Long World, there were two main races, one was the human race, and the other was the demon race.

Places dominated by the human race were called holy worlds.

For example, Divine Tuo Holy World, Origin Holy World, and so on.

Whereas, the demon races side was separated by regions, such as the Demonic Buddha Black Region, Heavenly Dawn Black Region, Swordless Black Region, and Myriad Devil Black Region!

The strongest place on the human races side was the Origin Holy World, and on the demon side was the Golden Spider Black Region.

This explained why the Destiny Races patriarch was surprised when he heard Huang Xiaolong wanted to go to the Golden Spider Black Region.

“En, I know that Patriarch Li Tianyi has been to the Golden Spider Black Region more than once, and youre more familiar with the Golden Spider Black Region and the Golden Spider Race.

Therefore, I would like to invite Patriarch Li Tianyi to accompany me,” said Huang Xiaolong.

The Main Mystical Pavilion Master Huang Rong, and Huang Shuai were looking for Huang Long Heart within the Golden Spider Black Region.

There was a fleeting complicated expression on Li Tianyis face of melancholy, apprehension, doting, and anger.

Clearly, these feelings were evoked by his memories with the Golden Spider Race.

“Alright, I will make this trip with Your Highness!” A while later, Li Tianyi gritted his teeth and agreed, as if he was determined about something.

Huang Xiaolong smiled and nodded, “Then, we will set off in a bit!”

It was best that Li Tianyi, the Destiny Races patriarch, agreed to go with him.

Lei Yu stepped forward and sighed.

“Youre not going to see Meng Binglan”

Meng Binglan, the Ice Orchid Chamber of Commerces President, had remained single for so many years because of Li Tianyi, in hope Li Tianyi would return to her one day.

Li Tianyi stiffened, he then looked at Lei Yu and shook his head.

“My heart is with Zhuer, Binglan knows this.”

Zhuer was his endearing term towards the Golden Spider Races princess.

Lei Yu stopped talking, looking crestfallen.

As there was nothing much to prepare, roughly half an hour later, the group set off to the demon territory.

It was a long journey to reach the Golden Spider Black Region from the Origin Holy World.

They needed to cross over ten other regions.

Hence, it was a risky and dangerous journey.

However, these people were powerful experts, and they just needed to force back anyone coming at them.

The Purple Lightning Peak turned into a streak of light across the dark space, disappearing from sight in the blink of an eye.

They soon exited the Origin Holy World and entered the demon territory.

It would take several years to reach the Golden Spider Black Region, so Huang Xiaolong entered the Sun Moon Furnace with Yuan Tianyi to cultivate and further comprehend the thirteen elements under the Tree of Origin.

Under them was pure soil that radiated the power of radiance, and high above them was the blood moon, emitting blood-red light that continuously tempered their physical bodies and strengthened their bloodlines power.

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