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Chapter 3158: The Whereabouts of Main Mystical Pavilion Master

Huang Xiaolong chuckled when he heard that.

“If the Golden Spider Patriarch disagrees, he might have to suffer some torture of the flesh.

Therefore, it is better for Patriarch Jin Xin to agree!”

A cold light glinted in Jin Xins eyes, and a sneer escaped his lips.

“Even if there are the Origin Lands ten overlords and ten beast kings, so what More than half of our Golden Spider Black Regions experts and other regions experts are gathered in this place, not to mention a mere ten overlords and ten beast kings.

So, even if there are a hundred of you, all of you will have to crouch on the ground!”

Huang Xiaolong wasnt angered by those words at all, and responded nonchalantly, “In that case, well decide with our fists!”

Honestly, he had expected this result.

Jin Xin was the strongest expert in the demon world, and his status equaled that of an emperor, capable of gathering the whole demon worlds experts with one word.

How could someone like that listen to a human race youngsters word and release Princess Jin Zhu And it was even more impossible for him to give Princess Jin Zhu and Li Tianyi his blessings.

Jin Xin wasnt afraid even if all the experts in the Origin Holy World and all the holy worlds in-between the Origin Holy World and Divine Tuo Holy World attacked the Golden Spider Black Region.

Would he be afraid of some twenty-plus people

Jin Xin probably still wont agree to allow Princess Jin Zhu to be with Li Tianyi even if he knew Huang Xiaolong was the Son of Creation.

Upon hearing Huang Xiaolongs decision to fight, the look in Jin Xins eyes turned icy.

In a flicker, he arrived in front of Huang Xiaolong with his palm outstretched.

His whole bodys cosmos energy and absolute power rushed out like a tsunami from his palm.

The Golden Spider Black Regions power of darkness and devil energy seemed to gather in his palm.

Similar to the Origin Holy World Master Xiao Tianqi, who could employ the Origin Holy Worlds source energy and grand dao energy, as the region master of the Golden Spider Black Region, Jin Xin could employ the entirety of darkness energy and devil energy of the region!

As the demon worlds number one expert, Jin Xins cultivation strength was stronger than Cang Xun, Di Shuang, or any one of them.

When his strength was enhanced by the Golden Spider Black Regions darkness energy and devil energy, one could imagine how much more powerful he could be!

Probably, experts like Cang Xun and Di Shuang couldnt take this strike and remain unscathed.

Even if Cang Xun and Di Shuang joined hands, they would still fall down wind.

Jin Xin could tell that Huang Xiaolong was the center of the group, hence he planned to resolve Huang Xiaolong by catching everyone by surprise.

With Huang Xiaolong gone, dealing with the rest would take half the effort.

Unfortunately, he made an error in estimating Huang Xiaolongs strength!

Seeing that Jin Xin intended to kill him off with one strike, the corners of Huang Xiaolongs mouth curled up in a disdainful sneer as he struck forward with his own palm.

Two palm forces collided!

The world shook, and it was not merely the Golden Spider Race Headquarters, but the entire Golden Spider Black Region trembled for a second.

Mou Cheng and other experts felt as if the world had been flipped upside down, and their blood flow reversed.

The rivers of the Golden Spider Black Region seemed to hang from the galaxy, and mountains were raining from the sky.

Jin Xin was sent flying out from the great hall, crashing in the middle of the banquet tables arranged outside.

The floor cracked, while dishes, and wine got splattered everywhere.

Many demon experts failed to avoid it in time, and exploded into blood mist from the impact.

The collision of palms caused every piece of bone in Jin Xins body to be broken, and he lay helplessly on the ground, unable to get up immediately.

At this point, Jin Xin couldnt be bothered with the injuries on his body, and he looked at Huang Xiaolong with horror and exclaimed, “Thirteen elements powers!” On top of that, six elements have reached perfection level!

In that attack just now, Jin Xin had exerted his full force with the intention of crippling Huang Xiaolong with one strike.

Hunag Xiaolong, too, had not held back, circulating all thirteen elements power and three small worlds cosmos energy in retaliation.

Mou Cheng and other demon experts quivered at Jin Xins words.

Originally, they were prepared to attack, merely awaiting Jin Xins order, but now, all of them ran out from the great hall in horror, joining the crowd of experts outside.

The power of nirvana enveloped Jin Xins whole body, and seconds later, he could finally get up to his feet.

However, his power of nirvana had yet to reach perfection level.

Therefore, his recovery rate was much worse than Huang Xiaolongs.

“Who are you” Jin Xin demanded.

His question barely came out, and golden light filled the skies as a giant golden yellow dragon like a heaven-propping pillar appeared behind Hunag Xiaolong.

Irresistible heavenly might caused Jin Xin to tremble.

God of Creation, Huang Long!

Several days later.

The wedding went on as planned, but the bride and groom were Princess Jin Zhu and Li Tianyi.

The Mou Bull Race Patriarch Mou Cheng was appointed as the grooms best man, and the wedding was officiated by Jin Xin himself.

The wedding celebration lasted for an entire month, and the many races patriarchs and experts finally left.

In the dead of the night…

Huang Xiaolong stood in the air above the Golden Spider Races main palace roof.

Jin Xin had employed the resources in his hands within the Golden Spider Black Region as well as the neighboring regions to search for the Main Mystical Pavilion Master Huang Rong, and Huang Shuais whereabouts.

Although Huang Xiaolong was in a hurry to find Huang Rong and Huang Shuai, he could only wait for news at this point.

However, Huang Xiaolong wasnt idle as he waited.

He, Cang Xun, Di Shuang, Yuan Tianyi, and the others entered the Sun Moon Furnace and cultivated under the Tree of Origin, Parasol Tree, Tree of Beginning, and blood moon as they seated on pure soil.

Although there were Cang Xun, Di Shuang, and other additional people, the cultivation result was actually better.

The addition of Cang Xun, Di Shuang, and others energies sped up Huang Xiaolongs comprehension.

Seeing this, Yuan Tianyi doubled his effort, circulating all his thirteen elements to blend with Huang Xiaolongs thirteen elements.

With the addition of Yuan Tianyi, Huang Xiaolongs comprehension increased exponentially.

A little over a month went by, and on this day, Jin Xins report came.

They had found the Main Mystical Pavilion Masters whereabouts.

“Oh, at the Nether Grotto” Huang Xiaolong had not expected that to be the place.

There was a city called the City of Nether within the Golden Spider Black Region, and it was one of the largest famous cities in the region.

The reason was that under the City of Nether was the entrance to the Nether Grotto.

The Nether Grotto was a famous perilous land within the Golden Spider Black Region, similar to the Origin Holy Worlds Death Beasts Peril Land.

Living inside the Nether Grotto were various ferocious creatures of darkness, and devils.

But in addition to that, the grotto also contained abundant spiritual herbs and treasures.

It was the choice of many experts to explore and gain experience.

“It is so, Your Highness,” Jin Xin answered.

“From our investigation, about a thousand years ago, a Mystical Pavilion team entered the Nether Grotto.

This team is most likely led by the Main Mystical Pavilion Master.

They have probably gone to the lowest level and havent come out in so many years.”

The Nether Grotto consisted of nine levels, and descending down was akin to going down another level of hell that was filled with dangers and death at every corner.

The Golden Spider Races manpower was truly amazing.

In a short two months, they could find out something from more than a thousand years ago.

Upon learning Huang Rongs group had entered the Nether Grotto, Huang Xiaolong decided to set off immediately to the City of Nether.

Jin Xin went on, “Subordinate is quite familiar with the Nether Grotto, so please allow this subordinate to be a guide for Your Highness.”

“Alright!” Huang Xiaolong nodded his head in agreement.

With the lord of the Golden Spider Black Region accompanying them would make many things convenient.

A few minutes later, a group of people set off from the Golden Spider Race Headquarters, heading straight to the City of Nether.

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